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14 restricted areas by "NSGA" forces

name region country usecase
Eleuthera   Bahamas NSA/echelon
Finnegayan Mariana Islands Guam NSGA/NSA
Galeta island Canal Zone Panama Closed
JB Elmendorf / Richardson Alaska United States Hq 11 AF; 3rd Wing; 611 AOC; PRSC; CRMD and others
JB San Antonio Texas United States Hq AETC; 19,24,25 AF and multiple other forces
Lajes Azores Portugal NSA / Echelon / SCOPE C2
Northwest Complex Virgina United States NSA/Echelon
NSA Winter Harbor Maine United States Deactivated
RAF Edzell Scotland United Kingdom Closed
Sabana Seca   Puerto Rico Closed
SIGINT Adak Alaska United States NSGA/White Alice commolink
SIGINT Imperial Beach Calif. United States NSA / Echelon
SIGINT RAF Menwith Hill North Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
USN station Lualuahei Hawaii United States Deactivated