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18 restricted areas by "NSA" forces

name region country usecase
Al Manamah   Bahrain UAE link
Army-Chicksands Bedfordshire United Kingdom Active
BND Bad Aibling Bav. Germany BND Aktiv
Da Nang Monkey Mtn   Vietnam former radar/troposcatter comms site
Dubai   Bahrain UAE link
JB San Antonio Texas United States Hq AETC; 19,24,25 AF and multiple other forces
Northwest Field Mariana Islands Guam US NCTS Guam
NSA Andover earth station Maine United States NSA
NSA Data Center Utah United States NSA Data Center
NSA San Antonio Texas United States NSA Crypto Center
NSA Yakima Washington United States NSA - Echelon
SIGINT - Alice Springs station NT Australia Naviodet Alice Springs
SIGINT - Geraldton Satcom station WT Australia ADF/NSA (Echelon)
SIGINT - Nurrungar SA Australia ADF/NSA/Echelon
SIGINT Fort Meade District of Columbia United States US Army/NSA/Echelon/US Army Cybercom/MP command
US Joint Forces Griesheim HS Germany Active.
USAF Thule GPS & SCOPE Greenland Denmark Active
Vint Hill Farms Station Virginia United States Closed