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Fahmi Abdullah Ahmed

Last modified: 2006

Lahore (PAK) to Islamabad (PAK) to Bagram (AFG) to Kandahar (AFG) then Guantanamo

  from AAC Lahore to Islamabad Fahmi Abdullah Ahmed
  from Islamabad to Bagram Airbase Fahmi Abdullah Ahmed was brought to Bagram
  from Bagram Airbase to Kandahar airfield (OAKN) Fahmi Abdullah Ahmed: from Bagram (AFG) to Kandahar (AFG)
  from Kandahar airfield (OAKN) to US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay Fahmi Abdullah Ahmed: Brought from Lahore over Islamabad to Bagram then to Kandahar and then to Guantanamo

Nationality: Yemen 

Date of Birth:

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