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Bagram AirField Hospital

Last modified: 25 Jun 2007

Part of Bagram Airbase, Charikar, Afghanistan

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Alessandra Kellermann , | 04. December 2010 06:44

CEO and Founder

Homefront Hugs has Operation Healing Angel mission and would like to adopt every medical staff member there individually and as a group and send care packages.

Please sign up with us by emailing and we can send pts needs as well and YOU support and thanks

Sign up individually or send us a list of names...and needs.

We follow OPSEC.

Please pass this on.

terry ewald, | 17. August 2010 22:07

brook rogan

im trying to find imformation on my daughter e-3 brook rogan we havent heard from heard in 3 days please contact me. 609-202-0516

Marilyn Brown, | 12. April 2010 04:30


I'm a lic LPN American nurse looking for full time overseas job. How do I apply for job there?

Hekmatullah Hamdard, | 23. March 2010 12:10

Admin Associate (UNDP)

Dear Sirs,

My Name is Hekmatullah Hamdard living in Kabul, one of my brother in law has nerve problem and we took him to many hospitals in Kabul but we have not got any positive result.

i will appreciate if you could assist us in this regard.


Dawi, | 25. August 2009 13:44


For the attention of Doctors or Surgeons
Baghram Air Base

Dear Sirs,

My name is Dawi Roushaan I am now living in The Republic of Ireland and have been for a few years. I am writing in the hope that you can save my father's life.

My father is very ill. Many years ago he was shot by someone during the Taliban regime?
unfortunately the bullet has remained in his shoulder and he is suffering from lung disease for quiet a while too, There is no hospital in Afghanistan that can operate on him. I believe you have very good Doctors and I would be very grateful if you could help him. I believe you are his only hope of survival.

My father's address is; Hasa Awal Kohistan District Mahmud Company,

My Email Address is; And i will send the copy of this latter by post too.

I look forward to hearing from you.


D. Roushaan

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