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Osama Nasr Mustafa Hassan (Abu Omar)

Last modified: 2006

February, 17th of 2003 from 00. AIR/USAFE/Italy/Aviano airbase ☢ to NATO / USAFE Ramstein with aircraft Spar92 84-0112 (cn 35A-558) Abu Omar was captured in Milan and then flown to the Ramstein Airbase in Germany.
February, 17th of 2003 from NATO / USAFE Ramstein to AIR Cairo International with aircraft N85VM N227SV Abu Omar: was flown from Ramstein to Cairo, Egypt.

Nationality: Egyptian 

Date of Birth:

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Stafon, | 19. May 2016 07:13

of the first things

of the first things I did in the new year was to create my own little studio out in the garage. I was unable to use the third bedroom in our house (&&2#16;My#88217; room) at the time and I

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