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50 restricted areas by "US army." forces

name region country usecase
A.M.I.San Vito Air Station South Italy Italian Armed Forces
Air force Keratea Greece Former Nike AD missile site / current 350 GMW/21 MS
Air force Thessaloniki   Greece 23 Guided Missile Sqn
An Khe - Camp Radcliffe   Vietnam Former 1st Cav Div Airmobile
Army Amedee airfield Calif. United States US Army SIAD suppt airfield
Army Drama   Greece IV Army Corps - 1st Arty Regt
Army Weide Helo Port Maryland United States Active
ARNG Losey Airfield Puerto Rico United States NG; AN/TPS71 RX site
ARNG Muir airfield - Ft Indiantown Gap Pennsyslvania United States NG Hq; EAATS; 28 Avn Bde
BND Hof Bav Germany Aktiv
Cakmakli Istanbul Turkey Turkish Army, United States Arrmy
Colorado state Army NG Colorado United States Colorado Army National Guard units
Corlu   Turkey 1st Tac Air Cmd reserve base / 1st Army, 5th Corps, 105 Arty Regt
Firebase Phoenix Kunar Afghanistan ANA
FOB Lightning   Afghanistan ANA 203rd Thunder Corps
Fuerte Randolph Canal Zone Panama Closed
Heer Daun RP Germany Aktiv
Heer Neu Wildflecken Bav Germany Aktiv
Johnston Atoll Pacific United States Minor Outlying Islands US Army; US Navy
Luftwaffe Hoher Bogen Bav. Germany Closed
Nike BE Blankenheim N.R.W Germany Closed
Nike BE Drove N.R.W Germany Closed
Nike BE Euskirchen N.R.W Germany Closed
Nike BE Hinsbeck NRW Germany Demolished
Nike BE Hombroich N.R.W. Germany Museum
Nike BE Kappellen NRW Germany Closed
Nike BE Kaster NRW Germany Closed
Nike BE Xanten NRW Germany Closed
Nike NL BE Erle N.R.W. Germany Closed
Nike NL Vörden Wittefeld N.S. Germany Closed
Ochsenberg B.W. Germany Closed
Phu Lam former Saigon Vietnam US Army Troposcatter comms
US Camp Humphreys South Korea South Korea 2 CAB; 4-58 AOB and others
USAr Alten Buseck HS Germany Closed
USAr Butzbach HS Germany Closed
USAr Büren NRW Germany Demolished
USAr Dachsenhausen RP Germany Closed
USAr Diersfordt NRW Germany Demolished
USAr Flensburg SH Germany Closed
USAr Giessen HS Germany Closed
USAr Hanau HS Germany Closed
USAr Itzehoe SH Germany Closed
USAr Lohne NS Germany Closed
USAr Meyn SH Germany Closed
USAr Münster-Handorf / Telgte NRW Germany Closed
USAr Rothwesten HS Germany Closed.
USAr Siegelsbach BW Germany Closed
USAr Sögel NS. Germany Closed
USAr Wahnerheide NRW Germany Closed
USAr Werl NRW Germany Demolished