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Last modified: 10 Dec 2006

Part of Islamic Training Camp, Khartoum, Sudan

The Kalashnikov was invented for the Soviet red Army by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1941 and has been reproduced over a hundred million times. Therefore, the Kalashnikov has killed the largest amount of human beings.

China as well as various countries in Asia, Africa and South America have built their own versions of the Kalashnikov. Furthermore, the Kalashnikov was used by each conflicting party in the war in Sudan and Afghanistan. Even the Israelies made use of a modified model of the Finnish Kalashnikov, the Galil.

In the 50s respective assault rifle became a symbol for non-Western power appearing as a martial emblem of resistance and liberation wars, e.g. on the flag of Mozambique.

Symbolically, the Kalashnikov is well suited as a weapon used in the camps of the Hisbollah, the political and military Islamic party in southern Lebanon. The Hisbolla was set up to fight against Israel. Bin Ladin as well as other Islamic fundamentalists have posed with a Kalashnikov.

The Kalashnikov is the emblem of the Hizballah

Pictures of Osama Bin Ladin with Kalashnikov

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