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Far Falestin - Palestine Branch

Last modified: 23 Oct 2009

Country: Syria    Region: Damascus

Locale: Damascus, Massa

Latitude: 33° 29' 32" N     Longitude: 36° 19' 18" E

Area use / Military Branches: Syrian Military Prison - Syrian Intelligence Services

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The prison known as Far Falestin or Palestine Branch is a notorious Black Site, where many people like the Canadians Arar, Almaki Nureddin and el Maatl were jailed and tortured. The Syrian-German Mohammed Haydar Zammar is imprisoned here since 2001.

December, 08th of 2001 Mohammed Haydar Zammar brought from Mohammed V - Casablanca International Airport Mohammed Haydar Zammar was brought from Morocco to Syria
October, 09th of 2002 Maher Arar brought from Amman Airport Marka Intl (OJAM) Amman - Far Falestin by Car

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Mohamed Adas, | 09. May 2012 08:58


For how long are you going to be unable to bring the Syrian regime down, don't you have mercy in your hearts, are you really scared of Iran, come on guys, you can't leave a nation at an insult for ever,

Johnson Theoderic Bell | 01. October 2010 21:39


This is a decree from a judge. Do place
Kaj Leo Johannesen, a felon, into
prison for 50 years, due to crime.

Police officer judge
Johnson Bell

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