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Last modified: 29 Apr 2017

Country: Switzerland    Region: GraubŁnden

Locale: Valbella, GraubŁnden

Latitude: 46° 45' 6" N     Longitude: 9° 33' 52" E

Area use / Military Branches: Regional Military Command Bunker


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Selina Shetty, | 11. March 2022 14:17

I am still new in the world including blogging, so I am still confused, what is the best blog, dofollow or nofollow? because many people say that the blog dofollow is less favored by google search .. let me know the correct, please!

Pinki Ahuja, | 11. March 2022 14:16

Nice post! I really appreciate to read the post here and also its great that the people here are giving their opinion which is really useful for me to decide whether it is good or not.

Dipti Sinha, | 11. March 2022 14:16

I used to disable HTML on my blog comments, dunno whether it is effective, but reduces SPAM comments. I prefer to comment on blogs related to my niche, regardless of plugins installed.

Kavya Sinha, | 11. March 2022 14:15

recently i have seen many bloggers whose comments were marked as spam just because they contained few words and were only left for backlink purposes.

Kalyug Ki Laila, | 11. March 2022 14:15

very well explained, comments really do help us in gaining backlinks but we should always be careful about what we write in our comments..

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