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Murat Kurnaz

Last modified: 29 Jan 2007

December, 2001 from Karachi Airport (OPSF) to Kandahar airfield (OAKN) captured in Pakistan, later brought to Afghanistan.
from December, 2001 to January, 2002 in Kandahar airfield (OAKN) Kept imprisoned in Kandhar
January, 2002 from Kandahar airfield (OAKN) to US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay Brought from Afghanistan to Guantanamo
January, 2002 in US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay Murat Kurnaz kept imprisoned in Guantanamo
August, 2006 from US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay to NATO / USAFE Ramstein Murat Kurnaz returns back to Germany from Guantanamo

Nationality: Turkish, living in Germany 

Date of Birth: 19. March 1982, Bremen Germany

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