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2364 restricted areas by "army" forces

name region country usecase
GRND Eksjö Eksjö Sweden Active
GRND Güssing Burgenland Austria Active
GRND Hämeenlinna   Finland HQ Army Western Cmd (LSSL)
GRND Hörsching Linz Austria Active
GRND Jõhvi   Estonia Active
GRND-Dushanbe local Tajikistan ACTIVE
Şişli   Turkey Turkish NATO Rapid Deployable Corps
Żagań garrison   Poland 11 Armored Cavalry Div
▲ Hq Army Andover Hampshire United Kingdom Active
☢ MoD Aldermaston Berkshire United Kingdom Active
☢ MoD Porton Down (CBRN) Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
(FL) Calvi Légion Etrangère Corse France Active
(FL) Orange Légion Etrangère Vaucluse France Active
(IRIA) Shiraz garrison   Iran Multiple unit garrison
(NI) Canjuers Troupes de Marine Canjuers France Active
(NI) Castres Infanterie de Marine Tarn France Active
(NI) Châlons-en-Champagne Champagne Ardenne France Disbanded
(NI) Colmar Troupes de Marine Haut Rhin France Active
(NI) Laon-Couvron Picardie France Closed
(NI) Nantes Loire Atlantique France Closed
0a.NAV / BF Ostrov   Russia ACTIVE
1.Army Overseas-Brunei Brunei United Kingdom Active
1.Army Overseas-Dhekelia Cyprus Cyprus United Kingdom Active
1.Army Overseas-Episkopi Cyprus United Kingdom Active
1.Army Overseas-Paderborn Germany United Kingdom Active
1.Army Overseas-Suffield Canada United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Aldershot garrison Hampshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Belfast / Holywood garrison N Ireland United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Bovington garrison Dorset United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Brecon garrison Wales United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Bulford garrison Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Cardiff garrison Wales United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Catterick garrison N Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Chepstow garrison Monmouthshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Chicksands garrison Bedfordshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Chilwell garrison Nottinghamshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Colchester garrison Essex United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Cottesmore garrison Rutland United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Dishforth garrison N Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Donnington garrison Shropshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Edinburgh garrison Scotland United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Hereford garrison Herefordshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Hermitage garrison Berkshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Innsworth garrison Gloucester United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Inverness garrison Scotland United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Larkhill garrison Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Lisburn garrison N-Ireland United Kingdom Active
1.Army-London District London City United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Milton Keynes Kent United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Minley garrison Surrey United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Shorncliffe garrison Kent United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Stamfordham garrison Northumberland United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Stirling garrison Scotland United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Strensall garrison Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Swanton Morley garrison Norfolk United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Ternhill garrison Shropshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Thorney Island Emsworth United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Tidworth garrison Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Topcliffe garrison N Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Upavon garrison Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Warminster garrison Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-Wolverhampton garrison Staffordshire United Kingdom Active
1.Army-York garrison Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
1.General Staff Moscow . Russia General Staff Armed Forces
1.JOINT Helicopter Cmd / Bury St Edmunds Suffolk United Kingdom Active
1.JOINT Helicopter Cmd / Middle Wallop Hampshire United Kingdom Active
1.JOINT Helicopter Cmd / Wattisham Suffolk United Kingdom Active
1.JOINT Helicopter Cmd / Yeovilton Somerset United Kingdom Active
1.MoD Corsham Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
1.MoD Woodbridge garrison Suffolk United Kingdom Active
1A.▲▲▲US Army Central S Carolina United States ACTIVE
1B.▲▲▲USAr Cyber Command / USAr INtelligence and Security COMmand - Ft Belvoir Virginia United States ACTIVE
1B.◊ National Security Agency / ▲▲▲US Fleet Cyber Command / ▲▲▲ Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command - Ft Meade Washington DC United States ACTIVE
1C.▲▲▲▲US AFRICOM Stuttgart Germany Overseas United States ACTIVE
1C.▲▲▲USAr Africa Overseas United States ACTIVE
1K.▲▲▲▲US TRANSCOM Scott Illinois United States ACTIVE
2.☢ Chelyabinsk . Russia ACTIVE
2.☢ LAND Alabino   Russia ACTIVE
2.☢ LAND Illynskoye   Russia ACTIVE
2.☢ LAND Ivanovo   Russia ACTIVE
2.☢ LAND Saratov   Russia ACTIVE
2.☢ LAND Selikhino   Russia ACTIVE
2.☢ LAND Tver   Russia ACTIVE
2.☢ LAND Yoshkar-Ola Russia ACTIVE
2.☢ LAND Zhukovka   Russia ACTIVE
2.☢ LAND Zlatoust   Russia ACTIVE
2.ABM ring Korolev   Russia ACTIVE
2.ABM ring Korostovo   Russia ACTIVE
2.ABM ring Lytkarino   Russia ACTIVE
2.ABM ring Suponevo   Russia ACTIVE
2.ABM ring Vnukovo . Russia ACTIVE
2.Army Aberdeen Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army Abingdon garrison Oxfordshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army Overseas Rheindahlen Germany United Kingdom Active
2.Army Overseas Wulfen Germany United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Bathgate Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Bishop Auckland Durham County United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Blandford Dorset United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Bletchley Buckinghamshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Bramcote Warwickshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Bristol Wales United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Camberley Berkshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Canterbury Kent United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Chatham Kent United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Chester Cheshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Crawley Sussex United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Croydon London United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Didcot garrison Oxfordshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Dudley London City United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Dumbarton Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Dundee Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Dunfermline Fife United Kingdom Active
2.Army-East Kilbride Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Elgin Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Exeter garrison Devon United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Fort George Scotland United Kingdom Active (closure 2025)
2.Army-Gateshead Tyne and Wear United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Glasgow Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Grantham Lincolnshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Harrogate N Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Haverfordwest garrison Pembrokeshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Hounslow London United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Hullavington Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Kineton Warwickshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Kinloss Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Kirkcaldy Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Leeds garrison Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Leuchars Dundee United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Lichfield Staffordshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Liverpool garrison Merseyside United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Longmoor Hampshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Maidstone Kent United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Manchester City United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Marchwood Hampshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Milton Bridge Peniciuk United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Monmouth Wales United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Newcastle garrison Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Newcastle upon Tyne Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Newton Aycliffe County Durham United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Newtownards N Ireland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-North Luffenham garrison Rutland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Northampton Northamptonshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Old Sarum Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Ouston/Albemarle Northumberland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Perham Down Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Perth Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Pirbright garrison Surry United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Plymouth Cornwall United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Portadown N-Ireland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Preston Lancashire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Preston Lancashire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Pudsey Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Reading garrison Berkshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Redditch Worcestershire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Ripon garrison N Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Saffron Walden Essex United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Sandhurst Surrey United Kingdom Active
2.Army-South Cerney garrison Gloucestershire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-St Helens Merseyside United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Stafford / Beaconside Stafford United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Stanton St Quintin Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Stornoway Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Warrington Cheshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Weeton Lancashire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Winchester Hampshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Windsor Windsor United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Winterbourne Gunner Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-Worthy Down Hampshire United Kingdom Active
2.Army-York / Fulford Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
2.CHEM Gornyy   Russia ACTIVE
2.CHEM Kambarka . Russia ACTIVE
2.CHEM Leonidovka . Russia ACTIVE
2.CHEM Maradykovo . Russia ACTIVE
2.CHEM Pochep (Рожок) . Russia ACTIVE
2.Germany USAREUR-Wiesbaden Overseas United States ACTIVE
2.JOINT Service Wyton Cambridgeshire United Kingdom Active
2.LAND Chyornaya Rechka   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Novaya Zemlya Albanov Bnk   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND / DEPLOYED Syria Syria Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND / DEPLOYED Tel-al Harrah Syria Russia Closed
2.LAND Agalatovo   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Alakurtti . Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Alexejevka . Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Boguchar   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Buynaksk   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Chernigovka   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Dachnoye   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Dolinsk . Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Drovyanaya   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Dzerzhinsk   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Garovka 2   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Goryachiye Klyuchi   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Kabardinka   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Kalininets . Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Kaluga   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Kamenka   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Khankala Chechniya Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Klin (Клин)   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Krasnoznamenka   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Krasnyy Bor   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Levashovo   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Lomonosov   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Luga   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Migalovo   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Mosrentgen   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Murmansk (airdef ring)   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Nalchik   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Novaya Zemlya Romasjka   Russia ACtIVE
2.LAND Novaya Zemlya SAM sites   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Odinsk   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Odintsovo   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Oreshkovo   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Pervomaiski   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Petropavlovsk airdef ring   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Pribylovo   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Rostov   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Sakhalin air defences   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Sakhalin radar facilities   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Sarapulka   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Saratov (Саратов)   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Shuya   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Sormovo   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND St. Petersburg / Pushkin   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Torzhok   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Vladikavkaz   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Vladimirskiy Lager   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Yefremov   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Yurga   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Yuzhno Sakhalinsk   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Zapolyarny   Russia ACTIVE
2.LAND Zernograd . Russia ACTIVE
2.MoD Caledonia Rosyth / Dumfernline Fife United Kingdom Active
2.MoD Cape Wrath Scotland United Kingdom Active
2.MoD Castlemartin Pembrokeshire United Kingdom Active
2.MoD Lyneham Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
2.MoD-Bicester Oxfordshire United Kingdom Active
2.RAF Topcliffe N Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
2.SIGINT Bude GCHQ Cornwall United Kingdom Active
2.SIGINT Overseas-Cyprus Cyprus United Kingdom Active
2.SIGINT RAF Menwith Hill North Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
2.USAr CENTral / USAF Air Combat Cmd - Shaw ab S Carolina United States ACTIVE
2.USAr Human Resources Cmd - Ft Knox Kentucky United States ACTIVE
2.USAr Materiel Cmd / USAr Space and Missile Defense Cmd - Huntsville Alabama United States ACTIVE
2.USAr NORTH / USAr SOuth / Ft Sam Houston - San Antonio Texas United States ACTIVE
3.AIR Barnaul airfield . Russia ACTIVE
3.Air Combat Cmd - Joint Base Langley / Eustis Virginia United States ACTIVE
3.AIR Rzhev   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Adzgrapsha Local Georgia ACTIVE.
3.LAND - Adzvistavi Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Avnevi Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Didmukha Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Disevi Local Georgia ACTIVE.
3.LAND - Dushanbe (Russian) Local Tajikistan ACTIVE
3.LAND - Dzvileti Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Eredvi Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Ghromi Local Georgia .ACTIVE
3.LAND - Gulripshi Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Ikoti Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Java (Khumsarta) Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Komisi Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Mamita Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Pichori Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Seribalta Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Sinaguri Local Georgia ACTIVE
3.US Army Medical Research and Materiel Cmd - Fort Detrick Maryland United States ACITVE
36D6 EW radar   North Korea EW radar
5.☢ RVSN Naro Fominsk   Russia ACTIVE
5.☢ RVSN Svobodny   Russia Closed
5.☢ RVSN Yedrovo   Russia Closed
5.ABN Kostroma   Russia ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Anniston Alabama United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Hawthorne Nevada United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Middletown (IAAP) Iowa United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Middletown (IAAP) Iowa United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Pine Bluff Arsenal (PBA) Arkansas United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Pittsburg (MCAAP) Oklahoma United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Radford (RFAAP) Virginia United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Richmond (BGAD) Kentucky United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Rock Island arsenal Illinois United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Rock Island Arsenal Illinois United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd - Scranton (SCAAP) Pennsylvania United States ACTIVE
5.Joint Munitions Cmd -Tooele Utah United States ACTIVE
5.USAr Corpus Christi Army Depot Texas United States ACTIVE
5.USAr Pueblo Chemical Depot Colorado United States ACTIVE
5.USAr Rocky Mountain arsenal Colorado United States Closed
5.USAr Umatilla Chemical Depot Oregon United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAFE/AFA Ramstein Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Ansbach garrison Overseas. United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Ansbach-Barton Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Ansbach-Bismarck Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Ansbach-Bleidorn Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Ansbach-Franken Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Ansbach-Illesheim Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Ansbach-Shipton Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Landstuhl Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Stuttgart Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Vilseck Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.● Germany USAREUR Wiesbaden garrison Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.Joint Base Elmendorf / Richardson - Alaska Alaska United States ACTIVE
6.Joint Base Meyer-Henderson Hall Washington DC United States ACTIVE
6.Korea US Forces-Camp Humphreys Overseas United States ACTIVE
6.SF Grozny   Russia ACTIVE
6.SF Kazan   Russia ACTIVE
6.SF Kemerovo   Russia ACTIVE
6.SF Krasnyy Yar   Russia ACTIVE
6.SF Mineralnye Vody   Russia ACTIVE
6.SF Nizhny Tagil   Russia ACTIVE
6.USAr - Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Anniston army depot Alabama United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Camp Atterbury Indiana United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Camp Shelby Mississippi United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Crane army ammo activity Indiana United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Davison airfield Virginia United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Felker airfield Virginia United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Forney airfield Missouri United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Fort Benning Georgia United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Fort Bliss Nw Mexico United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Fort Campbell Kentucky United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Fort Carson Colorado United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Fort Drum Nw York United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Fort Hood Texas United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Fort Riley Kansas United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Fort Stewart / Hunter Army Airfield Georgia United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Fort Wainwright Alaska United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Laguna airfield Arizona United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Lake City Missouri United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Picatinny Nw Jersey United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Robert Gray Army Airfield Texas United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - Wheeler Sack Army Airfield New York United States ACTIVE
6.USAr - White Sands missile range Nw Mexico United States ACTIVE
6.USAr Red River Depot - Texarkana Texas United States ACTIVE
6.USAr Sunny Point - North Carolina N Carolina United States ACTIVE
7.Alaska state ArNG Alaska United States ACTIVE
7.California state ArNG California United States ACTIVE
7.Colorado state ArNG Colorado United States ACTIVE
7.Kansas state ArNG Kansas United States ACTIVE
7.Kentucky state ArNG Kentucky United States ACTIVE
7.Maine state ArNG Maine United States ACTIVE
7.Missouri state ArNG Missouri United States ACTIVE
7.North Dakota state ArNG N.Dakota United States ACTIVE
7.Puerto Rico state ArNG Puerto Rico United States ACTIVE
7.Texas state ArNG Texas United States ACTIVE
7.Washington state ArNG Washington United States ACTIVE
7.Wisconsin state ArNG Wisconsin United States ACTIVE
9.☢ LAND Anadyr . Russia Closed
9.☢ LAND Valday   Russia Closed
9.☢ RVSN Yurya   Russia Closed
9.ABM ring Vostochnyy   Russia Closed
9.ABM ring Zhuklino   Russia Closed
9.AIR Mozdok . Russia Closed
9.CHEM Kizner   Russia Closed
9.CHEM Shchuchye . Russia Closed
9.Joint Base LittleCreek / Ft Story - Virginia Virginia United States ACTIVE
9.LAND Aramil . Russia Closed
9.LAND Belyy Klyuch   Russia Closed
9.LAND Bezenchuk   Russia Closed
9.LAND Chekhov   Russia Closed
9.LAND Chernobyl   Russia Closed
9.LAND Chernoye   Russia Closed
9.LAND Egorlykskaya   Russia Closed
9.LAND Kalinyvka   Russia Closed
9.LAND Kinel / Cherkassy   Russia Closed
9.LAND Kirzavod   Russia Closed
9.LAND Krasnyy Yar   Russia Closed
9.LAND Nivenskoye   Russia Closed
9.LAND Novosysoyevka   Russia Closed
9.LAND Pashino   Russia Closed
9.LAND Petrofskoye   Russia Closed
9.LAND Ros complex   Russia Closed
9.LAND Sevastopol   Russia Closed
9.LAND Srednebeloye   Russia Closed
9.LAND Tikhoretsk   Russia Commercial
9.LAND Troitsk   Russia Closed
9.LAND Vorotynsk   Russia Closed
9.Sever Amderma (Poloska)   Russia Closed
9.Sever Igarka (Impuls)   Russia Demolished
9.Sever Mt Kamennyy (Kama)   Russia Demolished
9.Sever Mulda (Yastreb)   Russia Closed
9.Sever Okhotsk (Маlta)   Russia Closed
9.Sever Protoki (Kanva)   Russia Demolished
9.Sever Sireniki (Orel)   Russia Closed
9.Sever Slautnoye (Kiev)   Russia Closed
9.Sever Sumarokovo (Taezhnik)   Russia Closed
9.Sever Takhtoyamsk (Tula)   Russia Closed
9.Sever X Dikson Диксон   Russia Closed
9.Sever Ynykchan (Milan)   Russia Closed
9.USAr - Fort McCoy Wisconsin United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Fort Huachuca Arizona United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Camp Bullis Texas United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Camp James E Rudder Florida United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Fort Irwin Calif. United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Fort Leavenworth Kansas United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Fort Lee Virginia United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Fort Leonard Wood Missouri United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Fort McPherson Georgia United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Fort Rucker Alabama United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Fort Sill Oklahoma United States ACTIVE
9.USAr - Hanchey Army Heliport Alabama United States SEE: 9.USAr - Fort Rucker
9.USAr - Lowe Army Airfield Alabama United States SEE. 9.USAr - Fort Rucker
9.USAr - Polk Army Airfield Louisiana United States Active
9.USAr Military Academy - West Point Nw York United States ACTIVE
9.USAr Reserve - Fort Hunter Liggett Calif. United States ACTIVE
AA BA 132 Colmar - Meyenheim Haut Rhin France Disbanded.
AAC Dhamial - Qasim (OPQS) Rawalpindi Pakistan Army Air Corps
AAC Gujranwala Gujranwala Pakistan Army Air Corps
AAC Kahlid Quetta Pakistan Army AIr Corps
AAC Lahore Lahore Pakistan Joint Civil-Military airfield
AAC Multan (OPMT) Punjab Pakistan Joint Civil-Military airfield
AAC Rahwali Rahwali Pakistan Army Air Corps
AAF Lagoa Santa   Brazil Army aviation
AAF Taubaté   Brazil Army aviation
Abdulrakim   Yemen SA-3 missile site
Abha   Saudi Arabia EW radar site
Abidjan   Ivory Coast Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Abu Ash Shamat   Syria SA-2 garrison
Abu Dhabi   United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi AD complex
Abu Shaibanah   Saudi Arabia Hawk AD site
Abu Ujayat   Saudi Arabia Hawk AD site
Ad Dour SW Syria EW radar facility
AD HAWK Dragør   Denmark Closed
AD HAWK Hoejerup Store Heddinge Denmark Closed
AD HAWK Middelgrundsfort Kobnhavn Denmark Closed
AD HAWK Roskilde Tune Denmark Closed
AD Nike Gunderød Kokkedal Denmark Closed
AD Nike Tune Tune Denmark Closed
Adana   Turkey USAF Troposcatter site
Aden AD complex   Yemen SA-2 missile site
Aeródromo Las Marias   Chile Army Aviation
Aeródromo Teniente Vidal   Chile Army Aviation
Agcabedi   Azerbaijan Helicopter airfield with 36D6 EW radarsite and SA-4 AD site
Aghstafa   Azerbaijan SA-2 AD site
Ahmednagar Maharashtra India HQ Mech Inf Regt
AIR / GRND / SEA Pretoria   South Africa Active
AIR Bierset prov de Liege Belgium Closed
AIR Dar El Beida   Algeria Active
AIR Jehonville-Bertrix prov. de Luxembourg Belgium Closed
AIR Keratea Greece Active
AIR Rimini Emilia Romana Italy Active
AIR Sutkunaj   Lithuania Acive
AIR Thun   Switzerland Civil
AIR Townsville QLD Australia Active
AIR-Babushera invaded Georgia ACTIVE
AIR-Gudauta local Georgia ACTIVE.
AIR-radar Kharman Kuh   Iran Troposcatter comms key relay stn
AIR-radar Aleyan   Iran Unknown
AIR-radar Andimeshk   Iran Deactivated
AIR-radar Bandar Abbas   Iran Unknown
AIR-radar Bash   Iran Unknown
AIR-radar Dastevar   Iran Unknown
AIR-radar Goltapeh   Iran Unknown
Akhnoor Jammu Kashmir India 16 AC. 10 ID
Al 'Al   Jordan Hawk AD msiile site
Al Aziziyah   Libya SA-5 msl site
Al Baqaa   Jordan Hawk AD missile site
Al Bodhi   Yemen SA-2 sites
Al Bombah missile defences   Libya SA-3 missile battery
Al Dair   Bahrain Hawk AD site
Al Failahgeel   Kuwait Skyguard msl system
Al Ghiran   Libya SA-3 garrison & missile site
Al Haylunah   Syria SA-2 garrison
Al Jafr South East Jordan Hawk AD missile site
Al Jafr South East Jordan Hawk batteries
Al Jubayl   Saudi Arabia Hawk AD site
Al Jubayl   Saudi Arabia Patriot AD site
Al Kharj   Saudi Arabia Army, Enginering Corps, Logistic Corps
Al Kharj   Saudi Arabia EW radar & AD complex
Al Kurah   Saudi Arabia Hawk AD site
Al Mamurah   Libya SA-3 msl site
Al Muaqqar Amman Jordan Hawk AD missile site
Al Muhassan   Syria SA-6 msl battery
Al Muqalla   Yemen SA-2 battery
Al Qama   Yemen EW radar site
Al Qatif   Saudi Arabia EW radar and multiple AD sites
Al Rahba   United Arab Emirates Hawk AD battery
Al Thugra North Jordan Hawk garrison & AD msl site
Al Wigh   Libya Airbase
Al Zarqa North East Jordan Hawk training area
Alabashly   Azerbaijan SA-3 AD site
Alamar   Cuba SA-2 AD complex
ALAT Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre Villacoublay ille-de-France France COMALAT
ALAT Clermont Ferrand Auvergne France 4e BAM
ALAT Compiègne - Margny Oise France Closed
ALAT Dax Les Landes France Army Aviation training base
ALAT Etain - Rouvres Meuse France 3e RHC
ALAT Le Cannet Var France Army Aviation training base
ALAT Montauban Tarn Garonne France Army Aviation 9e BSAM
ALAT Pau - Pyrénées Pyrénées-Atlantiques France 5e RHC; 4e RHFS
ALAT Phalsbourg Bas Rhin France Army Aviation 1e RHC
Alela   Eritrea SA-3 site
Aleppo missile defence   Syria SA-3 msl btry
Alian   Taiwan TK-II fire control radar site
Allen Army airfield Alaska United States ACTIVE
Amedee Army Airfield Calif. United States ACTIVE
Amman missile AD ring Amman Jordan Hawk missile AD around Amman
Amritsar Punjab India 15 Inf Div
An explanation of the Iranian radar network   Iran airdefence radar / communication network
An Khe - Camp Radcliffe   Vietnam Former 1st Cav Div Airmobile
An Khe Hon Cong Mtn   Vietnam former US army 509th Signal Btn
Anbyŏn   North Korea EW site
Andizhan   Uzbekistan 37 Motorized Inf Bde
Angra do Heroismo   Portugal Army, 1 Garrison Regt
Antalya   Turkey Rapier AD msl site at Antalya Airport
Antonivka   Ukraine 36D6 EW radarsite
Ar Ramjah   Libya Ammo storage + SA2 missile site + EW radar sites
Ar Riyad   Saudi Arabia EW radar & AD complex
Ar Riyan   Yemen SA-2 battery
ARMY Alexandria   Egypt Active
Army Aragarças   Brazil 58 Inf Battalion
Army Barzayn   Saudi Arabia Artillery Corps 15th and 18th FA Btns
Army Brasilia   Brazil COT, CMP and subordinates
Army Campo Grande   Brazil CMO + subordinate units
Army Cuiaba   Brazil 9th Engineers Construction Battalion
ARMY Egyptian Army General Info   Egypt Current strength
Army Fort Shafter Al odaid Qatar 94th AAMDC
Army HQ Niš   Serbia HQ Army Cmd, MP Batn, Sigs Batn
Army Palmas   Brazil 22º B I
Army Sharurah   Saudi Arabia Armor Corps, 10th Mechanized Bde and 12th Armored Bde
Army Tabuk North   Saudi Arabia Armored Corps 45th Bde
Army training and supply facilities عند موقف   Syria Army
Army-Arborfield Berkshire United Kingdom Closed
Army: Callao   Peru 1 Inf Btn; 19,29,69 Commando Inf Btns
Army: El Milagro   Peru 1st Army Div/6th Jungle Bde
Army: Iquitos   Peru V Army Div.
Army: Lambayeque   Peru 1st Div/7th Inf Bde
Army: Piura   Peru HQ 1st Army Div; 1st Arty Bde; 1st Suppt Bde
Army: Sullana   Peru 1st Div/1st Cav Bde
Army: Trujillo   Peru 1st Div/32th Inf Bde
Army: Tumbes   Peru 1st Div/1st Inf Bde
Arzaq AD complex North East Jordan EW radar site & Hawk batteries
As Sheikh Miskin الحي الشرقي   Syria SA-6 msl site
As Sidr   Libya Troposcatter site
As Suwayda missile defence   Syria SA-2 msl btry
Asmara sector   Eritrea EW radar
Assab sector (also Aseb)   Eritrea AD garrison
AT (Armée de Terre) Agen Lot et Garonne France 48 RT
AT Angers Loire France 6e RG
AT Angoulême Charente France 515e RT
AT Annecy Haute Savoie France 27e BCA
AT Arras Pas de Calais France Closed
AT Auxonne Côte-d'Or France 511e RT
AT Balma Toulouse France 11e BP; 11e Co CT
AT Belfort Franche-Comte France 35e RI
AT Biscarosse Les Landes France CEL; 17e GA
AT Bitche Alsace France 16e BC
AT Bourg Saint Maurice Rhone Alpes France 7e BCA
AT Bourges Cher France Army combined military school
AT Bourogne Belfort France 1e RA
AT Bretteville sur Odon Normandie France Closed
AT Brive la Gaillarde Correze France 126e RI
AT Camp de Canjuers Var France Multiple units
AT Camp de Coëtquidan Bretagne France AT-LE Military academy
AT Camp de La Vaugine Var France 5e BSAM
AT Camp de Souge Gironde France BM; 13e RDP
AT Camp du Valdahon Doubs France 13e RG
AT Carpiagne Cote d'Azur France 5e BSMAT
AT Cesson-Sévigné Normandie France Signals school
AT Châlons-en-Champagne Marne France 1e BM; 1e CCT
AT Chamonix Hte Savoie France EMHM
AT Charleville-Mézières Ardennes France 3e RG
AT Chaumont Haute Marne France 61e RA
AT Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne France 13 BSMAT; Hq 3e BLB; 92e RI
AT Colmar Alsace France 152e RI
AT Commercy Meuse France 8e RA
AT Douai Nord France BTAC
AT Draguignan Var France Artillery School
AT Épinal Lorraine France 1e RTIR
AT Essey-les Nancy Lorraine France 4th Airmobile Bde
AT Fontevraud l’Abbaye Loire France 2e RD
AT Gap Hautes-Alpes France 4e RCh
AT Givet Ardennes France Closed
AT Haguenau Bas Rhin France BRENS; 2e RH; 54e RT; 28e GG
AT Higher Commands - Lille Nord Pas de Calais France Hq CFT, Hq CRR-Fr
AT Hyères Var France 54e RA
AT Illkirch Bas-Rhin France 2e BB; signal &cmd coy; recon sq
AT Issoire Auvergne France 28e RT
AT La Valbonne Ain France 68e RAA
AT Luneville Moselle France 53 RT
AT Mailly-le Camp Champagne-Ardenne France CENTAC; ALAT training area
AT Marly Lorraine France Medical personnel training & knowledge center
AT Marseille Bouches-du-Rhône France Hq EMF 3, Signal Cmd coy
AT Metz Lorraine France 3e RH
AT Mont-Louis Languedoc France National Command Training Center
AT Montauban Tarn France 17e RGP
AT Montlhéry Île-de-France France 1e BL; 121e RT
AT Mourmelon le Grand Champagne-Ardenne France 501e RCC
AT Neuvy-Pailloux Indre France 12e BSAM
AT Nîmes - Garons Nimes France 503e RT
AT Nouâtre Indre et Loire France 12e BSAM
AT Olivet Loire France 12e RC
AT Orléans Centre France 43 BT
AT Pamiers Ariege France 1e RCP
AT Paris-Suresnes Ile-de-France France 8e RT
AT Pau Aquitaine France BFST; ETAP
AT Plouhinec Morbihan France Deactivated 2010
AT Rennes bretagne France 785e CGE
AT Saint Alban Savoie France 13e BCA
AT Sarrebourg Moselle France 1e RI
AT Saumur Loire France Cavalry School & CBRN knowledge center
AT Sourdun Seine et Marne France Closed
AT Suippes Champagne Ardenne France 40e RA
AT Suippes, Ferme de Piemont Marne France 132th Working Dog Batn
AT Tarbes Hautes Pyrenees France 35e RAP; 1e RHP
AT Thierville-sur-Meuse Lorraine France 1e RCh
AT Thionville Nord France 40 RT
AT Toul Meurthe-Moselle France 516e RT
AT Toulon - Ollioules. Var France 519e GTM
AT Toulouse Haute Garonne France 11 BP; 1er RTP
AT Toulouse-Montradon Garonne France RSC
AT Valance Drôme France 1e RS
AT Varces Isère France 27e BIM; 27e CCTM; 93e RAM
Atak   Yemen EW radar site
Athlone Westmeath Ireland 2nd Bde
Avsar   Azerbaijan SA-3 battery
Bagram airfield SAM sites   Afghanistan SA-3 site
Bagramjan   Armenia S-300PT site
Bahia Blanca -Villa Floresta Buenos Aires Argentina Army Aviation Section 181
Bahia de Moa   Cuba SA-3 AD msl site
Baldushk   Albania SA-2 AD site
Balka   Ukraine S-300PS
Ballyshannon   Ireland 2nd Bde, 28th Inf Batn
Baly Southwest Syria SA-2 msl site
Banaadir   Somalia SA-2 AD site
Bandar Abbas   Iran HQ-2 SAM AD site
Bandar Imam Khomeini   Iran Hawk battery
Baniyas   Syria SAM garrison
Bar Yehuda (LLMZ) Dead Sea Israel Civil - IDF Army Aviation
Baraka   Congo (Kinshasa) 12 IB
Base Aérea De La Independencia   Chile Army Aviation Bde
Basheer army facility SW Syria Army faclility
Batal'ne   Ukraine Opuc Cape SAM training range
Batkovic   Bosnia and Herzegovina SA-3 AD site
BE Düren NRW Germany Closed
BE Altenrath NRW Germany Demolished
BE Arnsberg NRW Germany Demolished
BE Arolsen HS Germany Closed
BE Attendorn NRW Germany Closed
BE Butzweilerhof NRW Germany Demolished
BE Dellbruck NRW Germany Closed
BE Friesheim NRW Germany Closed
BE Konzendorf NRW Germany Closed
BE Lüdenscheid NRW Germany Closed
BE Merzbrück NRW Germany Civil
BE Neheim NRW Germany Demolished
BE Olpe NRW Germany Closed
BE Siegburg NRW Germany Closed
BE Soest NRW Germany Demolished
BE Troisdorf - Spich NRW Germany Demolished
Beinan   Taiwan Hawk msl site
Beira Chamba   Mozambique SA-3 AD site
Beira Munhava   Mozambique SA-3 AD site
Beira Rio Marina   Mozambique SA-3 AD site
Belgrade   Serbia 250 Air Def Msl Bde
Ben Ya'akov (LLIB) Golan Israel Civil - IDF Army Aviation
Benghazi missile defences   Libya SA-3 missile battery
Beni Walid   Libya Joint mil/civ airfield
Berbera   Somalia SA-2 AD site
Berdashen   Azerbaijan SAM garrison
BFG Bünde NRW Germany Closed
BFG Celle NS Germany Closed
BFG Hildesheim NS Germany Closed
BFG Lammersdorf/Roetgen NRW Germany Closed
BFG Rheindahlen NRW Germany Closed
Bhadalwadh Punjab India Signals -EW radar garrison
Bicycle Lake Army airfield Calif. United States ACTIVE
Biggs Army Airfield Texas United States ACTIVE
Bishat Mushayd   Saudi Arabia Hawk AD site
Bjuravan   Armenia S300 missile site
Blackstone Army Airfield Virginia United States SEE 7.Virginia state ArNG
Bladzikowo   Poland SA-3 battery
Bloodhound   Singapore Bloodhound AD site
BND Hof Bav Germany Aktiv
Bogra garrison   Bangladesh 11 Infantry Div + subordinate units
Bohinjska Bela   Slovenia 132 Mtn Inf Regt
Bolu   Turkey 3rd Army; 2nd Commando Bde
Boyeros   Cuba SA-3 garrison
Bozcaada   Turkey Special Forces
Braga   Portugal Army, 6th Cav.Rgt
Brovary   Ukraine 64N6 EW radarsite
Bujumbura apt   Burundi EW radar site
Bukavu   Congo (Kinshasa) 3 IB
Buraq   Syria SA-2 msl site
Burjpur Okara Pakistan Surface-Surface Missile site
Buryadah   Saudi Arabia Army, Airbornes, Special Forces
Bushat   Albania EW radar site
Butts Army Airfield Colorado United States ACTIVE
BW / Sani / Koblenz RP Germany Aktiv
BW / SKB Hannover NS Germany Aktiv
Cabinda   Angola SA-3 site and garrison
Cairns Army Airfield Alabama United States ACTIVE
Cakmakli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Army, United States Arrmy
Camaguey (N)   Cuba SA-2 AD msl site
Camaguey (W)   Cuba EW radar
Camiara   Peru SAM garrison
Camiara site A   Peru SA-3 battery
Camiara Site B   Peru SA-3 battery
Camp Arifjan   Kuwait Logistic base
Camp Cropper Bagdad Iraq US-Army, US-Airforce
Camp de la Cruz Luzon Philippines Army, 5 InfDiv
Camp Elias Angeles Camarines Sur Philippines Army, 9 Inf Div
Camp Evanelista Mindanao Philippines Army, 4ID
Camp Hadrian - Deh Rawod Oruzgan Afghanistan ISAF (NL Army FOB)
Camp Holland Oruzgan Afghanistan ISAF NL Battlegroup
Camp Maj Cesar L Sang an Labangan Philippines Army, 1 ID
Camp Mareo Calpinpin Tanay Philippines Army, 2 ID
Camp O'Donnell Tarlac Philippines Army, LAD
Camp Panacan Mindanao Philippines Army, 10 Inf Div
Camp Peralta Capiz Philippines Army, 3 ID
Camp Phoenix a.k.a. Camp Qargha Kabul Afghanistan US Army
Camp Siongco Maguindanao Philippines Army, 6 InfDiv
Camp Zayed   United Arab Emirates Military garrison
Campo De Mayo Buenos Aires Argentina Army aviation
Campo Militar Peldehue XII Chile Army, BOE
CampVicente Lubkan Visayas Philippines Army. 8 Inf Div
Canakci   Turkey Site 137 troposcatter 486L medcom/stratcom
Cape Eluanbi   Taiwan Combined EW / ATC radar
Catembe S   Mozambique SA-3 AD site
Catembe W   Mozambique SA-2 Ad site
Catumbe   Angola Combined SA-2 garrison/site
Cavo Greko   Cyprus ACE High troposcatter link JCGZ
Celje   Slovenia 20 Inf Regt
Central AD complex   Azerbaijan AD missile battery complex
Central desert   Yemen SA-2 missile site
Central desert   Yemen SA-3 missile site
Centre Interarmées des Actions sur l’Environnement Lyon France CIAE
Cerkezkoy   Turkey 1st Army ; 5th Corps ; 3rd Armd Bde
CFB Suffield Alberta Canada Active
CFS Richelain Quebec Canada Active
Chao An Guangdong China HQ-12 msl garrision and site
Chaukan Pass Arunachal Pradesh India Army Aviation
Cheonan   South Korea Closed
Cherat Peshawar Pakistan Special Service Group (SSG)
Ching Kai Sheck Intl Airport   Taiwan Skyguard AD site
Chittagong garrison   Bangladesh 24 Inf Div + subordinate units
Chobankara   Armenia 228 ADCOM
Choghadak   Iran HQ-2 SAM AD site
Coastal airdefence mslsites   Syria SA-2 msl site
Coimbra   Portugal Army, BRIGINT
Coldblow Lane Kent United Kingdom Closed
Complex subterrain depot Rothenstein/   complex depot
Condron Army Airfield Nw Mexico United States Limited ops
Coral Beach   Tanzania SA-3 site
Cork   Ireland I S Bde
Corlu   Turkey 1st Tac Air Cmd reserve base / 1st Army, 5th Corps, 105 Arty Regt
Cuenca   Ecuador ATF 3 south
Da Gang Shan Mtn   Taiwan EW radar
Dail   Syria SA-6 msl site
Dairaa   Pakistan Crotale AD site
Dalhousie   India IAF Troposcatter comms link
Damascus EW & AD radar facilities   Syria Early warning and air defence radars
Dan Shui   Taiwan TK-II missile site
Dana Central Jordan EW and comms site
Danshuei   Taiwan Hawk msl site
Danylivka   Ukraine SAM training range
Dar es Salaam   Tanzania EW searchradar
Dashkend   Azerbaijan SA-4 garrison
Datca peninsula   Turkey Nike Hercules AD site
Dayr Ha fir   Syria Army mechanized infantry compound
Dayr Ha fir   Syria Army ammunition storage
Dehradun   India 14th RAPID
delete   Finland x
delete WA Australia .
Deolali Maharashtra India Combat Air Training School
Dez Dam   Iran Non-ops EW radarsite
Dezful   Iran Hawk AD site
Dhahran   Saudi Arabia Dhahran AD complex
Dhaka garrison   Bangladesh Army HQ; subordinate units
Dimona desert   Israel Hawk AD site
Dimona desert   Israel Aerostat EW site
Dina Dina Pakistan SSM site
diyaraker Erzurum Turkey 9th Army Corps'1st Mechanized Bde
Dong Ba Thin   Vietnam Former US Army Aviation base
Dong Shi Yunlin Taiwan Hawk msl site
Doslidne   Ukraine 64N6 EW radarsite
Douala   Cameroon RIB - BSA
Draca   Serbia SA-6 AD btry
Dras   India 8 Mtn Div
Dubinky   Ukraine 2 EW radarsites
Dublin   Ireland HQ IDF; II East Bde
Dublin   Ireland 62 Arty Regt
Dundalk   Ireland 27th Inf Batn
Durazno   Uruguay Regimiento de Caballería Nº 2
Durrat South Bahrain Hawk AD site
Dvin   Armenia SA-2 AD site
EA - Bahia Blanca Buenos Aires Argentina HQ 3rd Army Division
EA - Campo de Mayo Buenos Aires Argentina Rapid Deployment Force / SF Grp
EA - Cordoba Cordoba Argentina HQ 2 Army Div, RDF, Cdo Br Para IV, SF
EA - Curuzú Cuatiá Corrientes Argentina HQ 1st Army Division
EA - Mendoza Mendoza Argentina Div 2; 8th Mountain Inf Bde
EA - Parana Entre Rios Argentina Div 1; II Armored Bde
EA - Posadas Misiones Argentina Div 1; XIIda Cav.Bde
EA - Resistencia Chaco Argentina Div 1; III Cav Bde NO+
EA - Rio Gallegos Santa Cruz Argentina Div 3, Cdo 11 Mech Bde
EA - Salta Salta Argentina Div.2, 5th Mtn Inf Bde
EA - Santa Rosa La Pampa Argentina FDR Cdo Br Mec X
EA - Tandil Buenos Aires Argentina Div 2+ 1st Armored Bde
EADF Egyptian Airdefence General Info   Egypt Current strength
Early Warning Beyonsan   South Korea Active
East of Dar es Salaam   Tanzania SA-3 AD site
EC Barranquilla   Colombia 1 Div. dispersed sub units
EC Bogota   Colombia 5 Div + sub units
EC Bucaramanga   Colombia 2 Div + sub units
EC Cali   Colombia 3 Div + sub units
EC Facatativa   Colombia Army Signal Bde
EC Larandia   Colombia Army base
EC Malambo   Colombia 1 Div dispersed sub units
EC San José del Guaviare   Colombia Joint mil/civ airfield
EC Santa Marta   Colombia CEMIL; 1 Div
EC Saravena   Colombia Army Aviation (DAVAA)
EC Tame   Colombia 8 Div sub units
EC Tolemaida   Colombia Multiple unit army & army aviation base
EC Valledupar   Colombia 1 Div dispersed sub units
EC Villavicencio   Colombia 4 Div + sub units
EC Yopal   Colombia 8 Div + sub units
Eilat   Israel Hawk AD site
Ein Shemer   Israel Arrow II AD site
Ein Yahav - Sapir (LLEY) South Israel IDF Army Aviation - Civil
Elmadag Mtn   Turkey Troposcatter site 142 (486L medcom/stratcom) and ACE high TEDZ
Engunga   Ecuador EW radar
Esfahan   Iran Hawk battery
Esfahãn Khalili Army Airfield 1 (OIFH) Esfahan Iran Iran Army Aviation
Esfahan-Shahin Vatanpur Army Aviation Esfahan Iran Iran Army Aviation
Espinho   Portugal Army, Engineers
ESTRACK New Norcia WA Australia Active
Estremoz   Portugal 3rd Cav Regt
EW Cheorwon region   South Korea Active
EW Geumo Mtn   South Korea Active
EW Palgong Mtn   South Korea Active
EW Suri Mtn   South Korea Active
EW Ulung Do Island   South Korea Active
EW Yanpeyong   South Korea Active
EW Yeongyang   South Korea Active
F Horb-Empfingen BW Germany Closed
FAA Córdoba Cordoba Argentina Military Aviation School
Farka   Albania Army Aviation
Faya Largeau airfield   Chad Joint mil/civ airfield
Feodosia   Ukraine S-300PS AD site
Fergana   Uzbekistan HQ Army Eastern Military District
Fik (LLFK) Golan Israel Civil
Firebase Phoenix Kunar Afghanistan ANA
Firebase Tinsley Oruzgan Afghanistan US Army 3rd SF Grp
Firozpur Punjab India 11 Corps, 7 Inf Div
Flamenco Island Canal Zone Panama Hawk AD site
FOB Lightning   Afghanistan ANA 203rd Thunder Corps
Fontanka   Ukraine S-300PS AD site
Former CEMO In Ekker   Algeria Closed
Former CIEES Hamaguir . Algeria Closed
Fort Cindey, Fort Scex Vaud Switzerland Only historical value
Fort Harrison Army Airfield Montana United States SEE 7.Montana state NG
Fort Ramon Magsaysay Luzon Philippines Army, 7 InfDiv
Fuerte Amador Canal Zone Panama Closed
Fuerte Clayton Canal Zone Panama Closed
Fuerte Gulick Canal Zone Panama Closed
Fuerte Randolph Canal Zone Panama Closed
Fuerte Sherman CanalZone Panama Hawk AD site
Fuzi Sanchu Shanghai China S-300PMU-1 AD site
Fuzuli   Azerbaijan SA-4 garrison + 2 batteries
Gaborone   Botswana 1st AB; IB; CR
Gabouk   Saudi Arabia Multiple AD missile sites
Gamal Abdel Nasser missile defences   Libya SAM garrison
Gap - Tallard Hautes Alpes France Joint Civ/Mil airfield
Garoua airfield   Cameroon Joint mil/civ airfield
Garrison Antofagasta   Chile 1st Army Div + sub units
Garrison Arica   Chile Army Aviation CETAE
Garrison Belem   Brazil CMN + subordinate units
Garrison Belo Horizonte   Brazil 4 RM; 4 CE; 4 MP; 4 Sig; 12 IB
Garrison Cáceres   Brazil 2º B Fron
Garrison Calama   Chile Army, 1Div. RR1
Garrison Coihaigue   Chile Army IV Div + sub units
Garrison Curitiba   Brazil 5 Div + subordinate units
Garrison Florianopolis   Brazil 16 CSM; 63 BI; Cdo 14 BIM
Garrison Guaíra   Brazil 3ª Cia / 34º BI Mtz
Garrison Manaus   Brazil CMA + subordinate units
Garrison Pindamonhangaba   Brazil 2 BEC; 11/12 CEC
Garrison Ponto Grosso   Brazil 3º RCC
Garrison Porto Alegre   Brazil CMS + subordinate units
Garrison Porto Velho   Brazil 54º BIS; 5º BE Cnst; 17º Pel Com Sl; Cmdo 17ª Bda Inf SL
Garrison Puerto Natales   Chile Army, 5 Div, RR5
Garrison Punta Arenas   Chile Army, V Division + sub.units
Garrison Putre   Chile 6th Army Div +sub units
Garrison Recife   Brazil CMNE + subordinate units
Garrison Rio Branco   Brazil Cmdo Fron ACRE / 4º B I S
Garrison Rio de Janeiro   Brazil HQ CCML + subordinate units
Garrison Rio Negro   Brazil 5º R C C
Garrison San Angelo   Brazil 1 BCOM
Garrison Santiago   Chile 2d Motorized Div + sub units
Garrison Sao Paulo   Brazil CMSE + subordinate units
Garrison Sete Lagoas   Brazil 4 AAA
Garrison Valdivia   Chile 3d Army Div + sub units
Gash Barka sector (W Eritrea)   Eritrea Military airfield
Gaziemir   Turkey Army Aviation 3rd Regt
Gazimagusa   Cyprus 28th Mech.Inf.Div (Turkish)
Gašinci garrison   Croatia Armd Mech Bde suppt
GBAD Hviezdoszlavov   Slovakia Deactivated
GBAD Lozorno   Slovakia Deactivated
GBAD Most   Slovakia Deactivated
GBAD Rohovce   Slovakia Closed
GBAD Rusovce   Slovakia Closed
GBAD Stupava   Slovakia Deactivated
GBAD Veľké Zálužie   Slovakia Active
GDR Bugk S.A. Germany Closed
GDR Crussow BBG Germany Closed
GDR Eckolstadt THU Germany Closed
GDR Erfurt TH Germany Closed
GDR Halberstadt S.A. Germany Closed
GDR Hohen Gubkow M.V Germany Closed
GDR Klosterfelde Brandenburg Germany Closed
GDR Kolkewitz SA Germany Closed
GDR Möckern S.A Germany SA-5 site. Closed
GDR Oberhavel Berlin Germany SA-5 missile site. Closed
GDR Pragsdorf NeuBBG Germany Demolished
GDR Tautenhain THU Germany Aufgelöst
Gelibolu   Turkey 1st Army 2nd Corps
Gemenghan   Iran EW radarsite
Ghani Abad   Iran Hawk battery
Ghanzi   Botswana 3 IB
Ghawar   Saudi Arabia EW radar site
Gimje-Si   South Korea Closed
Glen of Imaal   Ireland Firing range
GN Tulle Corrèze France Gendarmerie school
Godman Army Airfield Kentucky United States ACTIVE
Goris   Armenia 1 Army Corps
Gormanstown   Ireland AD training facility
Gray Army Airfield Washington United States ACTIVE
Grayling Army Airfield Michigan United States SEE 7.Michigan NG
GRND Bârlad   Romania Active
GRND Minsk Local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Panevėžys   Lithuania Active
GRND St. Margrethen Sankt Gallen Switzerland Bunker 1942
GRND / SEA Klaipeda   Lithuania Active
GRND / SEA Port Elizabeth   South Africa Active
GRND A Coruna . Spain Active
GRND Aalborg   Denmark Active
GRND Aarau   Switzerland Inf Bde 5
GRND Absam Tirole Austria Active
GRND Adazi   Latvia Active
GRND Adelaide SA Australia Active
GRND Agioi Anargyroi   Greece 301 BF
GRND Agios Stefanos   Greece 651 AD
GRND Agra   India 50 IPB
GRND Aichi Nagoya Japan Active
GRND Airolo   Switzerland ER san 42
GRND Ak-Jol   Kyrgyzstan Active
GRND Aksakovo   Bulgaria Closed
GRND Alexandreia   Greece Active
GRND Alexandroupoli   Greece 12 Mech Inf Div
GRND Algerian/Lybian border   Algeria Active
GRND Algiers   Algeria Active
GRND Alicante   Spain Active
GRND Almagro . Spain Active
GRND Amay prov de Liege Belgium Active
GRND Amersfoort Province Utrecht Netherlands NL Army
GRND Andermatt   Switzerland Kommando Kompetenz Zentrum Gebirgsdienst
GRND Annlin / N.Pretoria   South Africa Active
GRND Anzio   Italy Active
GRND Aosta   Italy Active
GRND Argyroupoli   Greece IV Army Corps -23rd Armored Bde
GRND Arlon prov de Luxembourg Belgium Active
GRND Arnhem Province Gelderland Netherlands Closed / demolished
GRND Arvidsjaur   Sweden Active
GRND Asenovgrad   Bulgaria Active
GRND Assen Province Drente Netherlands NL Army
GRND Assiros   Greece 34th Mech Inf Bde
GRND Astorga . Spain Active
GRND Athens   Greece HNDGS HQ,
GRND Atyrau   Kazakhstan Active
GRND Avellino   Italy Active
GRND Baĺšavik Local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Bacau   Romania Active
GRND Badajoz . Spain Active
GRND Balearic Isles . Spain Active
GRND Ballarat VIC Australia Active
GRND Bandiana VIC Australia Active
GRND Banská Bystrica   Slovakia Active
GRND Baramulla Jammu India XV Corps/19 Inf Div
GRND Barcelona   Spain Active
GRND Bari   Italy Active
GRND Baronville prov. de Namur Belgium Closed
GRND Bastogne prov de Luxembourg Belgium Closed
GRND Batak   Bulgaria Active
GRND Batna   Algeria Active
GRND Beauvechain prov Brabant Wallon Belgium Active
GRND Bechar   Algeria Active
GRND Bechyně   Czech Republic Active
GRND Bejaia   Algeria Active
GRND Belene   Bulgaria Active
GRND Bellinzago Novara Italy Active
GRND Bellinzona   Switzerland Brigata Fanteria Montagna 9
GRND Bergamo (Orio al Serio) Bergamo Italy Active
GRND Bernhardzell   Switzerland Training area
GRND Berrimah NT Australia .Active
GRND Betera (NATO)   Spain Active
GRND Bethlehem   South Africa Active
GRND Beverlo prov. Vlaams Brabant Belgium Active
GRND Bière   Switzerland Infantry School
GRND Bishkek   Kyrgyzstan Active
GRND Blagoevgrad   Bulgaria Active
GRND Bleiburg Karnten Austria Goringer-kaserne
GRND Bloemfontein   South Africa Active
GRND Bludesch Nenzing Austria Jägerbataillon 23
GRND Boden Boden municipality Sweden Active
GRND Bologna   Italy Active
GRND Bolzano   Italy Active
GRND Borisov Local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Borås   Sweden Active
GRND Boussaâda/M'Sila   Algeria Active
GRND Brașov   Romania Active
GRND Bracciano   Italy Active
GRND Braila   Romania Active
GRND Brasschaat prov Antwerpen Belgium Active
GRND Bratislava Gen.Staff   Slovakia Active
GRND Breda Province Brabant Netherlands NL Army
GRND Breda Province Brabant Netherlands NL Army Para School
GRND Breda Log Province Brabant Netherlands NL Army Log
GRND Bregenz Vorarlberg Austria Inf Battalion
GRND Bremgarten   Switzerland Engineer Training School
GRND Brisbane QLD Australia Active
GRND Brugg   Switzerland Engineers NCO and basic training facility
GRND Brunico   Italy Active
GRND Bučovice   Czech Republic Active
GRND Bucharest garrison   Romania Active
GRND Budel Province Limburg Netherlands Closed.
GRND Bure   Switzerland Army barracks & training compound
GRND Burgos . Spain Active
GRND Buzău   Romania Active
GRND Cabarlah QLD Australia Active
GRND Caceres . Spain Active
GRND Calatayud   Spain Active
GRND Calcutta Punjab India 2x SA-2 msl site (empty)
GRND Camp Komakado Shizuoka Japan Active
GRND Camp Makomanai Sapporo Japan Active
GRND Camp Marche prov. de Luxembourg Belgium Active
GRND Camp Nayoro Hokkaido Japan Active
GRND Camp Obihiro Hokkaido Japan Active
GRND Camp Zama Kanagawa Japan Active
GRND Canberra ACT Australia Active
GRND Canungra QLD Australia Active
GRND Cape Town   South Africa Active
GRND Capua Caserta Caserta Italy Active
GRND Caracal   Romania Active
GRND Cartagena . Spain Active
GRND Casarsa della Delizia Pordenone Italy Active
GRND Castrillo del Val . Spain Active
GRND Cecchignola   Italy Active
GRND Centurion   South Africa Active
GRND Cesano   Italy Active
GRND Ceuta . Spain Active
GRND Chamblon   Switzerland VBA Inf 3
GRND Chandimandir   India HQ Western Cmd
GRND Chania   Greece 5 Airmob Bde
GRND Chios   Greece 96th NG Cmd
GRND Chrudim   Czech Republic Active
GRND Chur   Switzerland 12th Mtn Inf Bde
GRND Cikalang (army avn) Tasikmalaya Indonesia Active
GRND Cilodong W Java Indonesia Active
GRND Civitavecchia   Italy Active
GRND Cluj-Napoca   Romania Active
GRND Codogné Treviso Italy Closed
GRND Colmenar Viejo . Spain Active
GRND Colombier   Switzerland Inf NCO training
GRND Cornaux Neuchatel Switzerland Special fuel depot
GRND Craiova   Romania Active
GRND Cuneo   Italy Active
GRND Darwin (Palmerston) NT Australia Active
GRND De Aar   South Africa Active
GRND De Lier Province S-Holland Netherlands Joint Defense Telematica Org
GRND Delemont Jura Switzerland Military Depot
GRND Den Haag Province S-holland Netherlands NL Army
GRND Didimoteico thrace Greece 16th Mech Inf Div
GRND Diest prov. Oost Vlaandren Belgium Active
GRND Dombås   Norway Active
GRND Dos Hermanas . Spain Active
GRND Drama Macedonia Greece Active
GRND Drevjamoen   Norway Active
GRND Dunnottar   South Africa Active
GRND Durban   South Africa Active
GRND Ede Driesprong   Netherlands Storage complex
GRND Edessa   Greece 2nd Mech Inf Div
GRND El Bayadh radar   Algeria Active
GRND El Ferral del Bernesga . Spain Active
GRND El Higuerón . Spain Active
GRND El Pardo . Spain Active
GRND Elmas   Italy Active
GRND Emona   Bulgaria Active
GRND Engaru Hokkaido Japan Active
GRND Enkoping Enkoping Sweden Active
GRND Erimo Hokkaido Japan Active
GRND Ermelo Province Gelderland Netherlands NL Army
GRND Evere Brussels hoofdstedelijk gewest Belgium Active
GRND Falun   Sweden Active
GRND Feldbach Steiermark Austria 7 JBde; Aufklärungs-und Artilleriebataillon 7
GRND Feres   Greece 31 Mech Inf Bde
GRND Feuerthalen   Switzerland bunker
GRND Figueras . Spain Active
GRND Flawinne prov. de Namur Belgium Active
GRND Florești   Romania Active
GRND Focșani   Romania Active
GRND Fossano   Italy Active
GRND Frauenfeld   Switzerland Trsp Kdo 3
GRND Fredericia Fredericia Denmark Active
GRND Fuerteventura   Spain Active
GRND Fukushiyama Kyoto Japan Active
GRND Funabashi Tokio Japan Active
GRND Geneva   Switzerland Geneva Garrison
GRND Germiston   South Africa Active
GRND Giannitsa   Greece 2nd Army Corps - 34 Mech Inf Bde
GRND Glaubenberg   Switzerland Rifle range
GRND Gorizia   Italy Active
GRND Gotland Baltic sea Sweden Active
GRND Grahamstown   South Africa Active
GRND Granada . Spain Active
GRND Grobbendonk prov. de Liege Belgium Active
GRND Grodno local Belarus Active
GRND Grosseto . Italy Active
GRND Grossmittel Burgenland Austria Logistic ammo facility
GRND Grossmittel Burgenland Austria Armoured Inf Battalion 35
GRND Guardamar   Spain Active
GRND Gurez   India XV Corps/28 Mountain Div
GRND Haderslev   Denmark Active
GRND Hakodate Hokkaido Japan Active
GRND Halmstad Halmstad municipality Sweden Active
GRND Hamina   Finland Active
GRND Harzkamp Province Gelderland Netherlands NL Army
GRND Haskovo   Bulgaria Active
GRND Hatava complex Local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Hattula   Finland Active
GRND Havelte Province Drente Netherlands Demolished
GRND Heistadmoen . Norway Active
GRND Helsinki   Finland Active
GRND Hemvärnet (Home Guard) Stockholm Sweden Active
GRND Heverlee prov. Vlaams Brabant Belgium Active
GRND Hieflau Eisenerz Austria Army Main Ammo Storage
GRND Hilversum Province N-holland Netherlands Military Medical Training & Knowledge Center
GRND Hlohovec   Slovakia Active
GRND Hobart Tasmania Australia Active
GRND Hoek Van Holland Province S-holland Netherlands Former ETA troposcatter site
GRND Holstebro   Denmark Active
GRND Hoybuktmoen . Norway Active
GRND Hoyo de Manzanares . Spain Active
GRND HQ Army Rome   Italy Active
GRND Hranice   Czech Republic Active
GRND Hrodna Local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Huesca   Spain Active
GRND Huseby   Norway Active
GRND Høvelte   Denmark Active
GRND Igralice   Bulgaria Closed
GRND Innsbruck Tirol Austria Multiple units
GRND Ioannina   Greece Active
GRND Isone   Switzerland Army Barracks
GRND Itami Hyōgo Japan Active
GRND Jaca . Spain Active
GRND Jaipur   India HQ Southwestern Cmd. / 42 Arty Div
GRND Jankempdorp   South Africa Active
GRND Javali Nuevo . Spain Active
GRND Jince   Czech Republic Active
GRND Jindřichův Hradec,   Czech Republic Active
GRND Joetzu Niigata Japan Active
GRND Johannesburg   South Africa Active
GRND Jørstadmoen   Norway Active
GRND Kaisersteinbruch Niederösterreich Austria K-9 training center
GRND Kaita Hiroshima Japan Active
GRND Kajaani   Finland Active
GRND Kamifurano Hokkaido Japan Active
GRND Kangilinnguit Greenland Denmark Active
GRND Karkialampi   Finland Active
GRND Karlovo   Bulgaria Active
GRND Karlsborg Karlsborg Sweden Active
GRND Karratha WA Australia Active
GRND Kasuga Fukuoka Japan Active
GRND Kavala Kolpos Kavalas Greece 20 Armoured Div
GRND Kavyli Orestiada Greece 3 Mech Inf Bde
GRND Kazanlak   Bulgaria Active
GRND Kenes   Kyrgyzstan Closed
GRND Kensington   South Africa Active
GRND Khenchela   Algeria Active
GRND Kita Saitama Japan Active
GRND Klagenfurt Karnten Austria Active
GRND Klatovy   Czech Republic Active
GRND Kluang Johor Malaysia Active
GRND Komotini Thrace Greece 21 Armoured Bde
GRND Koren   Bulgaria Active
GRND Kos   Greece 80th NGC; EW radar
GRND Koy Tash Local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Kriens   Switzerland Inf Bde 4, Territorialregion 2
GRND Kroonstad   South Africa Active
GRND Kumamoto Kyushu Japan Active
GRND Kungsangen Upplands Bro municipality Sweden Active
GRND L'Aquila   Italy Active
GRND Labna Local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Ladysmith   South Africa Active
GRND Lagos   Greece 30th Mech Inf Bde
GRND Lamezia Terme Calabria Italy Active
GRND Landeck Tirol Austria Jägerbataillon 23
GRND Lappeenranta   Finland Active
GRND Larissa   Greece Active
GRND Las Palmas , Spain Active
GRND Lebedinka   Kyrgyzstan Active
GRND Lecce   Italy Active
GRND Leh Jammu & Kashmir India XIV Corps / 3rd Inf Div
GRND Lemnos   Greece 88 MC
GRND Leopoldsburg prov. Antwerpen Belgium Active
GRND Leopoldsburg prov. Antwerpen Belgium Active
GRND Lesbos   Greece 98 NG Cmd
GRND Levice   Slovakia Active
GRND Liberec   Czech Republic Active
GRND Lienz Tirol Austria Mtn Inf Battalion 24
GRND Linderud   Norway Active
GRND Linz-Ebelsberg Oberosterreich Austria Bde Cmd 4. Panzergrenadier Bde
GRND Lismore NSW Australia Active
GRND Litochoro   Greece 1st Army Corps - 24th Armored Bde
GRND Livorno   Italy Active
GRND Lohatla   South Africa Active
GRND Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India HQ Central Command
GRND Luunja   Estonia Active
GRND Lykofos   Greece 7th Mech Inf Bde
GRND Lyttelton   South Africa Active
GRND Maddaloni c Italy Active
GRND Madrid . Spain Terrestrial Forces Hq
GRND Malang E Java Indonesia Active
GRND Mantua   Italy Active
GRND Marche les Dames prov. de Namur Belgium Active
GRND Marines . Spain Active
GRND Martin   Slovakia Active
GRND Mautern Niederosterreich Austria Active
GRND Medkovets   Bulgaria Closed
GRND Meegomäe   Estonia Active
GRND Megara   Greece Active
GRND Melbourne VIC Australia Active
GRND Melilla . Spain Active
GRND Messina Sicily Italy Active
GRND Mestre   Italy Active
GRND Metabaru Saga Japan Active
GRND Michalovce   Slovakia Active
GRND Milan   Italy Active
GRND Mistelbach Niederosterreich Austria Recce Batallion 3
GRND Monte Ceneri   Switzerland Army barracks
GRND Monzalbarba   Spain Active
GRND Moorebank NSW Australia Active
GRND Morges   Switzerland Staff Tank Bde 1, Territorialregion 1
GRND Mosjøen - Drevjamoen   Norway Active
GRND Motta di Livenza   Italy Active
GRND Moudon   Switzerland Kdo Spit 41
GRND Mouillah Djelfa   Algeria Active
GRND Mtubatuba   South Africa Active
GRND Munguia . Spain Active
GRND Musachevo   Bulgaria Active
GRND Naboomspruit   South Africa Active
GRND Namur prov de Namur Belgium Active
GRND Nashik (VANR)   India Army Avn Training Center
GRND Nea Santa   Greece Active
GRND Nerima Tokio Japan Active
GRND Neuchlen/Gossau   Switzerland Infantry training facility
GRND New Delhi   India HQ Indian Army / Army Avn Corps
GRND Niinisalo   Finland Active
GRND Nur-Sultan . Kazakhstan Active
GRND Oakey QLD Australia Active
GRND Obejo   Spain Active
GRND Oirschot Province Brabant Netherlands NL Army
GRND Okadama Hokkaido Japan Active
GRND Oksbøl   Denmark Active
GRND Opava   Czech Republic Active
GRND Opicina Trieste   Italy Active
GRND Oran airdefence   Algeria Active
GRND Orange NSW Australia Active
GRND Osh Local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Osipovichi Local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Otar   Kazakhstan Active
GRND Oud-Heverlee prov. Vlaams Brabant Belgium Active
GRND Oudtshoorn   South Africa Active
GRND Ouled Fayed   Algeria Unknown
GRND Přáslavice   Czech Republic Active
GRND Padova Veneto Italy Active
GRND Paldiski   Estonia Active
GRND Palermo   Italy Active
GRND Palmanova   Italy Active
GRND Paracuellos de Jarama . Spain Active
GRND Parolannummi   Finland Active
GRND Perth NSW Australia Active
GRND Perth / Swanbourne WA Australia Active
GRND Phalaborwa   South Africa Active
GRND Piacenza   Italy Active
GRND Pietermaritzburg   South Africa Active
GRND Pinerolo   Italy Active
GRND Pinetown   South Africa Active
GRND Pistoia   Italy Active
GRND Pitești   Romania Active
GRND Pleven   Bulgaria Active
GRND Plovdiv   Bulgaria Active
GRND Polykastro   Greece 33rd Mech Inf Bde
GRND Pontevedra   Spain Active
GRND Pordenone   Italy Active
GRND Porrentruy   Switzerland Army barracks
GRND Porsangermoen   Norway Active
GRND Portogruaro   Italy Active
GRND Potchefstroom   South Africa Active
GRND Pozuelo de Alarcón . Spain Active
GRND Prostejov   Czech Republic Active
GRND Puckapunyal VIC Australia Active
GRND Puerto del Rosario   Spain Active
GRND Pune Maharashtra India HQ Southern Cmd / 41 Arty Div
GRND Pärnu   Estonia Active
GRND Radisjevo   Bulgaria Active
GRND Rakovnik   Czech Republic Active
GRND Ranchi Maharashtra India SA-3 btry
GRND Reghaia airdefence   Algeria Unknown
GRND Remanzacco U Italy Active
GRND Rena   Norway Active
GRND Rentina   Greece Active
GRND Revingehed Södra Sandby Sweden Active
GRND Rheinau   Switzerland Closed/only historical value
GRND Ried / Innkreis   Austria Active
GRND Rieti   Italy Active
GRND Rivera   Switzerland 10th Recon Det
GRND Rivoli   Italy Active
GRND Ródos   Greece 95th NG Cmd
GRND Romont   Switzerland ER CT 47
GRND Ronda . Spain Active
GRND Roosendaal Province Brabant Netherlands SF
GRND Rožňava   Slovakia Active
GRND Rukla   Lithuania Active
GRND Ruse   Bulgaria Active
GRND Ruzomberok   Slovakia Active
GRND Sabaudia LT Italy Active
GRND Sacile   Italy Active
GRND Salamanca . Spain Active
GRND Samos   Greece 79 NGC; EW radar
GRND San Clemente de Sasebas . Spain Active
GRND San Cristóbal de La Laguna   Spain Active
GRND San Fernando (Cadiz) . Spain Active
GRND San Sebastian . Spain Active
GRND Sandton   South Africa Active
GRND Santa Cruz de Tenerife , Spain Active
GRND Santovenia de Pisuerga . Spain Active
GRND Sari Shagan . Kazakhstan Closed
GRND Sassari   Italy Active
GRND Schaarsbergen Province Gelderland Netherlands NL Army
GRND Segovia . Spain Active
GRND Semarang (army avn) Java Indonesia Active
GRND Semey . Kazakhstan Closed
GRND Sered   Slovakia Active
GRND Sessvollmoen   Norway Active
GRND Setermoen   Norway Active
GRND Setnesmoen   Norway Active
GRND Sevilla . Spain Active
GRND Shimla Himachal Pradesh India HQ ATRAC
GRND Shinto Gunma Japan Active
GRND Shumen   Bulgaria Active
GRND Sidi Bel Abbès   Algeria Active
GRND Siena Siena Italy Active
GRND Siero . Spain Active
GRND Sighișoara   Romania Active
GRND Singleton NSW Australia Active
GRND Skive   Denmark Active
GRND Skjold   Norway Active
GRND Skredsvik Uddevalla Sweden Active
GRND Skövde Skövde municipality Sweden Active
GRND Slagelse Slagelse Denmark Active
GRND Sliven   Bulgaria Active
GRND Slobozia   Romania Active
GRND Slonim Local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Smolyan   Bulgaria Active
GRND Sodankylä   Finland Active
GRND Sora   Italy Active
GRND Soufli   Greece 50 Mech Inf Bde
GRND Spa prov. de Liege Belgium Active
GRND Spittal a Drau Kärnten Austria Jägerbataillon 26
GRND Springfield QLD Australia Active
GRND Srinagar   India XV Corps
GRND St Johann (Tirol) Tirol Austria 2 and 3 Mtn Inf Bataillon
GRND St Maurice   Switzerland 10th Mtn Inf Bde
GRND St Maurice   Switzerland Inf Bde 2
GRND St. Michael   Austria Active
GRND St. Pölten   Austria Active
GRND Stadl Paura Oberosterreich Austria Army Main Ammo Storage
GRND Steenwijk Province Overijsel Netherlands NL Army
GRND Stefanovikio   Greece Active
GRND Strass Steiermark Austria 7. Jägerbrigade - Jägerbataillon 17
GRND Svoboda   Bulgaria Active
GRND Swan Island VIC Australia Active
GRND Swartkop / Speskop   South Africa Active
GRND Sydney NSW Australia Active
GRND Säkylä   Finland Active
GRND Sønderborg S Denmark Denmark Active
GRND Tabor   Czech Republic Active
GRND Talern . Spain Active
GRND Tamsweg   Austria Inf bataillon Salzburg; Fliegerabwehrbataillon 3
GRND Tamworth NSW Australia Active
GRND Taourirt   Morocco Active
GRND Targoviste   Romania Active
GRND Târgu Mureş   Romania Active
GRND Tartu   Estonia Active
GRND Tauragė   Lithuania Active
GRND Taza   Morocco Active
GRND Tebessa radar   Algeria Unknown
GRND Terningmoen   Norway Active
GRND Thaba Tschwane   South Africa Active
GRND Thessaloniki   Greece SCNG; 308 BF
GRND Thessaloniki (NATO)   Greece HQ NATO RDF; 3rd Army Corps
GRND Thun   Switzerland Army barracks
GRND Thun   Switzerland Interservice EOD Center
GRND Tielen-Kasterlee prov. Antwerpen Belgium Active
GRND Tindouf airdefence   Algeria Active
GRND Tinfouchy   Algeria Active
GRND Tipaza   Algeria Active
GRND Tlemcen   Algeria Active
GRND Tokmok . Kyrgyzstan Active
GRND Tokushima Itano Japan Active
GRND Toledo . Spain Active
GRND Topoľčany   Slovakia Active
GRND Townsville QLD Australia Active
GRND Trebišov   Slovakia Acive
GRND Tremp . Spain Active
GRND Trencin HQ   Slovakia Active
GRND Trento   Italy Active
GRND Treviso   Italy Active
GRND Triboltingen 1 Thurgau Switzerland bunker
GRND Trud   Bulgaria Active
GRND Tsjernomorets   Bulgaria Deactivated
GRND Turin   Italy Active
GRND Tuusula   Finland Active
GRND Udhampur   India HQ Northern Cmd
GRND Udine   Italy Active
GRND Umeå Umeå municipality Sweden Active
GRND Upīškalns   Latvia Active
GRND Upington   South Africa Active
GRND Utrecht Province Utrecht Netherlands Centralized Army HQ
GRND Utsunomiya Tochigi Japan Active
GRND Utti   Finland Active
GRND Vadum Aalborg Denmark Active
GRND Vakulenchuk   Ukraine Closed
GRND Valancia . Spain Active
GRND Valencia . Spain Active
GRND Valladolid . Spain Active
GRND Varde   Denmark Active
GRND Vekaranjarvi   Finland Active
GRND Velestino   Greece 304 BF
GRND Venaria Reale To Italy Active
GRND Venzone U Italy Active
GRND Veroia   Greece Active
GRND Viator . Spain Active
GRND Vierhuizen Province Groningen Netherlands NL Army
GRND Villach Karnten Austria Pionierbataillon 1
GRND Vipiteno   Italy Active
GRND Volos   Greece Active
GRND Vordingborg   Denmark Active
GRND Võru   Estonia Active
GRND Vratsa   Bulgaria Active
GRND Vught Province Brabant Netherlands NL Army
GRND Vyškov   Czech Republic Active
GRND Walenstadt zurich Switzerland Army barracks
GRND Wallmansthal   South Africa Active
GRND Wals-Siezenheim (Salzburg)   Austria AD Bataillon 3; Engineers bataillon 2
GRND Waytuba (army avn) Sumatra Indonesia Active
GRND Weert Province Limburg Netherlands NL Army
GRND Weitra Niederösterreich Austria Panzerstabsbataillon 3, Lehrkompanie
GRND Wezep Province Gelderland Netherlands NL Army
GRND Wiener Neustadt   Austria Jagdkommando
GRND Winterthur   Switzerland Inf Bde 7; Tank Bde 11
GRND Woodside SA Australia Active
GRND Xanthi   Greece Hq IV Army Corps; 25 AB; 4 LSB
GRND Yagodovo   Bulgaria Closed
GRND Yambol   Bulgaria Active
GRND Yao Osaka Japan Active
GRND Yol H.Pradesh India 16 Army Corps/39 Inf Div
GRND Zaragosa   Spain Active
GRND Zaragosa . Spain Active
GRND Zaragosa (Base San Jorge) . Spain Active
GRND Zaslonovo local Belarus ACTIVE
GRND Zentsuji Kagawa Japan Active
GRND Zilina   Slovakia Active
GRND Zoutkamp Province Groningen Netherlands Active
GRND Zwijndrecht prov. Antwerpen Belgium Active
GRND Zwölfaxing Niederösterreich Austria Mech Inf Battalion 33
GRND Örnsköldsvik   Sweden Active
GRND Žatec   Czech Republic Active
GRND ´t Harde Province Gelderland Netherlands Deactivated
GRND-Afsariyeh   Iran SA-5 AD site
GRND-Ardabil   Iran Army garrison
GRND-Khandab   Iran Msl AD garrison
GRND-Tskhinvali local Georgia ACTIVE
GRND-Vakhtana local Georgia ACTIVE
GRND-Zarrinshahr   Iran Army complex
GRND/MED Leopoldsburg prov. Antwerpen Belgium Active
GRND/MED Lombardsijde prov. west Vlaandren Belgium Active
GRND/MED Marche en Famenne prov. de Luxembourg Belgium Active
GRND/MED Vilvoorde prov Vlaams Brabant Belgium Active
Guayaquil   Ecuador ATF 2 west
Gudauta   Georgia Army & Army Aviaton base
Guevercinlik   Turkey Army Aviation 1st Regt
Gushan   Taiwan Hawk msl site
Guzeljaya   Turkey EW radar site
Guzelyurt   Cyprus 39th Mech.Inf.Div ; Special Forces Regiment (Turkish)
Gweru   Zimbabwe EW searchradar
Güzelbahçe   Turkey Nike missile site
Gökçehüyük   Turkey Closed
Ha Banim   Israel Arrow II AD site
Hafar Al Batin   Saudi Arabia Army Aviation
Hagerstown 2 Maryland United States ACTIVE
Hakkari   Turkey Hakkari Mountain Warfare Commando Brigade
Halisa North Syria Early Warning radar
Hamadan   Iran Combined EW radar & Hawk missilesite
Hannoura   Syria SA-2 garrison
happy family store coupon code pharmacy Basse Terre Guadeloupe 41e BiMA; SAG
Harav   Azerbaijan Combined 36D6 EW radar and S-300P msl site
Hargeysa   Somalia EW radar site
Hasanabad   Iran SA-5 AD site
Hastal Fatehjang Pakistan SSM site
Havana   Cuba SAM garrison
Hawk 1   Singapore Hawk AD site
Hawk 2   Singapore Hawk AD site
Hawk 3   Singapore Hawk AD site
Hawk 4   Singapore Hawk AD site
Hawk AD msl sites   South Korea Hawks
Hawk BE Bad Driburg NRW Germany Closed
Hawk BE Brakel HQ N.S. Germany Closed
Hawk BE Diemelstadt NRW Germany Closed
Hawk BE Essentho N.R.W. Germany Closed
Hawk BE Flechtdorf HS Germany Closed
Hawk BE Freienhagen HS Germany Closed
Hawk BE Korbach HS Germany Closed
Hawk BE Tietelsen N.S. Germany Closed
Hawk BE Willebadessen N.R.W. Germany Closed
Hawk Camatte di Suzzara   Italy Closed
Hawk Castiglione di Cervia   Italy Closed
Hawk Conetta   Italy Closed
Hawk Fiorano di Codogno   Italy Closed
Hawk Fontanafredda   Italy Closed
Hawk GE Eversen NS Germany Former 2/31 Flarak
Hawk GE Lichtenmore NS Germany Former 2/35 Flarak
Hawk GE Maasholm Schleimunde S.H. Germany Former 1/39 Flarak
Hawk GE Nartum NS Germany Former 1/31 Flarak
Hawk GE Oyten NS Germany Former 3/31 Flarak
Hawk GE Rohr Bav Germany Former 2/34 Flarak
Hawk GE Sehestedt S.H. Germany Former 3/39 Flarak
Hawk GE Tolk SH Germany Former 4/39 Flarak
Hawk GE Waabs S.H. Germany Former 2/39 Flarak
Hawk GE Wachendorf NS Germany Former 4/35 Flarak
Hawk GE Westerbeck NS Germany Former 4/31 Flarak
Hawk GE Wettstetten Bav Germany Former US then GE Hawk then GE Patriot
Hawk GE Windbergen SH Germany Former 3/38 Flarak
Hawk GE Wittlohe NS Germany Former 1/35 Flarak
Hawk GE Wohlenhausen NS Germany Former 3/35 Flarak
Hawk Manerbio   Italy Closed
Hawk Marzanata di Trecenta   Italy Closed
Hawk Passano di Coriano   Italy Closed
Hawk Peseggia   Italy Closed
Hawk Placensis   Italy Closed
Hawk Poveliano Veronese   Italy Closed
Hawk S. Rocco di Longare   Italy Closed
Hawk San Dona   Italy Closed
Hawk San Giorgio Livenza ' Italy Closed
Hawk Terzo di Aquileia   Italy Closed
Hawk US Ansbach Bav. Germany Deactivated
Hawk US Bad Kissingen Bav. Germany Closed
Hawk US Balesfeld R.P. Germany Closed
Hawk US Dörnwasserlos Bav Germany Closed
Hawk US Finkenberg HS Germany Closed
Hawk US Friedberg - Ockstadt   Germany Closed
Hawk US Fulda   Germany Closed
Hawk US Geldersheim Bav Germany Closed
Hawk US Giessen-Hohe Warte RP Germany Closed.
Hawk US Grebenhagen HS Germany Closed
Hawk US Hanau HS Germany Closed
Hawk US Kleinlueder HS Germany Closed
Hawk US Massbach Bav. Germany Closed
Hawk US Semmelberg HS Germany Closed
Hawk US Wettstetten   Germany Closed
Hawk US Wildflecken HS Germany Closed
Hawk US Würzburg Bav Germany Closed
Hawk Valli Basse   Italy Closed
Hawk Zibello   Italy Closed
HDF Devecser   Hungary Active
HDF Szentes garrison   Hungary Active
Heer Müllheim BW Germany Aktiv
Heer Bad Reichenhall Bav. Germany Aktiv
Heer Daun RP Germany Aktiv
Heer Donaueschingen BW Germany Aktiv
Heer Dornstetten Bav Germany Closed
Heer Eschweiler NRW Germany Aktiv
Heer Sondershausen THU Germany FA/UA-Btl 1
Heer Stavenhagen MV Germany Logistikbataillon 142
Heer Tarp SH Germany Aufgelöst
Heer Zeithain   Germany Aktiv
Hejaz Central Jordan EW radarsite
Henry Post Army Airfield Oklahoma United States Active
Hidden bunker, Sufers Graubünden Switzerland Bunker 1937
Hidden gun tower/bunker, Furggels Sankt Gallen Switzerland Gun Tower/Bunker Tower
Hodeidah AD complex   Yemen SA-2 site
Holguin   Cuba EW radar
Holguin (N)   Cuba SA-2 AD msl site
Holguin Airpt (W)   Cuba SA-2 AD msl site
Honglanzhen Nanjing China HQ-2 airdef msl garrison and site
Houlong   Taiwan EW radar
Hrubiesow   Poland SF, 2 Recon Regt
Hu Cun Zhuang Beijing China HQ-9 msl garrison
Hualien   Taiwan Combinded EW and Hawk site
Hulne Priory Northumberland United Kingdom Closed
Huovinrinne garrison   Finland Pori Bde
Ibarra   Ecuador ATF 1 north
IDF Camp Shraga North Israel 1st Inf Bde
IDF Kiryat Shmona (LLKS) North Israel IDF Army Aviation - Civil
IDF Mitzpe Ramon South Israel IDF Army Aviation
Ilo   Peru SA-3 garrison
Ilo Site A   Peru SA-3 battery
Ilo site B   Peru SA-3 battery
Incheon Inchon Island South Korea AD msl site
Isla de Margarita   Venezuela EW radar; comms facility
Izabelin   Poland SA-3 garrison
Izmit   Turkey US/Turkish Army. Closed
Jacovo   Serbia 3x SA-6 msl site
Jalandhar Punjab India 11 Army Corps. 23 AB, 55 MB
Jaruga   Cuba SA-2 AD msl site
Jemiscan   Azerbaijan 2 sites under construction
Jervedan   Iran HQ-2 SAM AD site
Jhelum Jhelum Pakistan SSM site
Jiali   Taiwan Hawk msl site
Jiguani   Cuba SA-2 AD msl site
Jinshan   Taiwan Hawk msl site
Jizzakh   Uzbekistan HQ Army Central Military District
Johnston Atoll Pacific United States Minor Outlying Islands Closed
JOINT FORCE Riga   Latvia Active
JOINT HQ Stockholm Stockholm Sweden Active
JOINT Jåtta   Norway Active
Jrashen   Armenia Closed
Ju nan   Taiwan Hawk msl site
Juzzak (OP35)   Pakistan Closed
Kabul SAM sites   Afghanistan SA-2 AD site
Kahuta   Pakistan Crotale AD site
Kalavad Gujarat India EW radarsite
Kalgol Lyong   North Korea IRBM
Kalulushi   Zambia EW searchradar
Kamthi Maharashtra India HQ Bde of Guards Inf Regt
Karlovac garrison   Croatia Army CmdHQ
Karnut   Armenia S-300V site & garrison
Karshi   Uzbekistan HQ Army Southwest Special Military District
Kashan   Iran HQ-2 SAM AD site
Kayseri   Turkey 2nd Army - 1st Commando Bde
Keşan   Turkey 1st Army/2nd Corps/102 Arty Regt
Keşan, Edirne   Turkey 1st Army/2nd Corps, 4MIB
Keuruu garrison   Finland Engineers Regt
Khachaghbyur   Armenia 2 Army Corps
Kharizak   Iran Hawk AD site
Khowli   Iran EW radarsite
Khumrah   Saudi Arabia Patriot AD site
Khumrah   Saudi Arabia Hawk AD site
Kigoma   Tanzania EW searchradar
Kilanas   Brunei Rapier AD site (nonops)
Kildare   Ireland DFTC; ARW, ACS, ADR
Kilkenny   Ireland 1st S Bde
Kilworth   Ireland IDF Training area
Kimara   Tanzania SA-3 AD site
King Abdul Aziz military college   Saudi Arabia Army
Kiriyat Sarah   Israel Patriot AD site
Kisangani   Congo (Kinshasa) 1 IB
Kish Isl   Iran EW radar site
Kish PR   Iran Kish radar & troposcatter comms site
Kitona   Congo (Kinshasa) 2 IB
Kittae Ryong   North Korea IRBM
Kitunda   Tanzania SA-3 AD site
Knin garrison   Croatia Motorized inf Bde + suppt.
Kočevska Reka (Škrilj)   Slovenia SF
Kolar   India Green Pine BMEW site
Kontioranta garrison   Finland North Karelia Bde
Korla Xinjiang China EW radar facility
Kragujevac   Serbia Army SA-6 garrison
Kraljevo   Serbia 2 Bde
Kranj   Slovenia Log Bde
Kreuzlingen, historic tank barriers   tank barriers
Krosno Odrzańskie   Poland 17 Mech Bde sub unit
Kruševac   Serbia NBC Batn
Krymka   Ukraine Combined 64N6 EW radarsite / S-300PS AD site
Kuh el Genou   Iran EW radarsite
Kuh el Karun   Iran EW radarsite
Kuleh Sanghi   Iran EW radar site
Kumasi   Ghana Northern Cmd, 4 IB, 2 Sig Sqn, 2 MT Coy, 2 Fd Wksp, 2 Fd Amb, 2 FOC
Kurdexani   Azerbaijan SA-2 AD site
Kurmuk Blue Nile Province Sudan Sudan People's Liberation Army Camp
Kusŏng   North Korea IRBM
Kyurdamir   Azerbaijan SAM garrison and 36D6 EW radarsite
Kyurdamir   Azerbaijan SA-3 AD site
Labraq   Libya SAM garrison
Ladd Army Airfield Alaska United States ACTIVE
Lahti garrison   Finland Lahti Hame Regt
Laitkor Peak   India Troposcatter comms site
Lajas Puerto Rico United States Aerostat EW site
Lâm Đồng   Vietnam former troposcatter commolink
Lamego   Portugal Army, Special Forces
Langfang Beijing China S-300PMU-1 AD site
Laomei   Taiwan EW radar
Lapraka   Albania Air station
Leesburg 5 Pennsylvania United States Closed
Lemberan   Azerbaijan SA-3 site
Leskovac   Serbia 4 Bde
Leznica-Wielka   Poland Army Aviation
Liaoyang Shenyang China Joint forces base (AA, PLAAF)
Lidzbark Warmiński   Poland SF, 9 Recon Regt
Liedekerke prov. Vlaams Brabant Belgium Active
Limerick   Ireland RDF S Bde
Lin Yuan   Taiwan TK-II msl system site
Linkou   Taiwan Hawk msl site
Linkou   Taiwan deactivated
Lisboa   Portugal Joint Mil Intel & Security Center
Liu Bintuncun Beijing China S-300PMU-1 AD site
Liuhechen Beijing China S-300PMU-1 AD site
Lixianchen Beijing China S-300 garrison
Llemela   Tanzania EW searchradar
Long Binh   Vietnam Former HQ II FFV, HQ 1 Avn Bde
Long Jin   Taiwan TK-II flight control radar
Long Jin   Taiwan Hawk msl site
Losey Army Airfield Puerto Rico United States SEE 7.Puerto Rico ArNG
Losone   Switzerland Closed 1973
Lučko   Croatia SOF; TOPC
Luanda   Angola Active
Lubango regional AD   Angola SA-3 sites
Lubliniec   Poland Army Special Forces
Luftwaffe Hoher Bogen Bav. Germany Closed
Luftwaffe Mendig RP Germany Aufgelöst
Luftwaffe Todendorf SH Germany Aufgelöst
Lusakunk   Armenia SA-3 AD site
Lüllingen NRW Germany Closed
Ma' Rib AD complex   Yemen SA-3 misiile site
Mackall Army Airfield N.Carolina United States Active
Mad Juma (OP13)   Pakistan Closed
Magwe (VY02)   Myanmar Joint mil/civ airfield
Mahmudlu   Azerbaijan SA-3 site
Mahya Dağı Mtn   Turkey EW radarsite
Malatya   Turkey Army Aviation 2nd Regt
Malir Karachi Pakistan AADCOM
Malkara   Turkey 1st Army/5 Corps/95 ABde
Mallour Haryana India SA-2 AD site
Malongo   Angola Active
Mamak   Turkey 4th Army Corps, Trn Div
Mangla Mangla Pakistan AADCOM
Mangnee   Pakistan SSM site
Manzariyeh Army Aviation   Iran Active
Maputo   Mozambique SA-3 AD sites
Maputo   Mozambique SA-2 AD sites
Maputo   Mozambique SAM garrison
Maputo   Mozambique EW radarsite
Mara   Tanzania EW searchradar and SA-3 AD site
Maribor garrison   Slovenia 72 Bde Cmd + sub units
Marmaris peninsula   Turkey Nike missile site
Marqab   Syria SA-3 site
Martlesham Heath Suffolk United Kingdom Closed
Masan   South Korea Masan Ammo Depot
Masham   Yemen SA-6 garrison & missile site
Massawa sector   Eritrea Missile defences
Mazar   Jordan Hawk AD missile site
Mazar-i-Sharif SAM site   Afghanistan SA-3 AD site
MD Chili   Greece airdef msl site
MD Michaniona   Greece airdef msl site
MD Pefka   Greece airdef msl site
MD Ródos   Greece SA-8 garrison
MD Skaramagkas   Greece airdef msl site
MED Bruxelles Région de Bruxelles-Capitale Belgium Active
MED Nivelles prov. Brabant Wallon Belgium Active
Meerut Uttar Pradesh India 11 Corps, 9 Inf Div
Megiddo (LLMG) North Israel IDF Army Aviation - Civil
Mene de Mauroa   Venezuela EW radar
Menongue   Angola Military airfield
Międzyrzecz   Poland HQ 17 Mech Bde
Miaogu Cun Penglai China S-300PMU-2 AD site
Minas   Uruguay Brigada de Infantería N°4
Minas Gerais   Brazil EW radar
Mingechevir   Azerbaijan SA-2 AD sites
Mioli Mtn   Taiwan EW radar
Mishkovo Pohorilove   Ukraine 64N6 EW radarsite
Misratah   Libya Army compound & SAM garrison
Misratah   Libya Missile training & firing range
Misratah missile airdefence   Libya SA-3 msl battery
Mitta Gadanki   India HAARP radar
Mkokolodi   Botswana EW radar
Mladenovac   Serbia AD missile site
Moçâmedes   Angola Active
Mocha   Yemen SA-2 garrison & missile site
MoD Corsham Wiltshire United Kingdom Closed
MoD Fort Staddon Plymouth United Kingdom Closed
Mont Août Champagne Ardenne France USAF Closed. French Army comms.
Monte Cano   Venezuela EW radar
Montevideo   Uruguay Brigada "Gral. Eugenio Garzón" de Infantería N°1
Montevideo   Uruguay Centro de Instrucción de Infantería ; Brigada de Infantería N°5
Montevideo   Uruguay Regimiento
Moquegua airfield   Peru Army Aviation School
Mormond Hill Scotland United Kingdom Closed
Moron   Cuba SA-2 AD msl site
Mossy Hill Shetland Islands United Kingdom Closed
Mount Aricha   Israel EW radar site
Mount Meron   Israel Mt Meron EW radar site
Mtwara   Tanzania EW searchradar
Mtwara airport   Tanzania EW searchradar &SA-3 AD site
Mughni   Armenia SA-2 AD site
Muir airfield - Ft Indiantown Gap Pennsyslvania United States SEE 7.Pennsylvania state ArNG
Mumbai Maharashtra India EW garrison & radar
Murrat Side Bilal Barracks   Libya Training compound
Murska Sobota   Slovenia Suppt Batn
Musudon Ri   North Korea IRBM
Muxtar   Azerbaijan SA-4 AD battery
Myeik Myeik Myanmar Joint mil/civ airfield
Myrnyi   Ukraine SA-3 AD site
Nain mil (OI05)   Iran Army aviation and HQ-2 msl site
Nalayh AD   Mongolia SA-2 AD site
Namibe regional AD   Angola SA-3 missile site
Nan Shao Zhen Beijing China S-300P Airdef msl garrison
Nan Zhuang Cun Guangdong China HQ-2 garrison and msl site
Nashik   India IAF Troposcatter comms link
Nashim Sahr   Iran HQ-2 SAM AD site
Nasir Abad   Iran Hawk AD site
NATO Alvisopoli Venezia Italy Closed
NATO Baraque de Fraiture prov de Luxembourg Belgium Closed
NATO Case Colombara   Italy Closed
NATO Chiarano Treviso Italy Closed
NATO Euskirchen RP Germany ZGeoBw ; NATO Satcom
NATO Kester prov. Vlaams Brabant Belgium Active
NATO Kollemorten   Denmark Closed
NATO Lille North France French (NATO) Rapid Reaction Force HQ
NATO Orsago Treviso Italy Closed
NATO San Bernardo   Italy Closed
NATO Schinnen Province Limburg Netherlands Reactivated
NATO Schoonhoven Province S-holland Netherlands Demolished
NATO Sciaves -Bressanone North Italy Closed
NATO Solbiate Olona Lombardy Italy Active
NATO Strassbourg Alsace France NATO Eurocorps
NATO Tormeno Vicenza Italy Active
Nawa   Syria SA-6 msl site
Nazirli   Azerbaijan SA-3 site
NE of Shoufong   Taiwan EW radar
Nerkin-Getasjen   Armenia SA-3 AD site & garrison
New York state ArNG New York United States ACTIVE
Nicosia airport   Cyprus UN base
Niergnies Pas de Calais France Civil
Nike AD Bergsaesen . Norway Closed
Nike AD Nes   Norway Closed
Nike AD Trogstad   Norway Closed
Nike AD Valer   Norway Closed
NIKE Anchorage area Alaska United States Closed
Nike Bagnoli di Sopra PD Italy Closed
NIKE Baltimore area Maryland (DC) United States Closed
Nike BE Blankenheim N.R.W Germany Closed
Nike BE Düren/Drove N.R.W Germany Closed
Nike BE Euskirchen N.R.W Germany Closed
Nike BE Hinsbeck NRW Germany Demolished
Nike BE Hombroich N.R.W. Germany Museum
Nike BE Kappellen NRW Germany Closed
Nike BE Kaster NRW Germany Closed
Nike BE Xanten NRW Germany Closed
NIKE Boston area Massachusetts United States Closed
Nike Bovolone VR Italy Closed
Nike Ca´tron Treviso Italy Closed
Nike Ceggia VE Italy Closed
NIKE Chicago area Illinois United States Closed
Nike Chioggia VE Italy Closed
NIKE Cincinnati-Dayton air defense area Ohio United States Closed
NIKE Cleveland airdefense Ohio United States Closed
NIKE Connecticut (Bridgeport) area Conecticut United States Closed
NIKE Connecticut (Hartford) Area Connecticut United States Closed
NIKE Fairbanks area Alaska United States Closed
NIKE Fairchild area Washington United States Closed
NIKE Florida area Florida United States Closed
Nike GE 21/2 Möhnesee NRW Germany Deactivated; converted Patriot. Closed
Nike GE 21/3 Holzwickede NRW Germany Deactivated;converted Patriot;closed.
Nike GE 21/4 Datteln NRW Germany Deactivated; converted Patriot; closed
Nike GE 21/4 Datteln NRW Germany Deactivated;converted Patriot; closed
Nike GE 22/1 Oedingen NRW Germany Deactivated; converted Patriot; closed
Nike GE 22/3 Waldbröl NRW Germany Deactivated; converted Patriot;closed
Nike GE 22/4 Marienheide   Germany Deactivated;closed
Nike GE 22/St /2 Grp Burbach RP Germany Deactivated; converted Patriot; closed.
Nike GE 24/1 Elsfleth NS Germany Closed
Nike GE 24/2 Schönemoor NS Germany Horse training facility
Nike GE 24/3 Westerscheps NS Germany Closed
Nike GE 24/4 Syke NS Germany Closed
Nike GE 26/1 Hohenkirchen NS Germany Demolished
Nike GE 26/2 Rodenkirchen NS Germany Closed
Nike GE 26/3 Wiesmoor NS Germany Closed
Nike GE 26/4 Dornum NS Germany Industrial complex
NIKE Hanford nuc production site Washington United States Closed
NIKE Kansas area Kansas United States Closed
NIKE Los Angeles area CA United States Closed
NIKE Louisiana Louisiana United States Closed
NIKE Maine area Maine United States Closed
NIKE Mississippi Texas United States Closed
Nike NL Erle N.R.W. Germany Closed
Nike NL Vörden Wittefeld N.S. Germany Closed
NIKE Providence area Rhode Island United States Closed
NIKE Robins area Georgia United States Closed
NIKE San Francisco area California United States Closed
NIKE Seatlle area Washington United States Closed
NIKE South Dakota area S Dakota United States Closed
NIKE Texas (Bergstrom) area TX United States Closed
NIKE Texas (Dyess) area Texas United States Closed
NIKE Travis area California United States Closed
NIKE Turner area Georgia United States Closed
Nike US 1/67 Griesheim HS Germany Closed
Nike US 1/67 Hardheim B.W. Germany Closed.
Nike US 2/1 Dichtelbach RP Germany Closed
Nike US 2/56 Geinsheim RP Germany Closed
Nike US 2/56 Oberauerbach RP Germany Closed
Nike US 2/56 Salzwoog RP Germany Closed
Nike US 3/71 Sachsenheim B.W. Germany Demolished.
Nike US 3/71 Wurmberg B.W. Germany Closed
Nike US 4/6 Balesfeld Erntehof RP Germany Closed
Nike US 4/6 Brimingen RP Germany Closed
Nike US 4/6 Hontheim RP Germany Closed
Nike US 4/6 Weischbillig RP Germany Closed
Nike US 5/1 Quirnheim RP Germany Closed
Nike US 5/6 Schonborn RP Germany Closed
Nike US Arnshofen   Germany Closed
Nike US Kemel   Germany Closed
Nike US Schöneck   Germany Demolished
NIKE Virginia area VA United States Closed
NIKE Walker air defense area New Mexico United States Closed
NIKE Washington DC area DC United States Closed
NIKE Wisconsin area Wisconsin United States Closed
Nikopol   Ukraine 64N6 EW radarsite
Nis   Serbia SA-6 msl site
Niš   Serbia Mixed Arty Bde
Niš   Serbia Paratroopers
Nombakele   Gabon 1 RGB
North of Lusaka   Zambia SA-3 AD site
North of Mogadishu   Somalia SA-2 AD site
Northwest of Harare   Zimbabwe EW searchradar
Nova Gorica   Slovenia Territorial Regt
Novi Sad   Serbia 1 Bde; River Flotilla
Novo Mesto   Slovenia Territorial Regt
Nubarashen   Armenia 1 SF Regt
Nukus   Uzbekistan HQ Army Northwest Military District
Obrenovac   Serbia SA-3 msl site
Offenburg/Waltersweier Offenburg Germany Closed
Ortaköy   Turkey 1st Army, 2nd Corps 18MIB
Oulu garrison   Finland HQ Army Northern Cmd and subordinate units
Ovacik   Syria SA-2 msl site
Overseas (NI) Nouméa New Caledonia France SAG - Sections Aériennes de Gendarmerie / French Military Police - Airbase
Overseas (NI) Noumea New Caladonia France RiMAP - Nouvelle-Calédonie
Overseas - Djibouti Djibouti France 5e RIAOM
Overseas - Mayotte Mayotte France FAZSOI; DLEM
Overseas - French Guyana/Cayenne French Guyana France Active
Overseas - French Guyana/Kourou French Guyana France Active
Overseas - Martinique/Ft Desaix Martinique France Active
Overseas - Reunion/Pierrefonds Reunion France Active
Pınarbaşı   Cyprus Army Aviation (Turkish)
Palmahim   Israel Patriot AD site
Palmahim   Israel Arrow II AD site
Panagarh airfield W Bengal India Joint mil/civ airfield
Pancevo   Serbia SA-3 msl site
Pancevo   Serbia Special Bde
Pang Ghi   Myanmar EW radar
Pasacaballo   Cuba SA-2 AD msl site
Patiala Punjab India Signals -EW radar garrison
Patriot AD site   Saudi Arabia Patriot AD site
Patuca   Ecuador 21st JIB
Payegah   Iran SA-5 AD site
Pervomaisk   Ukraine S-300P SAM garrison
Petrinja garrison   Croatia Motorized Inf Bde Suppt
Phillips Army Airfield Maryland United States Active
Phu Lam former Saigon Vietnam US Army Troposcatter comms
Pinar del Rio   Cuba SAM garrison
Pingtung   Taiwan EW radar
Pinosava   Serbia SA-3 msl site & garrison
Pirinclick   Turkey Troposcatter site 106
Plodove   Ukraine S-300PS AD site
Pogorzelica   Poland SA-5 msiile site
Port Sudan   Sudan SA-2 garrison
Port Sudan-north   Sudan SA-2 AD site
Port Sudan-south   Sudan SA-2 AD site
Port Sudan-west   Sudan SA-2 AD site
Porto Romano   Albania EW radar
Poti   Georgia SA-3 airdef msl site3 & garrison
Prince Hassan AD units   Jordan Hawk AD missile sites covering PH airbase
Prokuplje   Serbia 3 Bde
Pruszcz Gdanski   Poland Army Aviation
Przezchlebie   Poland SA-3 battery
Pyongyang region EW radar   North Korea EW radar sites
Qasr al Halabad North Jordan Hawk garrison
Qom underground facility . Iran Active
Quartier Brière de l'Isle Djibouti France Active
Quaser Ben Ghashir AD   Libya SA-2 msl site
Quasimli   Azerbaijan SA-4 AD site
Queluz   Portugal 1 AD Regt
Qui Nhon   Vietnam former US Army 40th Signal Btn
Quito   Ecuador ATF 4 central
Quzanli   Azerbaijan SA-3 Ad site
Radar Ponte de la Plaine Morte Graubünden Switzerland Radar site
Radar skyguide Lägern   Switzerland Skyguide
Radianska Ukraina   Ukraine SAM garrison
RADIO Grimeton   Sweden Closed
RADIO Rudasandern   Sweden Active
RAF Stenigot Lincolnshire United Kingdom Closed
Rajoori Jammu Kashmir India 16 AC, 25 MID
Rapier 2000 airdefence missile sites   Turkey Rapier local AD sites
Ras el Halil   Iran Msl AD btry
Ras el Halil   Iran Msl AD btry
Ras Tanura   Saudi Arabia Shahine SHORAD msl site
Revne   Ukraine S-300PT AD site
Rishehr   Iran Hawk Ad site
RN - US Navy Holy Loch Scotland United Kingdom Closed
RNZA Christchurch   New Zealand 2/4 RNZIR
RNZA Dunedin   New Zealand 2/4 RNZIR
Rodnykivka   Ukraine S-300V AD site
Rohan   Ukraine 64N6 EW radarsite
Romankiv   Ukraine S-300PT AD site
Rovaniemi garrison   Finland LADR
Rozewie   Poland SA-3 battery
Rozhivka   Ukraine S-300PT AD site
Rumangabo   Congo (Kinshasa) 7 IB
Ruvuma   Tanzania EW searchradar & SA-3 AD site
Ruwais   United Arab Emirates Ruwais AD complex
S of Nanshang   Myanmar Army garrison
SA-15 missile sites   Iran SA-15 AD msl site
SA-2 airdefences   North Korea SA-2 missile sites
SA-2 site   Angola nonops
SA-2 site   Angola nonops
SA-2 sites (all nonops)   Angola nonops
SA-5 airdefences   North Korea SA-5 missile sites
SA-6 AD missile sites   Iran SA-6 AD sites
Sabha EW radar   Libya EW radar & comms site
Sabha missile defences   Libya SA-3 airdefence site
Sabic   Saudi Arabia EW radar and AD site
Sahat   Libya SA-2 battery
Sakseon   South Korea Closed
Sakseon-ri   South Korea Closed
Salto   Uruguay Brigada de Infantería N°3
Salua   India Troposcatter comms site
SAM garrison   Singapore SAM garrison
Samandira   Turkey 2nd Army Corps Army aviation 4th Regt
San He Hebei China FM-90 msl garrison and site
San Jose/Tarlac City   Philippines 703 Agila Bde
San Julian   Cuba EW radar
San Julian (SW)   Cuba SA-2 AD msl site
San Pedro Hwy Strip   Cuba SA-6 garrison
Sanaa AD sites   Yemen SA-2 missile sites
Santa Margarida   Portugal MIB
Santaclara AD complex   Cuba Santaclara AD complex
Santiago de Cuba   Cuba SA-3 AD msl site
Sao Rafael   Brazil 3 Div. Met. Reg. radar
Sauce Viejo Santa Fe Argentina Army aviation
Savar garrison   Bangladesh Area Cmd + subordinate units
SEA Hårsfjärden Haninge/Berga Sweden Active
Seongnam airbase / K-16 US army base   South Korea Combined base
Serra da Carregueira   Portugal Army, Commando Troops Center
Serur   Azerbaijan 36D6 EW site
Sevastopol   Ukraine S-300P SAM garrison
Sever Anadyr (Yukon)   Russia unknown
Sever Chernoostovsk (Emkost)   Russia unknown
Sever Magadan (Drakon)   Russia unknown
Sever Rassvet (Gorkii)   Russia unknown
Sever Salekhard (Chaika)   Russia unknown
Sever Ust-Maya (Kair)   Russia Unknown
Sever X Karaul   Russia unknown
Sever X Vorontsovo   Russia unknown
Sevoke heliport W Bengal India Army Aviation
SF-Dushanbe local Tajikistan ACTIVE
Shahine   Saudi Arabia Hawk AD site
Shahr el Quod   Iran HQ-2 SAM AD site
Shanghai Lu Chaogang Shen China S-300PMU-1 AD site
Shanjhi   Taiwan EW radar
Sharak Hakimiyeh   Iran Hawk battery
Sharurah   Saudi Arabia EW radar site
Shijak   Albania SA-2 AD site
Shkoder   Albania Shkoder garrison
Siaogang   Taiwan Hawk msl site
Sidi Yahia   Morocco Army Comms Garrison
Siegenburg Bav. Germany Aufgelöst
SIGINT - Carnarvon WA Australia Closed
SIGINT - Groote Eylandt NT Australia Demolished
SIGINT AT Mutzig Alsace France 44e RT, DGSE, Echelon
SIGINT Burum Province Friesland Netherlands Active
SIGINT Domme Perigord France Army, DGSE, Echelon
SIGINT Eemnes Province Utrecht Netherlands Active
SIGINT Faludden Gotland Sweden Active
SIGINT Folhammar Gotland Sweden Active
SIGINT Giens Côte d'Azur France DAT
SIGINT Holterhoek Province Gelderland Netherlands Active
SIGINT Les Alluets le Roi Paris France Army, DGSE, Echelon
SIGINT Rorhbach-lès-Bitche Moselle France ACEHigh closed. SIGINT DSGE
SIGINT Shidao island complex   China Large SIGINT facility
SIGINT Wakkanai Hokkaido Japan Active
SIGINT Xiangwan - Kumul area   China SIGINT multiple facilities
Sihu   Taiwan deactivated
Siirt   Turkey 2nd Army - 3rd Commando Bde
SIMU Coëtquidan Bretagne France Large ammo storage
SIMU Connantray Marne France Ammo storage
SIMU Miramas Bouches-du-Rhône France ammo storage
SIMU Salbris Centre France Ammo storage
SIMU Sedzère Aquitaine France Ammo storage
Sindian   Taiwan Patriot AD site
Singarsi   India troposcatter communication
Sinj garrison   Croatia Motorized Inf Bde Suppt
Sinop (the Hill)   Turkey Closed/demolished
Sinop airfield   Turkey Closed; Civil local airpt
Sirte Army Compound   Libya Mechanized Infantry, PC and SF Batns.
Sirte missile defences   Libya SA-3 missile site
Sjevsjenko   Ukraine SAM garrison
Slunj garrison   Croatia Motorized Inf Bde Suppt
Smederovo   Serbia AD msl site
South of Hargeysa   Somalia SA-2 AD site
South of Lusaka   Zambia SA-3 AD site
Srinagar   India Indian - Russian network
Stare Kiejkuty Warminsko-Mazurskie Poland Polish Army Intelligencet Service
Stare Kiejkuty Warminsko Mazurskie Poland Polish army base used for CIA black ops.
Stepanakert   Azerbaijan SAM garrison
Streator Illinois United States Closed
Stryi   Ukraine S-300V SAM garrison
Stupno   Poland SA-3 battery
Su Ao   Taiwan Hawk msl site
Sukth   Albania Empty SA-2 AD site
Suloglu   Turkey 1st Army. 2nd Corps, 55MIB
Sumquayit complex   Azerbaijan 36D6 EW radarsite
Sunyani   Ghana Northern Cmd, 3 IB, 2 ARS
Susakend   Azerbaijan SA-3 AD site
Swietoszow   Poland 10 Armored Cavalry Brigade
Szymany airfield   Poland Airfield used for CIA operations
Tabora   Tanzania EW searchradar
Tabqa missile defences   Syria SA-2 msl btry
Tabriz AD complex   Iran Hawk batteries
Taif   Saudi Arabia Army, Signal Corps; Infantry Corps
Taipei   Taiwan Patriot AD site
Taiz AD complex   Yemen SA-2 msl sites
Takoradi   Ghana Southern Cmd, 2 IB
Tamale   Ghana Northern Cmd, 6 IB, ABF
Tancos   Portugal Army Rapid Reaction Bde; Paratrooper School; Army Aviation
Tanga   Tanzania EW searchradar
Tanrykulular   Azerbaijan SA-2 AD sites
Tartus missile defense   Syria SA-2 garrison & site
Tashkent   Uzbekistan HQ Army Tashkent Military District
Tasil   Syria SA-6 msl site
Taucherübungsplatz Starnberg Bavaria Germany Aktiv
Tay Ninh   Vietnam Former US Army 196th Inf Bde
Tazian PR   Iran Troposcatter comms endstation
Tblisi   Georgia 36D6 EW radarsite
Tblisi   Georgia SAM garrison
TDM Iskandar Camp Johor Malaysia Army Special Forces
TDM Pulau Pinang Pulau Malaysia Army garrison
Tema   Ghana Southern Cmd, 1 IB
Tepke   Kyrgyzstan Closed
Thane Maharashtra India EW garrison & radarsite
Thoise Jammu & Kashmir India Airbase & garrison
Thol Gujarat India EW radarsite
Tiger Hill Darjeeling India Troposcatter commolink
Tilla Jogian Islamabad Pakistan SSM site
Tindouf radar area control   Ukraine EW area and AD control radarsites
Tirana   Albania SA-2 AD msl site
Tirosh   Israel Arrow II AD site
Tiyas missile defence   Syria SA-3 msl site
Tlalim   Israel Missile training complex
Tobruk missile defence   Libya SA-2 msl battery
Tomaszow Mazowiecki   Poland 25 ACB;
Tongchŏn   North Korea EW site
Tõõrakõrve   Estonia Closed
Tragamin   Poland EW radar site
Tripoli AD garrisons   Libya SA-3 garrison
Tripoli AD missile batteries   Libya SA-2 msl battery
Troposcatter Catenzaro Calabria Italy Closed
Troposcatter Dosso dei Galli   Italy Closed
Troposcatter Lame di Concordia Venice Italy Closed
Tsiteliubani Georgia Georgia SA-3 msl site & EW radar
Tskhinvali South Ossetia Georgia Army base
Tunceli   Turkey 3rd Army ; 4th Cdo Bde
Turkan   Azerbaijan Combined EW radar site SA-2 AD site
Udbina   Croatia Motorized Inf Bde Suppt
Uiutne   Ukraine 36D6 EW radarsite
Ulsan   South Korea Troposcatter commolink
Uman   Ukraine S-300V SAM garrison
Umraniye   Turkey Hawk missile site
Urayfij   Saudi Arabia Hawk AD site
Ureki   Georgia Army aviation (Helicopters)
US Hawk Missile Site, Annerod - Giessen, Germany HS Germany Closed
US Yongsan garrison   South Korea EUSA; IMCOM and others
USAF - Turner Georgia United States Closed
USAF Hellenikon   Greece Closed
USAF MACE site 8 R.P. Germany Closed
USAF Myrtle Beach S.Carolina United States Closed
USAF San Vito Air Station South Italy Closed
USAF- Sampson New York United States Closed
USAFE Weilerbach RP Germany Closed
USAr - Buckingham comms facility Virginia United States ACTIVE
USAr - Charlotteville 2 comms facility Virginia United States ACTIVE
USAr - Chatham comms facility N Carolina United States ACTIVE
USAr - Davidsonville comms facillity Maryland United States ACTIVE
USAr / NATO Longare Vicenza Italy Closed
USAr Alten Buseck HS Germany Closed
USAr Aschaffenburg Bav Germany Closed
USAr Babenhausen HS Germany Closed
USAr Bad Kissingen Bav. Germany Closed
USAr Bad Kreuznach RP Germany Closed
USAr Bamberg Bav. Germany Closed
USAr Barme - Dörverden NS Germany Demolished
USAr Bellersdorf - Herbornseelbach HS Germany Demolished
USAr Berlin (W) BBG Germany Closed
USAr Bocksberg NS Germany Commercial
USAr Bonames Army Airfield HS Germany Closed
USAr Breitsol HS Germany Closed
USAr Bremerhaven NS Germany Closed
USAr Breungeshain HS Germany Closed
USAr Butzbach NSW Australia Closed
USAr Büdingen multiple HS Germany Closed
USAr Büren NRW Germany Demolished
USAr Camp Gates Bav Germany Closed
USAr Camp Grohn SH Germany Closed
USAr Camp Harris Bav Germany Closed
USAr Camp King HS Germany Closed
USAr Camp Lee Bav Germany Closed
USAr Camp May Bav Germany Closed
USAr Camp Pitman Bav Germany Closed
USAr Camp Reed Bav Germany Closed
USAr Clausen RP Germany Closed
USAr Crailsheim BW Germany Closed
USAr Dachsenhausen RP Germany Closed
USAr Dahn RP Germany Closed
USAr Deilinghofen NRW Germany Closed
USAr Dexheim, Anderson Bcks R.P. Germany Closed
USAr Diersfordt NRW Germany Demolished
USAr Differten R.P. Germany Closed
USAr Donnersberg RP Germany Closed
USAr Dülmen-Visbeck NRW Germany Closed
USAr Dünsen NS. Germany Closed
USAr Elefsis   Greece Closed
USAr Erlangen Bav. Germany Closed
USAr Feucht Bav. Germany Closed
USAr Finthen RP Germany Closed
USAr Fischbach RP Germany Closed
USAr Flensburg SH Germany Closed
USAr Fort Dix Nw Jersey United States Closed.
USAr Fort Eustis Virginia United States Closed.
USAr Frechetsfeld   Germany Closed
USAr Fulda   Germany Closed
USAr Fürth Bav Germany Demolished
USAr Galete Island Panama CZ United States Closed
USAr Geilshausen HS Germany Closed
USAr Giannitsa   Greece Closed
USAr Giebelstadt Bav. Germany Closed
USAr Giesel HS Germany Closed
USAr Giessen HS Germany Closed
USAr Gonsenheim R.P. Germany Closed
USAr Grossengstingen BW Germany Closed
USAr Hanau HS Germany Closed
USAr Heidelberg BW Germany Closed
USAr Heidelberg MTV BW Germany Closed
USAr Heidelberg PHV BW Germany Closed
USAr Hemau Bav Germany Demolished
USAr Hochbrück Bav Germany Closed
USAr Hohenpeissenberg Bav Germany Closed
USAr Hoher Meissner HS Germany Demolished
USAr Itzehoe SH Germany Closed
USAr Kaltensondheim Kitzingen Germany Closed
USAr Katsimidhi   Greece Closed
USAr Kellinghusen SH Germany Closed
USAr Kitzingen Bav Germany Closed
USAr Kriegsfeld RP Germany Closed
USAr Lagerlechfeld Bav Germany Closed
USAr Laguna Grande Puerto Rico United States Closed
USAr Leeder Bav. Germany Closed
USAr Liebenau-Steyrberg NS Germany Demolished
USAr Linderhofe NRW Germany Closed
USAr Lohne NS Germany Closed
USAr Lüdenscheid NRW Germany Closed
USAr Melibokus RP Germany Closed
USAr Meyn SH Germany Closed
USAr Montabaur-Horressen Westerwald Germany Closed
USAr Münster-Dieburg Hessen Germany Closed
USAr Münster-Handorf / Telgte NRW Germany Closed
USAr Mönchberg HS Germany Closed
USAr Nassach B.W. Germany Closed
USAr Neckarsulm BW Germany Closed
USAr Nekoma N Dakota United States Closed.
USAr Ober Olmerwald RP Germany Closed
USAr Obs Pt Sierra Bav Germany Closed
USAr Pattonville BW Germany Closed
USAr Paul Revere Village BW Germany Closed
USAr Perivolaki   Greece Closed
USAr Perlacher Forst Bav Germany Closed
USAr Pershing airlift Göppingen BW Germany Closed
USAr Pershing CAS - Böttingen BW Germany Closed
USAr Pershing CAS - Inneringen BW Germany "Ft Blackjack". Closed
USAr Pershing CAS - Kettershausen Bav Germany "Ft von Steuben". Closed
USAr Pershing CAS Landsberg south Bav Germany Closed
USAr Pershing Heilbronn & Waldheide BW Germany "Ft Redleg".Closed
USAr Pershing HQ - Neu Ulm Bav Germany Closed
USAr Pershing HQ - Schwäbisch Gmünd BW Germany Closed
USAr Pershing Kornwestheim   Germany Demolished
USAr Pershing MSA - Mutlangen BW Germany Closed
USAr Pfullendorf BW Germany Closed
USAr Philippsburg RP Germany Closed
USAr Riedheim Bav Germany Closed
USAr Rothwesten HS Germany Closed.
USAr Schwarzenborn RP Germany Closed
USAr Schweinfurt Bayern Germany Closed
USAr Schweinfurt training area Bav. Germany Closed
USAr Schwetzingen BW Germany Closed
USAr Sickels HS Germany Closed.
USAr Siegelsbach BW Germany Closed
USAr Stein RP Germany Closed
USAr Sögel NS. Germany Closed
USAr Treysa - Rörshain HS Germany Closed
USAr Trier Trier Germany Closed
USAr Twisteden N.R.W. Germany Closed
USAr Urexweiler R.P. Germany Closed
USAr Vielbrunn R.P. Germany Closed
USAr Vilseck Bav Germany Closed
USAr Wadern RP. Germany Closed
USAr Wahnerheide NRW Germany Closed
USAr Werl NRW Germany Demolished
USAr Wertheim HS Germany Closed
Usatove   Ukraine S-300P garrison
USSR Crinitz SA Germany Closed
USSR Dabelow MV Germany Aufgelöst
USSR Furstenberg- Havel MV Germany Closed
USSR Gotha THU Germany Closed
USSR Grimma SA Germany Demoliert
USSR Lübben SA Germany Closed
USSR Lychen MV Germany Closed
USSR Neubrandenburg MV Germany Closed
USSR Ohrdruf THU Germany Closed
USSR Stolzenhain BBG Germany Closed
USSR Torgau, SA Germany Closed
USSR Vogelsang BBG Germany Closed
Vanadzor   Armenia 3 Army Corps
Vankasar   Azerbaijan SA-4 AD site
Velykyi Dalnyk   Ukraine S-300PS AD site
Velykyi Omelianyk   Ukraine SAM training range
Vijayanarayanam Tamil Nadu India SW & VLF transmitter site
Vila Nova da Gaia   Portugal 5th Arty Regt
Vinkovci garrison   Croatia Armored Bde + suppt.
Vittalapuram garrison   India MF radarstation
Vittalapuram garrison   India MF radarstation
Vranovice radar   Czech Republic Closed
Vung Tau   Vietnam former US Army troposcatter comms site
Vyshneve   Ukraine 64N6 EW radarsite
Wędrzyn   Poland 17 Mech Bde sub uni5ts
Wadi Al Batin   Saudi Arabia Hawk AD site
Wadi Rum South Jordan EW radarsite
Wah Buddho Pakistan Nuc weapons assemly/disassembly
Wah Net Chong   Myanmar AD area control
Wah Net Chong   Myanmar SA-2 msl sites
Walungu   Congo (Kinshasa) 103 IB
Wan Li   Taiwan Patriot AD site
Warin   Thailand Former US army 29th Signal grp
Warin   Vietnam former troposcatter comms
Waw Al Kabir   Libya Airbase
where to buy cialis without prescription RP Germany Closed
Witkowo Drugie   Poland Decommisioned
Wright Army Airfield/Mid Coast Regional Airpt. Georgia United States ACTIVE
Wundwin - Shante   Myanmar Airbase
Xinchengzhen Wenzhou China OTH EW radar facility
Yan Jin Xian Yunan China OTH R radar
Yang Mei   Taiwan deactivated
Yangpo Guangyuan China 7010 ABM radar
Yaounde   Cameroon G HQ Bde
Yapu Yushu China OTH radar facility
Yeghegnadzor   Armenia 4 Army Corps
Yeonsu   South Korea Closed
Yerevan   Armenia 5 Army Corps
Yerevan AD complex I   Armenia SA-10 site
Yerevan AD complex II   Armenia SA-3 AD site
Yerevan AD complex III   Armenia SA-3 AD site
Yevlak   Azerbaijan SA-2 site
Yevlax   Azerbaijan SA-5 site
Zahedan   Iran EW radar/comms site
Zamin Kan   Iran EW radarsite
Zanzibar-north   Tanzania SA-6 AD site
Zanzibar-north   Tanzania SA-3 AD site
Zanzibar-south   Tanzania SA-3 Ad site
Zing Jaik   Myanmar EW radarsite
Ziro Arunachal Pradesh India Joint mil/civ airfield
Zirya   Azerbaijan SA-5 AD site
Zweismmen   Switzerland Hi-sec datacenter; airport