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75 restricted areas by "Nato" forces

name region country usecase
A.M.I.Decimomannu Sardinia Italy AMI/NATO air combat range
A.M.I.Istrana Treviso Italy 51st wing
A.M.I.Trapani Siciliy Italy 37th wing
AA BA 103 Châteauroux Indre France Disbanded
AF / NATO Finderup   Denmark Closed
AF Eggemoen   Norway NATO SATCOM
AIR Amendola   Italy 32nd wing
AIR Chiesuola   Italy Tech maintenance depot
Air force Andravida Peloponnese Greece 117 Combat wing; Air Tac Center
Air Force Nepolisy   Czech Republic 26 Brigade Command Control & Surveillance
Bamiyan airfield Bamiyan Afghanistan US NATO ISAF
BFG Mönchengladbach NRW Germany Closed
Camp Able Sentry   Macedonia Nato HQ Skopje
Camp Bastion Helmand Afghanistan NATO Joint Forward Operating Base
Camp Nathan Smith Kandahar Afghanistan US 4th Inf Div 2nd BCT
Camp Souter Khabul Afghanistan NATO ISAF
Châlons-Vatry Marne France Closed; civil airfield
FOB Armadillo Helmand Afghanistan NATO/ISAF
FOB Sandford   Afghanistan NATO/ISAF
FOB Shank Loghar Afghanistan US / NATO ISAF
Fonte da Telha   Portugal NATO SATCOM
GRND Havelte Province Drente Netherlands Demolished
GRND ´t Harde Province Gelderland Netherlands Deactivated
Heer Brockhausen NRW Germany Closed
Heer Wildeshausen NS Germany Closed
JFB Keflavik   Iceland Active
JFB Yeovilton Somerset United Kingdom HMS Heron; NCIA; RMASG; 1 RAAC; Trn units
JFC / NATO Northwood Middlesex United Kingdom Active
Joint Forces Reitan   Norway RCN / NATO COE/CWO
Kabul International Airport (KAIA) Kabul Afghanistan US / NATO ISAF
Kolsås garrison   Norway NEC CCIS
Kunduz Basecamp   Afghanistan NATO/German ISAF
Kürecik Malatya Turkey NATO BMD EW radar
Lashkar Gah Airfield - Bost Airbase Helmand Afghanistan UK Military Airfield
Luftwafferadar Börfink RP Germany Aktiv
Luftwafferadar Visselhövede NS Germany Aktiv
M.D.I.Sigonella Sicily Italy Active
Marville-Montmédy Meuse France Closed
Masar I Scharif (OAMS)   Afghanistan ISAF Nato, Bundeswehr Airfield
Munklinde   Denmark Satcom3 comms station (closed)
NAMFI range Crete Greece NATO Missile Firing Range
NATO / USAFE Ramstein RP Germany NATO AIRCOM HQ / USAFE airbase
NATO Affi   Italy NATO "West Star" C2
NATO Ayazaga   Turkey NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Turkey
NATO Bad Bergzabern RP Germany NATO SATCOM
NATO Brunssum Province Limburg Netherlands NATO, Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFC-B)
NATO Cannerberg Maastricht Province Limburg Netherlands Deactivated
NATO Cavaion Veronese   Italy "Backyard" C2 faciliy; closed
NATO Geilenkirchen NRW Romania NAEWF
NATO Heidelberg, Patton Bcks BW Germany CLosed
NATO Izmir army garrison   Turkey NATO LANDCOM HQ
NATO Linnich NRW Germany Joint Force Cmd
NATO Lughezzano   Italy NATO SATCOM
NATO Mannheim-Feudenheim RP Germany Closed
NATO Mons / Casteau   Belgium Active
NATO Monte Venda Padua Italy NATO C2 facility (closed)
NATO Münster NRW Germany Aktiv
NATO Schinnen Province Limburg Netherlands Reactivated
NATO Stavanger   Norway NCIA
NATO Stettin Polska Germany Aktiv
NATO Szczecin   Poland Multinational Corps NorthEast
NATO Üdem NRW Germany Combined Air Ops Center North
Pristina Pristina Bosnia and Herzegovina KFOR HQ / EUFOR HQ
PRT Gardez Paktia Afghanistan US / NATO ISAF
PRT Ghazni Ghazni Afghanistan US/NATO ISAF
RAF Akrotiri Cyprus Sovereign Base Area United Kingdom Active
RAF Machrihanish Scotland United Kingdom Closed
Redzikowo airfield   Poland NATO missile intercept base
San Giovanni Teatino Chieti Italy 133 SRR EW radar
Termez Surkhondaryo Uzbekistan airbase
TrÜbPl Senne NRW Germany Truppenübungsplatz, Bereich Truppenübungsplatzkommandantur NORD
Tuzla   Bosnia and Herzegovina Former Eaglebase
USAFE Aviano Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy Active
USAFE Zweibrücken R.P. Germany Closed