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860 restricted areas by "air force" forces

name region country usecase
Antaveršis   Lithuania Active
Culiacán airfield   Mexico Joint mil-civ airfield (10 BAM)
Otepää   Estonia Active
Чугуев   Ukraine Training base
Čalas   Latvia Active
Łask   Poland 32nd airbase; 10 Tac Sqn
Şarkışla   Turkey CAOC 6
(EDA) EVA 13 Sierra Espuńa Murcia Spain EW/AD radar
(FL) Saint Christol Plateau d´Albion France Active
206 Tac Helicopter Sq Mindanao Philippines Air force, 206 THS
207 Tac Helicopter Sq and 210 Tac Training Sq Luzon Philippines Air force, 207THS, 210TTS
208 Tac Helicopter Sq Mactan Philippines Air force, 2AD, 208THS
220 Airlift Wing Visayas Philippines Air force, 2AD, 220ALW
250 Presidential Wing Luzon Philippines AF presidential & vip transports
710 Spec Ops Wing Tarlac Philippines SOW
723 Specops Sqn Visayas Philippines Air force, 2AD, 723SOS
A.M.I.Marina di Varcaturo   Italy 22 GRAM
AA BA 104 Dugny - Le Bourget Paris France Disbanded
AA BA 108 Auxerre Bourgogne France Closed; civil airport
AA BA 132 Colmar - Meyenheim Haut Rhin France Disbanded.
AA BA 722 Saintes Charente Maritime France Civil airfield / mil trainingbase
AA Grosstenquin Moselle France Electronic Warfare facility
AA radar BA 902 Contrexéville Lorraine France Remote radarsite
AA radar BA 914 Romilly Aube France Closed
AA radar BA 943 Nice-Mt Agel Cote d´Azur France Remote radarsite
AA radar Meaux Seine-Marne France Closed
AA radar Rethel Ardennes France Closed
AA radar Rochefort en Valdaine Drome France FAF, mobile radar ANGD
AA radar St Valery Seine maritime France Closed
AB Bloemspruit   South Africa Joint Mil/Civ airfield
AB Durban   South Africa Joint Mil/Civ airfield
AB Hoedspruit   South Africa Airbase
AB Langebaanweg   South Africa airbase
AB Makhado   South Africa airbase
AB Overberg   South Africa airbase
AB Waterkloof   South Africa airbase
AB Ysterplaat   South Africa airbase
ABM ring Klin   Russia ABM site E33
ABM ring Moscow radarcontrol   Russia 5N20 Don `pillbox` radar-control center
ABM ring Sofrino Moskva Russia Gazelle ABM site
Abn - Yefremov   Russia Airborne Suppt
Abu Dhabi   United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi AD complex
Abu Dhabi Northeast (UAEAF)   United Arab Emirates UAEAF airbase
Accra airfield- Kotoka Intl   Ghana Joint mil/civ airfield
Aden (Adan)   Yemen Joint Mil / Civ airfield
AF - Zelenchukskaya (Krona)   Russia Space monitoring
AF - Afrikanda   Russia Deactivated
AF - Andreapol Tver Russia Airdefense base
AF - Bada   Russia 21 BAP
AF - Balashov Saratov Russia Airlift base
AF - Baranavichy   Russia 61 Fighter base
AF - Belaya Irkutsk Russia 6953 airbase, Longrange Avn Cmd
AF - Besovets Karelia Russia 105th Comb Avn Div; 159th Fighter Regt
AF - Bezhetsk / Dorokhovo   Russia Interceptor base
AF - Bolshoye / Savino / Sokol   Russia Joint mil-civ airfield
AF - Budennovsk   Russia 6971 airbase
AF - Buturlinovka Voronezh Russia CAS base
AF - Chelyabinsk 15   Russia 6980 airbase
AF - Chita 45   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
AF - Chkalovsky   Russia 800th Airlift base
AF - Dolgoprudny,   Russia 4th Air-space defense brigade
AF - Dolon Kazakhstan Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
AF - Domna   Russia 6982 airbase
AF - Engels Volga Russia 6950 airbase Long Range Avn Cmd
AF - Godov/Smuravevo   Russia Close Air Support base
AF - Ivanovo/Severnyy   Russia AGP 6955 airbase; AWACS/Airlift
AF - Kansk   Russia 6979 airbase
AF - Kant Kyrgyzstan Russia 999 airbase
AF - Khabarovsk   Russia 265 airlift base / 3rd Air & Air Defence Force Cmd
AF - Khotilovo   Russia 6968 airbase
AF - Khurba - Хурба   Russia 6988 airbase
AF - Kilp Yavr   Russia 941 IAP
AF - Komsomolsk na Amure   Russia 6987 airbase
AF - Korenovsk   Russia 6974 airbase
AF - Krymsk   Russia 6972 airbase
AF - Kursk   Russia Airdefense base
AF - Monchegorsk   Russia 105th Combined Aviation Div / 98th Combined Air Regt
AF - Morozovsk   Russia 6970 airbase
AF - Moscow   Russia Overall and Operational high commands
AF - Novosibirsk / Tolmachevo airfield   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
AF - Nurak (Okno) Tajikistan Russia Space monitoring facility
AF - Petrofskoye   Russia 5th Airspace defense brigade
AF - Poduzhemye   Russia Closed
AF - Rostov   Russia 229 airlift base / 7th airspace defense bde
AF - Rzhev   Russia Active
AF - Severomorsk   Russia 1st Airspace Defense Bde
AF - Soltsy Novgorod Russia 326 TBAD
AF - St. Petersburg / Gorelovo 2   Russia Storage base / 2nd Airspace Defense Bde
AF - Ukrainka / Amur Amur Russia 6952 airbase Long Range Avn Cmd
AF - Voronezh / Baltimor   Russia 105th Comb Avn Div / 455th Comb Air Regt
AF - Vozdvizhenka Primorsky Russia 6983 airbase
AF - Vyazma   Russia 378th Army Aviation base
AF - Yekaterinburg / Koltsovo   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
AF - Yeysk North Caucasus Mil District Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
AF - Yugorsk   Russia Closed
AF - Zavitinsk Amur Russia Closed
AF - Zernograd Rostov Russia AD fighterbase
AF - Zherdevka Moscow Military Destrict Russia 14 IAP
AF Andoya   Norway Airbase
AF Bogra   Bangladesh EW radar site
AF Dhaka   Bangladesh AF facilities Dhaka
AF Dyagilevo   Russia Longrange ops base; 49 UTBAP
AF Evenes   Norway Joint mil/civ airfield
AF Gozar Air Station Lubang Isl Philippines Radarbase
AF Jonstrup   Denmark AF Academy
AF Kjeller   Norway Joint mil/civ airfield
AF Kjevik   Norway AF School Center
AF Mt Salakot, Palawan Palawan Philippines Radarbase
AF Mulvibazar   Bangladesh EW radar site
AF Paredes Air Station Ilocos Norte Philippines Radarbase
AF radar Grĺkallen Trondheim Norway Deactivated
AF radar Honningsvĺgfjellet   Norway remote radarhead
AF radar Klettkovfjellet   Norway remote radarhead / ACE High
AF radar Kongsvinger - Vardĺsen   Norway Deactivated
AF radar Mĺgerř   Norway CRC radar/NATO C2
AF radar Njunis mountain   Norway remote radarhead
AF radar Selbu   Norway remote radarhead / ACE High
AF radar Sřrreisa   Norway CRC radar/ NATO C2
AF radar Vĺgsřy   Norway remote radarhead
AF Rygge   Norway Airbase
AF Shaikovka Kaluga Russia Longrange ops airbase
AF Shatalovo Pochinok Russia Active
AF Skagen   Denmark RAT-31 DL Stationary Long-Range 3D radar
AF Sola   Norway Sola flystasjon
AF Tac Ops Grp 5 Luzon Philippines airfield
AF Tac Ops Grp 6 Manduriao Philippines Air force,2AD,TOG6
AF Tac Ops Grp 8 Leyte Philippines Air force, 2AD, TOG8
AF Tangail   Bangladesh AF facility
AF Trondheim   Norway AF Academy
AF Vandel   Denmark Closed
Agcabedi   Azerbaijan SA-3 AD site
AIR Payerne   Switzerland Airbase Air Component Command
AIR / NATO Glons prov. de Liege Belgium Active
AIR Aigen Ennstal Austria Heliwing; AD Battalion 2; Tech Suppt Sq 3
AIR Alor Setar Kedah Malaysia Joint mil/civ airfield
AIR Alpnach   Switzerland Airbase Air Component Command
AIR Ambri   Switzerland Deactivated
AIR Angeles Luzon Philippines Active
AIR Balchik   Bulgaria Airbase / EW radar site
AIR Beauvechain prov de Brabant Wallon Belgium Active
AIR Bern Belp Bern Switzerland Federal Airlift Service
AIR Bezmer   Bulgaria Active
AIR Biak Papua Indonesia Active 4th SOC
AIR Breda HQ Province Brabant Netherlands NL Air Force HQ
AIR Bukit Ibam Pahang Malaysia Active AD radar
AIR Bukit Jugra Selangor Malaysia EW radarcontrol; PASKAU
AIR Bukit Lunchu Johor Malaysia EW radar
AIR Buochs   Switzerland Deactivated; reserve (sleeping) base
AIR Butterworth Kuala lumpur Malaysia Airbase; SOC
AIR Capo d'Otranto   Italy 136 SRR basecamp
AIR Cavite City Luzon Philippines Active
AIR Cheshnegirovo   Bulgaria Airbase
AIR Congot Central Java Indonesia Active radarstn
AIR Coxyde prov. West Vlaandren Belgium Active
AIR Dammastock   Switzerland Air-to-air live firing range
AIR De Kooy Province N-holland Netherlands Joint Civil - Military airport
AIR Deelen Province Gelderland Netherlands Joint helicopter FOB
Air Defence radar Ckoki   Russia unknown
AIR Dobrich   Bulgaria Airbase
AIR Dobroslavtsi   Bulgaria Deactivated
AIR Dolna Mitropolia   Bulgaria Active
AIR Dumai Riau Indonesia Active radarstn
AIR Dübendorf Zuerich Switzerland AF Operational Cmd; Medical Center
AIR Ebenfluh   Switzerland Live firing range
AIR Eindhoven Province Brabant Netherlands Main Airift Base
AIR Elst Province Utrecht Netherlands Closed
AIR Emmen   Switzerland Airbase Air Component Command
AIR Florennes prov. de Namur Belgium Active
Air Force Čáslav   Czech Republic 21 TAC airbase
Air Force České Budějovice   Czech Republic Tech Maintenance Base
Air force Aktion Preveza Greece NATO - joint mil/civil airfield
Air force Chortiatis   Greece 1 ACC
Air force Elefsis   Greece Support Cmd 112 CW; 380th AEW&C Sqn
Air force Karpathos Isl.   Greece EW radar
Air force Kastelli   Greece 133 Combat Group
Air force Keratea Greece Former Nike AD missile site / current 350 GMW/21 MS
Air force Larissa airfield Larissa Greece Tac Air Cmd; 110 Combat wing; Air Ops Center
Air Force Malacky-Kuchyňa   Slovakia 2nd Wing
Air Force Mobile Deployment Wing   South Africa Mob. Deployable Wing
Air force Mykonos   Greece 6 ACS
Air Force Náměšt nad Oslavou   Czech Republic 22nd TAC airbase
Air force Neas Anchialos   Greece 111 Combat wing
Air Force Přerov   Czech Republic 23rd helicopter base
Air force Parnitha   Greece 2 ACC
Air Force Praha-Kbely   Czech Republic 24th airlift base
Air force Schimatari a.k.a. Tanagra Central mainland Greece 114 Combat wing ; 26th GMS
Air force Sedes   Greece HQ 350 GMW, 204th ASD
Air force Skiros island   Greece 7 ACS; 135 Combat Group
Air Force Sliač   Slovakia 1st Mixed Wing; CC&R Bde
Air Force Stará Boleslav   Czech Republic 26th ACCS Regt
Air Force Strakonice Jihocesky Czech Republic 25th Anti Aircraft Missile Brigade
Air force Thessaloniki   Greece 23 Guided Missile Sqn
Air force Tympaki Crete Greece 24 Guided Missile Sqn; 138 Combat Grp
Air Force Zvolen   Slovakia AF HQ
AIR Frutigen   Switzerland Closed
AIR Gabrovnitsa   Bulgaria Airbase
AIR Gilze-Rijen Province Brabant Netherlands Main Ops Base
AIR Gong Kedak Keding Malaysia Airbase; CRP
AIR Graf Ignatievo   Bulgaria Active
AIR Graz Thalerhof Graz Austria Civil airport
AIR Hörsching Linz Austria AS Cmd, Inercept Sq, Tech & Log facilities
AIR Interlaken   Switzerland Closed
AIR Kamenets   Bulgaria Airbase
AIR Klagenfurt Karnten Austria Joint mil/civ airfield
AIR Kleinebrogel prov. Antwerpen Belgium Active
AIR Krumovo   Bulgaria Active
AIR Kuala Lumpur Selangor Malaysia Joint mil/civ airfield
AIR Kuantan Pahang Malaysia Joint mil/civ airfield; SOC
AIR Kuching Sarawak Malaysia Joint mil/civ airfield; CRP
AIR Kwandang Sulawesi Indonesia Active radarstn
AIR Labuan Pulau Labuan Malaysia Joint mil/civ airfield; CRP
AIR Lampedusa   Italy 134 SRR EW radar
AIR Langenlebarn Tulln Austria Air Suppt Wing; Tech Suppt Sq 1
AIR Lapu Lapu Visayas Philippines Active
AIR Leeuwarden Province Friesland Netherlands Main Ops Base
AIR Locarno   Switzerland Airbase Air Component Command
AIR Makassar Sulawesi Indonesia Active
AIR Meiringen Bern Switzerland Airbase Air Component Command
AIR Mollis   Switzerland Deactivated
AIR N-Area Nemuro Hokkaido Japan Actve
AIR Nieuw Milligen Province Gelderland Netherlands Airops stn
AIR Pasay city Luzon Philippines Active
AIR Pemalang Java Indonesia Active radarstn
AIR Puerto Princesa Visayas Philippines Active
AIR Ravnets   Bulgaria Airbase
AIR Sabang Aceh Indonesia Active radarstn
AIR Salzburg Steiermark Austria AF Cmd, AD Cmd, Radarbattalion
AIR Samedan   Switzerland Deactivated
AIR San Fernando Luzon Philippines Active
AIR Saumlaki Maluku Indonesia Active radarstn
AIR Schwaz Tirol Austria Staffel 2 Hubschraubergeschwader
AIR Shtraklevo   Bulgaria Airbase
AIR Sibolga Sumatra Indonesia Active radarstn
AIR Sion Sion Switzerland Airbase Air Component Command
AIR Soesterberg Province Utrecht Netherlands Defence museum
AIR Speikkogel   Austria EW & AD radar
AIR Splügen   Switzerland Deactivated
AIR St Stephan   Switzerland Deactivated
AIR Stara Zagora   Bulgaria Airbase
AIR Subang Selangor Malaysia Joint mil/civ airfield
AIR Tanjung Kait Java Indonesia Active radarstn
AIR Tanjung Warari Papua Indonesia Active radarstn
AIR Tarlac Luzon Philippines Active
AIR Timika Papua Indonesia Active radarstn
AIR Twente Province Overijsel Netherlands Closed
AIR Ulrichen   Switzerland Deactivated; civil airport
AIR Uzundzhovo   Bulgaria Deactivated
AIR Volkel Province Brabant Netherlands Main Ops Base
AIR Vrazhdebna   Bulgaria Active
AIR Wier Province Friensland Netherlands Radarsite
AIR Woensdrecht Province Brabant Netherlands Logistic support base
AIR Ypenburg Province S-holland Netherlands Closed
AIR Zeltweg   Austria Interceptor Det; AD Battalion 2 Batn; Tech Suppt Sq 2
AIR/SEA Merauke Papua Indonesia Active
AIR/SEA Ranai Airfield Riau Indonesia Active
AIR/SEA Sabang Sabang Indonesia Active
AIR/SEA Tarakan Kalimantan Indonesia Active
Airbase Anapolis   Brazil Airwing 2
Airbase Belem   Brazil Airwing 9
Airbase dos Afonsos   Brazil Reserve and FOB
Airbase Florianopolis   Brazil Reserve and FOB
Airbase Fortaleza   Brazil Reserve and FOB
Airbase Natal   Brazil Airwing 10
Airbase Recife   Brazil Airwing 15; DECEA
Airbase Salvador   Brazil Airwing 14
Airbase Santa Cruz   Brazil Airwing 12
Aksu 阿克苏机场; (Wensu) Xinjiang China Joint Mil/Civ Airfield
Aktay   Kazakhstan Combined AD missile site
Akthubinsk - Vladimirovka   Russia 929 Flight test center unit # 15650
Al Anad   Yemen Joint Mil / Civ airfield ; EW facility
Al Bateen (UAEAF)   United Arab Emirates UAEAF airbase
Al Bombah   Libya Airbase
Al Bombah EW radar   Libya EW radar site
Al Dhafra (UAEAF)   United Arab Emirates UAEAF airbase; HQ western air cmd
Al Hamra (UAEAF)   United Arab Emirates UAEAF airbase; SpecOps Cmd
Al Jufra   Libya Airbase
Al Khadim   Libya Airbase
Al Khuwaymat   Libya Airbase
Al Minhad (UAEAF)   United Arab Emirates UAEAF airbase; HQ central air cmd
Al Thawrah   Syria airbase
Al Watyah   Libya SA-2 msl site
Al Watyah 2   Libya SA-2 msl site
Al Watyah 3   Libya SA-3 msl site
Al Watyah 4   Libya SA-3 msl site
Alcochete   Portugal Tac firing range
Alemdag   Turkey AD missile site
Altai 阿勒泰机场 Xinjiang China Joint Mil/Civ Airfield
Amderma   Russia Closed
Amritsar Air Station/Raja Sansi Intl Airpt. Punjab India Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Anadyr - Ugolny Siberia Russia Joint Military-Civil airfield
Ar Riyan   Yemen Joint Mil / Civ airfield
Aramil Sverdlovsk Russia Joint military-civil airfield
Arkalyk Kazakhstan Russia EW radarsite
Arkhangelsk - Talagi Archangelsk Russia Civil airpt
Army Babrjusk complex Belarus Russia Military complex
Army Ródos   Greece 95th NGC; EW radar
Army Rondonópolis   Brazil 18th Field Artillery Group
Army Samos Isl.   Greece 79 NGC; EW radar
Arzni airfield   Armenia Joint mil/civ airfield
Astrakhan - Ashchuluk Astrakhan Oblast Russia Airbase & training center
Aurora   South Africa EW radar
Avantipur Air Station Jammu India Airbase
Ayvacik   Turkey Nike AD radarsite
Baghnar   Iran SA-5 AD site
Baghr Tangeh   Iran EW radarsite
Bakshi Ka Talab Air Station Uttar Pradesh India Airbase
Baku Lala   Azerbaijan Airlift base
Baku Nasoshny   Azerbaijan Airbase
Balice (EPKK) Malopolskie Poland Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Balikeshir Kepsut Turkey 9th Airwing
Baltim   Egypt EW radarsite
Bamenda airfield   Cameroon Joint mil/civ airfield
Bandirma   Turkey 6th Airwing
Barapani airfield Meghalaya India Joint mil/civ airfield
Bareh Qeslah   Iran EW radar site
Barnaul airfield Altai Krai Russia Joint Military-Civil airfield
Base Aérea Capitán Boiso Lanza Montevideo Uruguay Airbase
Base Aérea Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez   Chile Air force, 2BA
Base Aérea El Tepual   Chile Air force, 3BA; Fleet Air Arm
Base Aérea Gen.Cesáreo L. Berisso Carrasco Uruguay Joint mil/civ airfield
Base Aérea Los Cóndores   Chile Air force, 1BA; Fleet Air Arm
Batajnica Бaтajницa   Serbia Joint mil/civ airfield
Batak   Bulgaria EW (NATO) radar site
Batiz   Kazakhstan EW radar site
Batken (UA30)   Kyrgyzstan Military airfield
Béchar missle defences tawnat Algeria AD msl defences Béchar
Beja   Portugal Airbase 11
Beni Ouale   Morocco EW radar
Benina airfield (HLLB)   Libya Joint mil/civ airfield
Bhuj (VABJ) - Rudra Mata airbase Gujarat India Joint mil/civ airfield
Bidar airfield (VOBR) Karnataka India Joint mil/civ airfield
Blatna Tchorovice airbase   Czech Republic Presumably closed
Bobrovka   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Borovitsy   Russia Deactivated
Bozhurishte   Bulgaria Airbase
Brach   Libya Joint mil/civ airfield
Bratsk Аэропорт Братск   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Brijac   Serbia AF EW radar
Brzoskwinia   Poland RAT-31DL longrange radar
Burgas   Bulgaria Missilebase
Buturlinovka   Russia Training base
Bydgoszcz- Szwederowo (EPBY) Khujarwako - Pomorskie Poland Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Cap Spartel   Morocco EW radar
Centenary airfield Mashonaland Zimbabwe Joint mil/civ airfield
Cerklje ob Krki   Slovenia 107 Airbase
Chahbahar   Iran EW radarsite
Changi   Singapore Airbase
Chernigovka   Russia Multirole base
Chesmeh Qayas   Iran EW radarsite
Chiclayo airfield   Peru Joint mil/civ airfield
Chiredzi / Buffalo Range airfield Masvingo Zimbabwe Joint mil/civ airfield
Chruściel   Poland RAT-31DL longrange radar
Chuguevka - Sokolovka   Russia Interceptor base
Corlu   Turkey 1st Tac Air Cmd reserve base / 1st Army, 5th Corps, 105 Arty Regt
Cozumel airfield   Mexico Joint mil/civ airfield (4 BAM)
Csákvár   Hungary closed
Dalma   United Arab Emirates EW radar
Datça   Turkey Nike AD site
Dayr az-Zawr East Syria EW radar near airbase
De Aar   South Africa Joint SA Forces
DECEA Barra do Garças   Brazil Area Control Center Radar/Comms
DECEA Canguçu   Brazil Area Control radar
DECEA Imperatriz   Brazil CINDACTA IV
DECEA Petrópolis   Brazil Area Control Center radar/comms
DECEA Tanabi   Brazil Area Control Center radar/comms
DECEA Tefé airfield   Brazil Area Control Center radar
DECEA Urubici   Brazil Area Control Center radar/comms
Degučiai   Lithuania Active
Delete   Russia delete
Delete   Azerbaijan EW Daryal radar
Delete   Russia delete
Diyarbakir   Turkey Joint Mil/Civil airfield
Dnipropetrovsk airfield   Ukraine Mil/Civ Airfield
Dodonova Strategic Storage   Russia Strategic Warhead Storage
Dolinsk Sokol   Russia 365 IAP; 361 IIVP
Dombarovsky (Tagilom) airbase   Russia Deactivated
Dousderme (SE)   Morocco EW radar
Dushanbe airfield Tajikistan Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Dzemgi   Russia 23 IAP
Dzidha   Russia 2Gv BAP; 21 BAP
E of Suez   Egypt EW radarsite
East of Aswan   Egypt EW radarsite
El Beida   Libya Joint mil/civ airfield
El Fashir   Sudan EW searchradar
El Salvador Intl   El Salvador Joint mil;/civ airfield
Engels Air Def   Russia S-300P garrison
Ensenada airfield   Mexico Joint mil/civ airfield (3 BAM)
Erhac Malatya Turkey 2nd Tac Air Cmd, 7th Airwing
Erkilet   Turkey Turkish air force
Errachidia (NE)   Morocco EW radar
Erzincan airfield   Turkey Turkish Air Force
Erzurum airfield   Turkey Joint mil/civ airfield
Escuela de Aviación El Bosque   Chile Air force, basic & flight training base
Esfahan   Iran SA-5 AD site
Esfahlan   Iran Comms & Electronic warfare center
Eskesehir NADGE   Turkey Turkish Air Force/CRC
Etimesgut   Turkey Turkish Air Force
EW Mukachevo (Daryal RO5) Ukraine Ukraine OTH-B radar
EW Quabala (Daryal RO7) Azerbayan Azerbaijan OTH-B radar
EW radar Dunayevka Kaliningrad Russia Active
EW radar Hantsavichy   Russia Active
EW radar Olenegorsk Murmansk Russia Active
EW radar Sevastopol   Russia Deactivated
EW radar Vorkuta Komi Russia Active
F12 Kalmar (ESMQ)   Sweden Kalmar airfield
F15 Söderhamn   Sweden Söderhamn airfield
F8 Barkarby   Sweden Closed
FAA Córdoba Cordoba Argentina Military Aviation School
FAC Cali (Valle)   Colombia Airbase
FAC Caqueta   Colombia Airbase / EW facility
FAC Leticia   Colombia Joint mil/civ airfield
FAC Madrid   Colombia Joint mil/civ airfield
FAC Marandúa   Colombia Joint mil/civ airfield
FAC Rionegro   Colombia Joint mil/civ airfield
FAC San Andres Isl   Colombia Joint mil/civ airfield
FACh base Aérea Cerro Moreno,   Chile Air Force, 5BA, Army Aviation
FACh Base Aérea Chabunco   Chile Air force, 4BA, Army, PA5, Fleet Air Arm FA2
Favuniya militray compound   Sri Lanka EW radar site
Foia, radarstation   Portugal ER-1
Franceville airfield   Gabon Joint mil/civ airfield
Francistown airfield North-East Destrict Botswana BDFAW
Gaborone- Sir Seretse Khama International Airport   Botswana Joint mil/civ airfield
Galenki   Russia Close Air Support base
Gama   Brazil BINFAE
Gamal Abdel Nasser   Libya Airbase
Gamal Abdel Nasser EW sites   Libya EW radar site
Ganja   Azerbaijan Civ/Mil airfield with EW radar site
Gavar   Armenia SA-4 AD site
GDR Bautzen S.A. Germany Currently civil airpt
GDR Berlin Schönefeld BBG Germany Aktiv
GDR Briest BBG Germany Closed
GDR Cottbus BBG Germany Museum
GDR Dresden - Klotzsche SA Germany Civil airpt.
GDR Drewitz BBG Germany Civil regional airport
GDR Garz Ostvorpommern Germany Civil airpt
GDR Gross Mohrdorf Ruegen Germany Closed
GDR Mahlwinkel SA Germany aufgeloest
GDR Riemsdorf SA Germany EW radarsite. Closed
GDR Stoben Ostvorpommern Germany EW radar site. losed
Gjader (LAGJ)   Albania Airbase
Goris   Armenia SA-4 AD site
Gough Isl   South Africa Air force radar
GRND Attinghausen Uri Switzerland Closed; now IT-datacenter
GRND De Lier Province S-Holland Netherlands Joint Defense Telematica Org
GRND Eriswil   Switzerland Rapier missile trainingsite
GRND Erp NB Netherlands NICS
GRND Grandvillard   Switzerland Stinger IR msl training facility
GRND Oud-Heverlee prov. Vlaams Brabant Belgium Armed Forces Security; EOD
GRND S Chanf   Switzerland Live firing range
GRND St Johann im Pongau Salzburg Austria Government and defense HQ
GRND Vredepeel Province Limburg Netherlands Joint GBAD Cmd
Gwalior Air Station/Airport Madhya Pradesh India Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Gyumri   Armenia 36D6 EW radar site
Gyumri airfield   Armenia Joint mil/civ airfield
Hatava complex   Russia Helo & Airlift base
Hawk AD Marzanata di Trecenta   Italy 5Rgt 2Grp 7Btry
Hawk NL Bad Meinberg N.R.W. Germany Closed
Hawk NL Barsinghausen N.S. Germany Closed.
Hawk NL Blomberg N.R.W. Germany Closed
Hawk NL Borstel N.S. Germany Closed.
Hawk NL Goldbeck N.S. Germany Closed
Hawk NL Hoysinghausen N.S. Germany Closed.
Hawk NL Laatzen NRW Germany Closed
Hawk NL Reinsdorf N.S. Germany Closed.
Hawk NL Schwalenberg N.R.W. Germany Closed.
Hawk NL Schwelentrup N.R.W. Germany Closed
Hawk NL Steyerberg N.S. Germany Planned but never used
Hawk NL Stolzenau N.S. Germany Closed
Hawk NL Winzlar N.S. Germany Closed.
HDF Kecskemét garrison   Hungary 59 Tactical Wing; 2nd Air Cmd & Ctrl Center
HDF Pápa garrison Hungary Airbase & multi unit garrison
HDF Szolnok garrison   Hungary Helicopter base & multi unit garrison
Hermosillo airfield   Mexico Joint mil/civ airfield (18 BAM)
Hodeidah   Yemen Joint Mil / Civ airfield
Holguin (Airbase)   Cuba SA-3 AD msl site
Hovtasjen   Armenia 64N6 EW radar site
Hradec Králové airfield   Czech Republic Civil
Hyderabad - Begumpet Andra Pradesh India Joint mil/civ airfield
Ibema - Paraná   Brazil CINDACTA radar
Idku   Egypt EW radarsite
Ilam mountains   Iran EW radarsite
Incirlik Akdeniz Turkey Turkish Air force, USAFE, SCOPE C2
Inonu / Istanbul   Turkey Closed
Iquique   Chile EW radar site
Irkutsk - Иркутск airfield   Russia Joint mil-civ airfield
Isparta   Turkey Turkish air force
Ivano-Frankivsk airfield   Ukraine ACW joint mil/civ airfield
Ixtepec airfield   Mexico Airbase (2 BAM)
Izmir, Cigli Izmir Turkey Turkish Air Force/USAF
Jaisalmer (VIJR)   India Military Airfield
Jaisalmer AD complex   India SA-3 AD site
Jamnagar Air Station Gujarat India Airbase
Jebel al Harim   United Arab Emirates EW radar site
Jebel Dhana   United Arab Emirates EW radar site
Joint Forces - Vladivostok Intl Airpt   Russia Joint Forces base
Joint Forces Brandywine Maryland United States Active
Juvincourt Aisne France Closed
K   Armenia SA-4 AD site
Kabudar   Iran SA-5 batteries
Kalocsa Foktö   Hungary Civil
Kamina airfield Barumbu Congo (Kinshasa) Joint mil/civ airfield
Kapustin Yar Капустин Яр   Russia Airlift base / missile R&D facility
Karmėlava   Lithuania Active
Kasimovo - Agalatovo (ULLN)   Russia Deactivated
Kayisdag   Turkey Nike AD missile site
Kazan - Borisoglebskoye   Russia Joint mil-civ airfield
Kellavere   Estonia Active
Khabarovsk Blagodatnoye   Russia Reserve airbase
Khalino - Vostovhny   Russia Joint Mil/Civ airfield.
Khandab   Iran Combined EW radar and Hawk msl site
Khasm el Girba   Sudan EW searchradar
Khramort   Azerbaijan EW radarsite
Khurba   Russia Strategic nuc storage (2x)
Kiev - Borispol   Ukraine EW radarsite
Kiev - Borispol airfield   Ukraine Civ/Mil airfield
Kiev - Svyatoshino airfield   Ukraine Civ/Mil airfield
Kiev - Zhulyany   Ukraine Civ/Mil airfield
Kilicli   Turkey Nike AD missile site
King Abdullah I - Marka Intl Airport (OJAM) Amman Jordan Joint Mil / Civ airfield
King Abdullah II (OJ38) Amman Jordan Airbase
King Faisal South Jordan Airbase
King Hussein (OJMF) North Jordan Airbase
Kinshasa airfield   Congo (Kinshasa) Joint mil/civ airfield
Kiskunlacháza   Hungary Closed
Klikawa   Poland RAT-31DL longrange radar
Klin (Клин)   Russia Aircraft storage base
Konya   Turkey Joint mil/civ airfield
Kopitnari   Georgia Joint mil/civ airfield
Korsakovo   Russia S-300P garrison
Kostanay   Kazakhstan EW radar site
Kralapora   India IAF Troposcatter comms link
Krasnodar - Aviagorodok 5   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Krasnodar West   Russia Training base
Krichev   Russia Air defence base. 28 IAP.
Kubinka / Kubinka - Staryy Gorodok   Russia Airbase
Kufra   Libya Joint mil/civ airfield
Kunmadaras   Hungary Closed
Kyurdamir   Azerbaijan Airbase + SA3 MSL site
La Joya AD complex   Peru EW radar & AD msl sites
La Joya, Coronel Fap Victor Maldonado   Peru Airbase
La Paz airfield   Mexico Joint mil/civ airfield (9 BAM & NAS 5)
La Rouverette Drome France Experimental radar site
Lages (BA4) Azores Isl Portugal SAR base; airfield also civil atc used
Lakhta - Kholm Arkhangelsk Russia Bomberbase
Lazany radar   Czech Republic Deactivated
Lee Point Darwin Australia Decommissioned
Leonidovo   Russia Decommissioned
Lesnoye   Russia S-300P msl site
Limanskoye   Ukraine Airbase - EW radarsite
Lipetsk   Russia 4020th Reserve base
Los Castillos, Arucas Islas Canarias Spain Former NSG
LTAF / Army Kaunas   Lithuania Army / LTAF
LTAF Radviliškis   Lithuania Air Defence Battalion
LTAF Šiauliai   Lithuania Multiple units
Lubango   Angola 36D6 EW radar site
Luftwaffe Memmingerberg   Germany aufgelöst
Luftwafferadar Auenhausen NRW Germany Aktiv
Luftwafferadar Cölpin MV Germany Aktiv
Luftwafferadar Putgarten MV Germany Aktiv
Luftwafferadar Wasserkuppe HS Germany Aktiv
Lumiar   Portugal Recruiting & training center
Lviv airfield   Ukraine ACW joint mil/civ airfield
Macapá   Brazil DTCEA-MQ
Maiak   Ukraine EW radarsite
Maiduguri airfield   Nigeria EW searchradar
Makurdi airfield   Nigeria Airbase; EW searchradar
Manas (UAFM)   Kyrgyzstan Airbase
Mariepskop   South Africa airdefence radarsite
Marinovka   Russia Airbase
Marion Isl   South Africa Air Force radar
Markuleshty (LU65)   Moldova Joint mil/civ airfield
Marneuli   Georgia Airbase
Maroneia   Greece EW radarsite
Martubah   Libya Airbase
Masamari Air Station Tezpur India Trainingbase + garrison
Masseria Piccoli   Italy EW radar
Matan As Sarra matan Libya Airbase
Maun airfield   Botswana Joint mil/civ airfield
Mechra Hammadi   Morocco EW radar
Merida airfield   Mexico Joint mil/civ airfield (8 BAM)
Merzifon   Turkey 2nd Tac Air Cmd 5th Airwing
Mesudiye   Turkey Nike AD site
Mexico City airfield   Mexico Joint mil/civ airfield (1 ASM)
Migalovo   Russia Army Aviation
Milovice airbase   Czech Republic closed
Mimon airbase   Czech Republic closed
Mingechevir   Azerbaijan EW radarsite
Minsk Mazowiecki   Poland 23rd airbase; 1 Tac Sqn
Misratah   Libya EW radarsite
Misurata   Libya Joint mil/civ airfield
Mitiga airfield (HLLM)   Libya Joint mil/civ airfield
Modlin Lotnisko (EPMO)   Poland Decommissioned
Molepolole airbase   Botswana BDFAW
Mont Lachens Var France FAF comms site
Monte Real (BA5)   Portugal Tactical strike and AD base
Montejunto radarstation   Portugal ER-3
Montijo (BA6)   Portugal Airlift base
Morava - Lađevci airfield   Serbia Joint mil/civ airfield
Moskva - Zhukovsky   Russia Airbase Air force testcenter
Moyale (Mys Shmidta) Мыс Шмидта   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Mošnov airfield   Czech Republic joint civ/mil airfield
Muhu Isl. Muhu Isl Estonia Active
Murted, Akinci Kislakoy Turkey 4th Jetwing
Muwaffaq Salti (OJ40) East of Amman Jordan Airbase
Nador   Morocco EW radar
Nain   Iran EW radarsite
Nakhichevan   Azerbaijan Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Nal garrison (VIBK)   India Airbase
Nalayh   Mongolia Military airfield
Nalchik   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Naliyjah Air Station Gujarrat India Airbase
Navaselki (Lida)   Russia Airbase
Navy BSF - Novofedorivka RUS forces Ukraine Naval aviation base Black Sea fleet
Navy: Isla San Andres   Colombia Naval base 4 / EW facility
Nerchinsk   Russia Closed
Nezhin   Russia 199 ODRAP
Nike AD complex Zelo   Italy Deactivated
Nike AD Malga Coe   Italy Closed
Nike AD Monte Toraro   Italy Closed
Nike BE Blankenheim N.R.W Germany Closed
Nike BE Düren/Drove N.R.W Germany Closed
Nike BE Euskirchen N.R.W Germany Closed
Nike BE Hinsbeck NRW Germany Demolished
Nike BE Hombroich N.R.W. Germany Museum
Nike BE Kappellen NRW Germany Closed
Nike BE Kaster NRW Germany Closed
Nike BE Xanten NRW Germany Closed
Nike Cordovado   Italy IAF, US Army
Nike Dragřr   Denmark Closed
Nike Erithrai   Greece Closed
Nike F / GE Mengen B.W. Germany Luftwaffe Ausbildungsregiment 3
Nike Katsimidhi   Greece Closed
Nike Kifisia   Greece Closed
Nike Koropi   Greece Closed
Nike Monte Grappa   Italy Closed
Nike Montichiari Brescia Italy IAF
Nike Mt Parnitha IFC   Greece Closed
Nike NL Bad Essen N.R.W. Germany 121 Nike Sqn. Closed
Nike NL Borgholzhausen NRW Germany Closed.
Nike NL Hesepe N.S Germany Closed
Nike NL Nordhorn N.R.W. Germany Closed.
Nike NL Rheine N.R.W. Germany Closed
Nike NL Schöppingen NRW Germany Closed
Nike NL Vörden Wittefeld N.S. Germany Closed
Nike Rimpari Athens Greece Closed
Nikolayev - Kolbakino   Ukraine Airbase
Nizhniy Novgorod - Sormovo   Russia Joint mil-civ airfield
Novaya Zemlya (Albanov Bank)   Russia EW & Radiological Measurement site
Novaya Zemlya (Rogachevo)   Russia Airbase
Novaya Zemlya (Romasjka)   Russia EW radarsite
Novi Banovci   Serbia SA-3 msl site
Novorossysk   Russia 1537 AD Regt unit # 26345
Okba Ibn Nafa   Libya Airbase
Oktabyr   Azerbaijan EW radarsite
Orenburg - Chebenki   Russia Storage base for unused aircraft
Orenburg - Tsentralnyy   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Orenburg SW   Russia 128 Gv TAD
Orsk   Russia 36D6 EW radarsite
Osh   Kyrgyzstan EW radarsite near Osh (civil) Apt
Ovar (AM1)   Portugal Reserve base
Paamiut South East Jordan Airbase
PAF Bhagatanwala   Pakistan Airbase (FOB)
PAF Dalbandin Balochistan Pakistan Airbase (FOB)
PAF Jacobabad-Shabaz Sindh Pakistan Civil; Airbase (FOB)
PAF MOB Samungli-Quetta Jinnah Pakistan Airbase
PAF MOB Faisal-Karachi Karachi Pakistan Airbase
PAF MOB Masroor-Karachi (OPMR) Sindh Pakistan Airbase
PAF MOB Mianwali Mianwali Pakistan Airbase
PAF MOB Minhas - Kamra (OP20) Kamra Pakistan Airbase
PAF MOB Mushaf - Sargodha Punjab Pakistan Airbase
PAF MOB Peshawar/Peshawar Airport Peshawar Pakistan Joint Military-Civil airfield
PAF MOB Rafiqui-Shorkot Punjab Pakistan Airbase
PAF MOB Risalpur Nowshera Pakistan Airbase
PAF Pasni Balochistan Pakistan Airbase (FOB)
PAF Rajanpur Rajanpur Pakistan Airbase (FOB)
PAF Shamsi Balochistan Pakistan Airbase (FOB)
PAF Talhar Chanri Pakistan Airbase (FOB)
PAF Velhari   Pakistan Airbase (FOB)
PAF(R) Okara (OPOK)   Pakistan Military airbase
Palanga   Lithuania Joint mil/civ airfield
Pastavy   Russia Deactivated
Pavlodar Airpt   Kazakhstan EW radar site
Peninsula de Mejillones   Chile EW radar site
Perino   Italy EW radar site
Pevek (Apapelgino) Певек   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Pila   Poland Closed
Pilar radarstation   Portugal ER-2
Planá radar   Czech Republic 36D6 EW radarsite
Plaszewko (Slupsk)   Poland EW radar & comms site
Plzeň-Lině airfield   Czech Republic Civil
Polička radar   Czech Republic EW radarsite
Poltava   Ukraine Airbase
Port Elizabeth (FAPE)   South Africa Decommissioned ; currently only civil
Port Sudan-central   Sudan EW searchradar
Porto Potenza   Italy EW radar site 14ş Gruppo Radar A.M
Porto Santo (AM3)   Portugal Reserve base at Madeira
Pravdinsk   Russia Deactivated; now a para dropzone
Priluki   Ukraine Airbase
Primorsko - Akhtarsk   Russia CAS airbase
Pristina - Slatina   Serbia Joint mil/civ airfield
Proveren   Russia Airbase nuc storage
Providenya Провидения (Urelik)   Russia Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Punta Berger   Chile EW radar site
Radar airdef Pilatus Luzern Switzerland Florako AD C3, ops on a 24/7 basis
Radar airdef Scopi   Switzerland Florako AD C3 site; ops 24/7
Radar airdef Weissfluh Graubunden Switzerland Florako AD C3 ops on a 24/7 basis
Radar airdef Weisshorn Bern / Wallis Switzerland Florako AD C2, 24/7 ops basis
RAF - US Barford St John Oxfordshire United Kingdom Active
RAFG Brüggen NRW Germany Closed
Rass Tarf   Morocco EW radar
Red Sea desert   Egypt EW radarsite
Riohacha (El Paso)   Colombia EW radar site
Riqdalin   Libya EW radar site
RNZAF Wigram   New Zealand Closed & demolished
Rogachevo airfield   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Roskosz   Poland EW radar
Ross complex   Russia Airbase
Ruwais   United Arab Emirates Ruwais AD complex
Rybnica   Poland EW radarsite
S of Ras Sukheir   Egypt EW radarsite
S of Ras Toronbi   Egypt Deactivated
Sabha airfield   Libya Joint civ/mil airfield
Sacavém (AT1)   Portugal Air force transitbase; also civil airport
Salari (Vladimir)   Russia Air Force-launch/Army-storage
Salka   Russia Closed; partially army aviation
Sambuceto   Italy EW radar & comms site
San Antonio De Los Banos (MUSA)   Cuba Airbase
Sanaa   Yemen Joint Mil / Civ airfield; EW facility
Santa Gertrudis airbaase   Mexico Airbase (11 BAM)
Santa Lucía airfield   Mexico Airbase (1 BAM)
Santa Teresa   Brazil CINDACTA I EW radar
Santaclara   Cuba EW radar
Santiago   Brazil CINDACTA radar
Sarata   Ukraine EW radarsite
Sardinia West   Italy EW radar site
Sari Shagan test facility Kazakhstan Russia Test range and combined AD complex
Saurimo apt   Angola 36D6 EW radar site
Savasleyka   Russia AF Training Center
Semey   Kazakhstan EW radarsite
Sempang airfield Selangor Malaysia Regional airpt annex AF museum
Senaki   Georgia Airbase
Sennoy   Russia Training base
Senonches Dreux France Over The Horizon radarsystem
Shatalovo   Russia Multirole base
Shenborn   Ukraine Airbase
Shilaigora   Bangladesh EW radar site
Sidi Allal (S)   Morocco Closed
SIGINT Giens Côte d'Azur France DAT
Simferopol 2   Ukraine Airbase
SIMU Crépey Lorraine France Closed
Sinop airfield   Brazil CINDACTA radar
Sintra (BA1)   Portugal Air force training base
Sirte   Libya Joint mil/civ airfield
Sivas airfield   Turkey Joint mil/civ airfield
Skhour Rehamna   Morocco EW radar
Sklavopoula Crete Greece EW radarsite
Smarhon   Russia 36D6 EW radar
Smolensk - Severnyy Smolensk Russia Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Soganlug   Georgia Airbase
Sosnovka Msl Complex 1   Russia Strategic Msl Complex 1
Sosnovka Storage Complex   Russia Strategic warhead storage
Sovestkaya Gavan - Monghokto Kabarovsk Russia Joint forces base
Sovetskaya Gavan - May Gatka   Russia Fighter base
Sovetskaya Gavan - Vanino   Russia Fighter/interceptor airbase
Srednyaya   Russia 64N6 radarsite
Stará Ves radar   Czech Republic EW and AD radarsite
Starokostiantyniv   Ukraine ACW airbase
Step   Russia Multirole base
Step-Olovyannaya   Russia Deactivated
Stupino   Russia Deactivated
Surathgarh AD complex   India SA-3 AD site
Swartkop (FASK)   South Africa Decommisioned ; currently civil.
Szentkiralyszabadja Veszprem Hungary Civil airport
Tacna   Peru EW radar site
Tactical Ops Group 1 Luzon Philippines Air force, 1AD, TOG1
Tactical Ops Group 2 Isabela Philippines Air force, 1AD, TOG2
Tactical Ops Group 3 Tarlac Philippines Air force, 1AD, TOG3
Tactical Ops Group 4 Luzon Philippines Air force, 1AD, TOG4
Taganrog - Tsentralnyy   Russia Airlift base
Taganrog Novobessergenovka Rostov Russia Beriev aircraft facility
Tan Tan airpt   Morocco EW radar
Tanrykukular   Azerbaijan Airbase
Taourirt   Morocco EW radar
Tavnik   Serbia SA-3 msl site
Tblisi Novo Alexeyevka - Tblisi Intl Airport   Georgia Joint mil/civ airfield
Teheran - West   Iran HQ-2 training facility
Tendrara   Morocco EW radar
Testa dell'Aqua Sicily Italy EW radar site
Tiksi   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Tinaki Astrakhan Russia AD fighterbase
Tracciaki   Russia SA-11 garrison
Trebotovice radar   Czech Republic 36D6 EW radarsite
Tripoli Early Warning radar   Libya EW radar
TUDM Bukit Western Penang Malaysia EW radar
Tula - Klokovo   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Tököl airfield Budapest Hungary Closed
Uglovoye   Russia 22 IAP
Újezd u Brna radar   Czech Republic EW AD radarsite
Ukkurey   Russia 193 Gv ORAP
Ulan Ude (Vostochny)   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Uprun - Troitsk   Russia Airlift base
Uralsk   Kazakhstan EW radarsite
USAF Kaufbeuren   Germany Closed
USAFE C2 Hessisch Oldendorf HS Germany Closed
USAFE Nörvenich NRW Germany Closed
USAr Pershing CAS - Görisried Bav Germany Closed
USAr Villingen - Weisswald B.W. Germany Demolished
USSR Allstedt SA Germany Closed
USSR Altenburg Nobitz THU Germany Closed
USSR Brand SA Germany Currently civil airpt
USSR Brandis SA Germany Closed
USSR Finow BBG Germany Civil airport, museum
USSR Groß Dölln - Templin BBG Germany Closed
USSR Großenhain SA Germany Closed
USSR Jüterbog - Altes Lager BBG Germany Civil, Ultralights and gliders.
USSR Merseburg SA Germany Civil
USSR Parchim MV Germany Civil
USSR Rechlin-Larz garrison MV Germany Closed; Civil
USSR Ribnitz, Damgarten MV Germany Closed
USSR Sperenberg BBG Germany Closed
USSR Straussberg   Germany Civil
USSR Wittstock BBG Germany Closed
USSR Zerbst SA Germany Closed
Ussuriysk - Vozdvizhenka   Russia Longrange ops base
Utterlai AD complex Rajastan India SA-2 AD site
Uulemiste airport   Estonia EW radar
Uzin   Ukraine Closed
Vadorada Gujarat India Joint mil/civ airfield
Valhalla   South Africa Air force gymnasium
Vallee du Draa   Morocco EW radar
Vasylkiv   Ukraine Training base
Vaziani Georgia Georgia Airbase
Velikiydvor   Russia EW radar near Minsk Velikiydvor (civil) airport
Verin Akthala   Armenia 36D6 EW radar site
Verino - Pereyaslavka   Russia Closed
Vernoye - Orlovka   Russia Closed
Vestvolden   Denmark Closed
Vezna airbase   Czech Republic closed
Vidsel airstrip   Sweden Highway strip
Vitor airfield   Peru Joint mil/civ airfield
Vladimir - Sokol   Russia Training base
Vozzhayevka   Russia 1 OA, 293 ORAP, 293 OBIP
Vćrlřse   Denmark Closed
Władysławowo   Poland EW radar
Wadi Sayidna   Sudan EW searchradar
Warsaw - Pyry   Poland Air Operations Center
WW2 Oberwiesenfeld Bav Germany Former nazi air base. Demolished
Wydrzyn   Poland Deactivated
Yalova   Turkey Turkish Air Force
Yanbu airport   Saudi Arabia EW radar site
Yelosovo   Russia EW radar site
Yemelyanovo - Емельяново airfield   Russia Joint mil / civ airfield
Yerevan - Erebuni (UDYE)   Armenia Joint mil/civ airfield
Yermolino   Russia Medium airlift base
Yesilkoy   Turkey Turkish Air Force
Üvezli   Turkey AD missile site
Zalari   Russia Nuc weapon storage (active)
Zapopan airfield   Mexico Training base (5 BAM)
Zelo AD complex   Italy Unknown
Zharkent   Kazakhstan 36D6 EW radarsite