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16 restricted areas by "UK" forces

name region country usecase
☢ MoD Porton Down (CBRN) Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
1.MoD Boscombe Down Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
2.JOINT Helicopter Cmd / Aldergrove Northern Ireland United Kingdom Active
2.RN Overseas-Diego Garcia OVERSEAS United Kingdom Active
Ali Al Salem Kuwait Kuwait Royal Airforce, US Marines and Kuwaiti Government
Basra Airport International Al Basra Iraq Military and Civil joint use Airport
Camp Able Sentry   Macedonia Nato HQ Skopje
Camp Chindet Al Basrah Iraq Royal Engineers - Police Training School
Camp Dogwood   Iraq Base Camp for the Royal Highland Regiment Black Watch
Camp Shatt al Arab Basra Iraq
Camp Sutter Kabol Afghanistan UK Battle Group
CFB Suffield Alberta Canada Active
FOB Delhi Helmand Afghanistan UK ISAF
Lashkar Gah Airfield - Bost Airbase Helmand Afghanistan UK Military Airfield
Mormond Hill Scotland United Kingdom Closed
Shaibah Logistics Base   Iraq Logistics Air Base