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Islamic Training Camp

Last modified: 23 Aug 2007

Country: Sudan   

Locale: Khartoum

Latitude: 15° 50' 59" N     Longitude: 32° 30' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Training Camp

Through enacting the Sharia law in 1983, the Sudan became the first Islamic country in Africa. The conflict between the Islamic North and the Christian South rose again, inflaming a civil war which spread to Western Sudan after a disastrous drought and could not be stopped until the summer of 2005.

During the first Gulf war the USA put up military bases in Saudi Arabia provoking fundamentalistic Islamists all over the world, who resented the presence of unbelievers in the Holy land of Mekka and Medin.

To launch a pan-Islamic front which would resist America’s recolonization of the Islamic world, the Popular Arab Islamic Conference (PAIC) brought together militant Islamistic groups in Khartoum in Summer 1991: the Nahda (Islamic Revival) Party in Tunisia, the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) in Algeria, the Egypt’s Islamic Jihad and the Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Islamic Group. Khartoum and Northern Sudan became the logistic and intellectual centre of a international fundamentalistic movement.

Sudan set up training camps for African militants on the Ethiopian border and cooperated in overthrowing the Marxist regime in Addis Ababa in May 1991. Camps for training Arabs were located outside Port Sudan and Khartoum. In early May 1990, some 60 Arabs from North Africa, France, and Belgium began their training in the Shambat district of Khartoum.

Islamic veterans, many Pakistani and Saudi from the war in Afghanistan migrated to Sudan. In 1991 Osama Bin Ladin settled in the Riyadh distric in Khartoum acting as a businessman and investor conducting many camps where Islamic fighters are trained.

After the first free elections in Algeria, the (Islamic Party FIS (Front Islamique du Salut) were bared from coming into power by a military coup. In Algeria a civil war began. Bin Ladin built 23 trainings-camps in Sudan for Algerian Islamic fighters. The largest camp is said to be based on a 5,000-acre farm in the mountains near Shendi.

Egypt and other countries break their relations with Sudan due to smuggling of arms and support of terrorists. After attacking U.S. and Saudi military bases in Riyadh and Dahran in 1996, Sudan conceded to international and US-American pressure and banished Bin Ladin as well as other international wanted terrorists from the Sudan. After 1996, international terrorists were not tolerated in Sudan anymore. Therefore, the Sudanese government started to cooperate with the American CIA.

Paramilitary groups still remained in numerous training camps accommodating Islamic fighters. The traditional Islamic university in Umm Durman continued to be an intellectual Islamic centre and the Al-Hijra Mosque in the Riyadh district of Khartoum carried on to be a meeting place for international fundamentalistic Islamics.

Bin Ladin settled in Afghanistan and called himself responsible for the attacs on the United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. In August 1998, the pharmaceutical factory El Shifa was bombed by the USA believing it to be a plant for producing biological weapons owned by Bin Ladin; although, the owner of El Shifa had not know Bin Laden. The El-Shifa pharmaceutical company had provided affordable medicine for people as well as all the locally available veterinary medicine in Sudan. It had produced 90% of Sudan's major pharmaceutical products and had been a key supplier to the Iraq under the UN's food-for-oil programme.

Sanctions against Sudan made it impossible to import adequate amounts of medicines required to cover the serious gap left by the plant's destruction.
Thus, tens of thousands of people - many of them children - suffered and died from malaria, tuberculosis, and other treatable diseases.

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Dennis Kemp, | 24. July 2019 12:19

I don't get it

I don't understand why this training camp has been labelled as islamic training camp? It is just a training camp in Sudan so why isn't it Sudan's training camp?

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