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Index of forces

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. . .Air Force .Army
1 1/81 Field Arty 12 15.5
2 21°23'1"N 157°54'40"W 294th US Army Arty Grp 294th USAAG
3 34° 48' 6 3852'14N 77 3'20
5 507th US Army Artillery Grp 522th US Army Arty Grp 557th US Army Artillery Grp 570th US Army Artillery Group 5th US Army Artillery Group
? ?
A AA AAF AAF instr center ADF/NSA ADF/NSA/Echelon AF AF/Army AFGSC AFRES AFRES, ANG, ArNG AFRES/ANG AFRICOM AIR AIR/GRND/NAV AIr force AIr force/Navy ALAT AMB AMI AMI, US Army AMI, USAFE AMI-USAF AMI/NATO AMI/USAFE ANG ANG / ARNG ANG/ARNG ARMY ARNG ARNG 3-238 ARNGR ASA AT AT SIMU AT/DSGE Aeronautica Militare - NATO Aerospace force Aerospace forces Afghan Afghan / Soviet Afghanistan Air Air Component Air Corps Air Def, Naval Infantry Air Forc Navy Air Force Air Force / Army Air Force / Navy Air Force/Army Air National Guard Air comp Air force Air force / Army Air force / Foreign Legion Air force / Navy Air force, Fleet Air Arm Air force, army Air force/Army Air force/Navy Air force/ONERA Air force/USAF Air fore Airborne Airbornes Airforce AlA Albania Algeria All All forces Angola ArNG Armed forces Armee Armee de Terr Armee de Terre Armee de l'Air Armee de l'air Army Army / Foreign legion Army / Naval Inf Army / SOXMIS Army Aviation Army Aviation/PAF Army Aviiation Army Avn Army Foreign Legion Army GDR Army NG Army SF Army aviation Army, CIA Army, DGSE Army, Fleet Air Arm Army, HG Army, Joint US forces, NSA Army, Joint forces Army, MoD Army, MoD, RAF Army, Navy, Joint forces Army, PLAAF Army-LE, AA Army-Marines Army. Army/AF Army/Air force Army/Air force. Army/AirForce Army/Airforce/Navy Army/Joint Forces Army/Marine Inf Army/Navy/MoD Army/USAF Army/USN/USAF Army/joint forces Armée de l'air Austria Austrial Air Force Austrian Air Force Austrian Airforce Austrian Army Austrian air force Austrian airforce Austrian army
B BAE BAE SYSTEMS BAF BAF / Army Aviation BAOR BE Army BE air force BE airforce BE army BFG BFG, NATO BFG/Heer BH BND BND, Luftwaffe BND, luftwaffe BW/SKB Bangladesj Be army Bel Army Bel army Belgian Air Force Belgian Army Belgian army Bermuda Border Patrol Brazil Brazilian air force British Army Brunei Bundes Luftwaffe Bundesheer Bundesheer Au Bundesluftwaffe Bundesmarine Bundespolizei Bundeswehr Bundeswehr / BND Bundeswehr /Streitkraftebasis Bundeswehr SKB Bundeswehr/Streitkraftebasis Bundezwehr
C CAF CAF - USAF- NATO CAF/UK Army CAF/USAF CF CFB CFN CIA CRNA Cameroon Canadian Armed Forces Canadian Forces / British Army Central Command Centralized Cmd China Civ Civ ATC Civil Composant Terre Congo (Brazzaville) Croatia Cuba Cyber Czech Air Force Czech Armed Forces Czech Republic Czech air force Czech army Czech ir Force Côte d'Ivroi
D DDR NVA DDR NVA/Bundeswehr DGSE DSGE DSGE, Echelon Danish Armed Force Danish Armed Forces Danish army Danmark Denmark Dept of Defense Dwarka Call Girls
E EAF EDF EFA EI EUCOM East German Army Echelon Ecuador Egypt El salvador airforce Eritrea Esercito Italiano Ethiopia
F F / US army FAA FAC FAE FAE, BAE FAF FAF, US Army FAF/Army FAS FAU FS Finland Fleet Air Arm Foreign Legion Fr Fleet Air Arm Fr Navy Intell France French - DGSE French / German army French / US French Air Force French Airforce French Army French Army, Bundeswehr French Government French MoD/CEA French army French occupation forces Frnch air force, luftwaffe FuTK 511
G GAF GDR Air force GDR Airforce GDR Army GDR LVD GDR air force GDR army GDR/German Air Force GDR/Heer GDR/Luftwaffe GDR/USSR GE GE airforce GE army GE/US Army GE/US army GN GSSD GSSD Army Gabon air force Gabon, FAF General Staff German Air Force German Army German Luftwaffe German air force German army German nazi air force WW2 Germanski Germany Germany army Ghana Gibraltar Government Greek Greek / US Army Greek Air Force Greek air force Guatemala
H HAF HAF / NATO HAF / USAFE HAF(WP) HAF, NATO HAF, USAFE HAF-USAF HDF Heer Heer / Luftwaffe Heer / Streitkraftebasis Heer, Luftwaffe usw Heer/SF Hellenic Air Force Hellenic air force Hellenic air force, USAFE Homeguard Hong Kong S.A.R., China Hungarian Air Force Hungarian Air force
I I/US Army IAF IAF, US Army IAF/SETAF/USAF IAF/USAF IDF IDF Army Aviation IFOR, SFOR, EUFOR IRIA IRIAF ISAF ISAF (NL Army) ISAF Multinational ISAF NL Army ISAF coalition forces India Interservice Iran Iran Army Iran Naval Air Arm Iran NavalAir Arm Iran army Iraq Islamic Jihad Israel Italian / US Army Italian Air Force Italian Fleet Air Arm, NATO, US Navy Italy Ivory Coast
J JASDF JASDF/Civil JF JGSDF JMSDF JOINT Janjaweed Joiint forces Joint Joint forces Joint British/US forces Joint Cmd Joint Forces Joint US forces Joint US forces, NSA Joint force Joint forces Joint forces Austria Joint forces, MoD Joint forces/NATO Joint forces/federal authorities Joint mil/civ ATC
L Land force Land forces Laos Lesotho Libya Luftwaffe Luftwaffe (nazi) Luftwaffe - Heer Légion étrangère
M MP Macao S.A.R., China Macedonia Madagascar Madagz Mali Malta Marine Marine Corps Marine Inf Marine Infantry Marines Marines SF Maritime Component Mauritania Mauritanian Armed Forces Mauritius Mexico Mil/Civ Militar Nachrichten Dienst Militar Nachrihten Dienst MoD MoD SIGINT MoD, Army MoD/CEA MoND Moroccan Defence Forces Moroccan Defense Forces Morocco Mozambique Multinational Multinational Forces Multiple
N NASA/ ANG / NG NATO NATO / FAF NATO / USAFE NATO Bundeswehr NATO HQ NATO ISAF NATO LANDSOUTH NATO joint forces NATO, US Army NATO/ISAF NATO/USAFE airbase NAV NAV/GRND NG NGSA NIS NL NL Air Force NL Air force NL Army NL Army NSO NL Fleet Air Arm NL Marine Corps NL Navy NL air force NL air force/USAFE NLAF NLArmy NONE NSA NSGA NSGA/NSA NSGA/USN NVA NVA / SKB NVA FRA NVA FRA/Bundeswehr NVA LASK NVA LSK NVA LVD NVA LVD/Heer NVA/Luftwaffe NVA/SKB NVA/USSR NZDF National Volk Army Nato Nav Naval Naval Air Arm Naval Aviation Naval Aviation / SIGINT Naval Avition Naval Avn Naval Inf Naval Inf Para's Naval Infantry Naval aviation Naval aviation / army Naval avn Naval inf Naval infantry Navy Navy / US Navy Air Arm Navy SF Navy, Marines Navy/Air Force Navy/Air force Navy/Army Navy/CG Navy/Marines Nazi Nazi / RAFG / USAFE / GAF Nazi Germany Nazi, AlA Nazi/US Army Nazi/USAF/Luftwaffe Neth air force Netherlands Air Force Netherlands Air Force, missile airdefense group Netherlands Army Nicaragua Nigeria Niue None North Korea Norway Norway Military - USAF Norwegian Air Force Norwegian Army Norwegian army
O Oman/US forces
P PAF PAF (WP) PLA PLA, PLAAF PLAAF PLAN PLANAF Pakistan Pakistani Air Force Pakistani Air force Pakistani Army Palestine Islamic Jihad Panama Peru Phil. Poland Polish Fleet Air Arm Private DoD contractor Production line
Q Qatar Quatar Airforce
R RAAF RAAF/Army RAAF/NSG RAF RAF - USAFE RAF / USAF RAF CC RAF Germany RAF USAF RAF USAFE RAF regiment RAF, Army RAF, Joint forces RAF, MoD RAF, RN, NATO RAF, Royal Marines RAF, US Army RAF, USAAF RAF, USAF RAF, USAFE RAF, USAFE nuc facility, Army RAF, USAFE, US Navy RAF, army RAF, joint force RAF, joint forces RAF,Army RAF-USAF RAF-USAFE RAF/Army RAF/NATO RAF/SF RAF/USAAF/STCICS RAF/USAF RAF/USAFE RAFG RAN RBAF RCAF RJAF RM RM/RN RMR RN RN reserve RN, NATO, Army RN/Army RNR RNZA RNZAF RNZDF RNZN ROAF ROC army ROK Army ROKAF ROKAF/US Army RSAF RSAF/RSNF RSNF RVSN Reunion Riverine Navy Royal Air Force Germany Royal Belgian and Netherlands Navy Royal Marines Royal Netherlands Air Force Royal Netherlands Air Force, USAFE Royal Netherlands Air Force, airdefense radar Royal Netherlands Air force Royal Netherlands Marine Corps Royal Netherlands Navy Rpyal Netherlands Air Force Russia Russian Air Force Russian Armed Forces Russian Navy Rwanda
S SA SAA SAAF SAC SAC, NORAD, STRATCOM SAC, USAF SAC, USAF, Joint Forces SAC, USAF/ANG ARNG SAC,USAF SAC/USAF SAC/USAF/US army SAF SF SF/USMC SFOR/EUFOR SFOR/UNPROFOR/Croatian AF SKB SKB / Marine SKB / NATO SKB / USAr SOAF SOAF/RAF SOAF/US Coalition Forces SS SS Durchganslager SW AF SW Army SW Army/Marine Infantry SW MoD SW Navy SW forces Saint Pierre and Miquelon Sani Saudi Arabia Secret service Senegal Seychelles Slovenia South Africa Soviet Soviet / NVA Soviet Air Force Soviet Airdef. Soviet Army Soviet Army GDR Soviet Forces GDR Soviet Navy Soviet air force Soviet air force Germany Soviet air force in Germany Soviet army Soviet army in Germany Soviet army, Bundeswehr Soviet forces Soviet forces GDR Soviet/PAF(WP) Space Force SpaceCmd Specops Spetznaz Sri Lanka Stasi Strategic Msl Force Strategic Msl Troops Streitkraftebasis Sudan People's Liberation Army Sudanese Government Troops Sudanese Jjhadists Sudanese People's Armed Forces Sweden Swiss Army Swiss army Swiss government Swiss miliitary Swiss military Switzerland SyAA SyAAF Syria
T TAF TAf TNI AD TNI AU TNI-AD TNI-AU Taiwan Thailand Togo Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Troupes de Marine Turkish Air Force Turkish Air Force, Army, US Army, Turkish Air force Turkish Army Turkish air force Turkish military
U U.S. Army UAE/NSA UAE/USN UK UK MoD, RAF UK Royal Army, MoD UN UN Peacekeeper US US / BND US / GE US / Greek Army US / Greek army US / NATO US / NATO ISAF US Army US Army (NG) US Army - Bundesluftwaffe US Army / ANA US Army / Bundeswehr / BND US Army / German army US Army / ROKAF US Army 552nd USAAG, 162nd Ordnance Comp. US Army 72nd Ordnance Btn US Army Security Agency US Army, BE air force US Army, Greek Air Force US Army, Turkish Army US Army, asa US Army/ German army US Army/ANA US Army/BE Air force US Army/BE air force US Army/NL airforce / BE airforce US Army/USAF US Forces US Government, Joint forces US ISAF US ISAF - UN US Joint Force Base US Joint Forces US MCV US NATO ISAF US Navy US Navy, ANG US Navy, JMSDF US Navy, NSGA US Navy/Hellenic Navy US army US army 1st cavalry division US army NG US army, NG US army. US army/BE Air force US army/BE air force US army/NSA US forces US joint forces US navy US-Airforce US-Army US-GE army US/ Greek Army US/F US/French Army US/GE army US/GEArmy US/Greek Army US/ISAF US/ISAF/CIA US/Italian Joint forces US/Italian Navy US/N/NATO US/NATO US/NATO ISAF US/S-Vietnamese US/S-vietnamese US/SV US/Turkish Army USA USAAF, SAC, USAF USAAF, USN, NSA USAF USAF - USN - USMC USAF / JSDF USAF / NSA USAF / US Army USAF ADC USAF ADC SAC USAF ANG USAF SAC USAF, ANG USAF, German army USAF, NASA USAF, NSGA USAF, NSGA, British Army USAF, US army USAF, USAr USAF, USSOCOM USAF, joint forces USAF, luftwaffe USAF. USN . USMC USAF/ADC USAF/AMI USAF/ANG USAF/Army USAF/BND USAF/CAF USAF/CAF/USN USAF/EDA USAF/FAF USAF/French Army USAF/GAF USAF/GAF/NATO USAF/IAF USAF/NSA USAF/NSGA/US Army USAF/PAF USAF/ROKAF USAF/SAC USAF/SAC/ANG USAF/UK Army USAF/US Army USAF/USN USAF/USN/NATO USAF/luftwaffe USAFE USAFE, German air force USAFE/RAF USAFE/TAF USAFE/Turkish Air Force USAFE/Turkish Air force USAR USASA HQ Europe USAr USAr/USN USArmy USEUCOM USFK USMC USMC/JMSDF USMC/UK ISAF USN USN / ANG / USAR / USCG USN USAF USN/Army USN/FED USN/ROAF USN/USAF USN/USMC USSR USSR / Estonian Army USSR Air Force USSR Army USSR Navy/ Estonia Army USSR air force USSR army USSR, air force USSR/ Estonian Army USSR/China USSR/GDR airforce USSR/Hungarian Air Force USSR/WP Uganda Unbekannt United Arab Emirates Unknown Uzbekistan
V Venezuela
Z ZNA Zimbabwe Zivil
a air force airborne airdefence airforce all army army aviation
b bundeswehr
c chile
d delhi
f forces aériennes stratégiques former yugoslav força aérea nacional
h heer
j joint joint forces
l luftwaffe luftwaffe - NATO
m marine multinational
n naval infantry navy nazi nazi germany nazi, luftwaffe, marine none
t tna au
u usmc
x x
z zaz