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23 restricted areas by "airforce" forces

name region country usecase
AA (armée de l'air) Base Aérienne 200 Apt Vaucluse France Closed
AA radar EAR Narbonne Languedoc Roussilon France C-3; remote radarsite
AF Buschberg / Steinmandl Niederosterreich Austria Civil ATC, EW & AD radar
AF Kolomannsberg Thalgau Austria EW & AD radar
AF Shamsjernagar   Bangladesh Logistics & Training facility
Bagdogra airfield   Bangladesh Joint mil/civ airfield
Brigels   Switzerland Stinger IR missile practice aiming facility
Camp Cropper Bagdad Iraq US-Army, US-Airforce
Dolon a.k.a. Chagan a.k.a. Semipalitinsk Dolon   Kazakhstan Joint mil/civ airfield
Erimo radar Hokkaido Japan AD radar & troposcatter site
GDR Alteno SA Germany Closed
Ilopango airfield   El Salvador Joint mil/civ airfield
Jessore airfield   Bangladesh Joint mil/civ airfield
Lokpriya airfield   Bangladesh Joint mil/civ airfield
Luftwaffe Leipheim Bav Germany Closed
Nike BE Grefrath N.R.W. Germany Closed.
Nike NL BE Erle N.R.W. Germany Closed
Rimini Emilia Romana Italy Joint mil/civ airfield
Saanen   Switzerland Swiss hi-sec datacenter
SIGINT Entressen Istres France Echelon
Singerbhill / Agartala airfield Trippura Bangladesh Joint mil/civ airfield
USSR Werneuchen BBG Germany Civil airpt.
Zagreb - Pleso airfield   Croatia Joint mil/civ airfield