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91 restricted areas by "Joint forces" forces

name region country usecase
Bjerkvik   Norway Logistic and maintenance base
1.MOSCOW - M.o D.   Russia MIN of DEFENCE
1a.LAND - CP Kosvinsky Kamen   Russia ACTIVE
1a.LAND - CP Yamantaw Mountain   Russia ACTIVE
2.JOINT HQ Central Mil District   Russia JOINT HQ Central
2.JOINT HQ Eastern Mil District   Russia JOINT HQ East
2.JOINT HQ Southern Mil District   Russia JOINT HQ South
2.JOINT HQ Western Mil District   Russia JOINT HQ West
2a.NSA - Darmstadt Overseas United States ACTIVE
4.SEA - Olenegorsk (NF)   Russia ACTIVE
6.Joint Base San Antonio - Texas Texas United States ACTIVE
AA Chartres / Champhol Eure et Loir France CRHF 12.800
Accra   Ghana JFHQ
AFS Groom Lake Nevada United States US Joint Forces test facility
Air Force Nitra   Slovakia joint force garrison
Airbase Manaus   Brazil Airwing 8; Army Aviation
Al Taji Taji Iraq Army airfield
Amarillo Texas United States Pantex weapon (dis)assembly plant
Armed forces Joint HQ Luzon Philippines Active
Army Fort Gordon Georgia United States ARCYBER; 7 Signal Cmd; SigCoE; NIOC and others
Army Vilnius   Lithuania Joint Forces Command
Army-Corsham 1 Wiltshire United Kingdom Active
Army-Leconfield Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
AT Baldersheim Alsace France Joint forces
AT Ile du Levant Var France Missile test center
Baikonur - Байконур -Tyuratam Kazakhstan Russia Cosmodrome
Beni Walid   Libya HQ and C3 facility
Bikini Atoll Bikini United States Minor Outlying Islands Closed
BND HQ Berlin Berlin Germany Aktiv
Bornholm garrison   Denmark Multiple facilities
Bourges Bourges France DGA
British Forces deployment in Afghanistan All over the country Afghanistan ISAF / OEF
Camp Bastion Helmand Afghanistan NATO Joint Forward Operating Base
Centre Interarmées des Actions sur l’Environnement Lyon France CIAE
CSEC Ottawa Ontario Canada Active
DHFCS Crimond Falkland Isl United Kingdom Active
DHFCS Inskip Lancashire United Kingdom Active
Ferizaj Uresevic Bosnia and Herzegovina Camp Bondsteel
Fort Staddon Plymouth United Kingdom Closed
Foulness Island Essex United Kingdom Active
FR Avon Park Florida United States Live firing & training range
FR Sailor Creek Idaho United States Live firing & training range
FR Smokey Hills Kansas United States Live firing & training range
FR Yuma desert California United States Live firing/bombing range
GRND Graz Steiermark Austria Joint forces HQ
GRND Spiez   Switzerland NBC competence center
Hamar garrison   Norway HRCS
Harare Joint HQ MoD capital Zimbabwe JF HQ/MoD
Headley Court Surrey United Kingdom Active
HMGCC Hanslope Park Buckinghamshire United Kingdom Active
JB Andrews Maryland United States Active
JB Cape Cod Massachusetts United States Active
JFHQ Kuala Lumpur Selangor Malaysia Active
JHQ RNZDF Trentham Wellington New Zealand RNZDF Joint HQ
Joint Forces Bucharest   Romania MoD; General Staff
Joint Forces HQ Bungendore NSW Australia Joint Forces Command
Joint Forces Reitan   Norway RCN / NATO COE/CWO
JOINT TNI HQ Jakarta Java Indonesia Active
Jui Peng range   Taiwan CSIST Missile test range
Jåtta   Norway Armed Forces Ops HQ / Joint warfare Center
Kayseri (Erkilet) airfield   Turkey Joint mil/civ airfield
Kordon   Russia Joint forces base
Las Palmas airbase   Peru Joint forces base
Louisiana state Air NG Louisiana United States 159 FW, 214 EIS, 236 CCS, 259 ATC, 122 ASOS
MoD Aberporth Wales United Kingdom Active
Mount Weather EOC Virginia United States Active
Muharraq Airfield   Bahrain Joint mil/civ airfield
Murmansk air defence radar   Russia Murmansk EW & AD radar facilities
NAS JRB Fort Worth Texas United States HQ 10th AF; ANG 136 AW
NATO Lago Patria (Naples)   Italy JFC Naples
NATO Livorno Camp Darby Pisa Italy Multi unit logistic facilities
Navy Nowra NSW Australia Joint Forces PTS
Nevada Test Site Nevada United States Closed
Penghu Island   Taiwan EW facility
RAF Mount Pleasant Falkland Islands United Kingdom Active
RAF Oakhanger Hampshire United Kingdom SGS Oakhanger
Rimadah   Tunisia Airbase
RM Aberdeen Scotland United Kingdom Satcom; RMR
Salto di Quirra 1 Sardinia Italy Nike msl training range
Salto di Quirra 2 Sardinia Italy Hawk msl firing range
SAM / RAF Wyton Cambridgeshire United Kingdom Active
Sembawang Housing Annex   Singapore Joint Singapore Forces
Shrivenham Swindon United Kingdom Active
SIGINT Scarborough North Yorkshire United Kingdom Active
Sofia   Bulgaria MoD Cmd
South Uist Hebrides United Kingdom SAM test & training range
Tonopah Test Range (KTNX) Nevada United States US Joint Forces
Tuzla   Bosnia and Herzegovina Camp Comanche
US Army Vicenza / Caserma Ederle Veneto Italy Active
USAF-ACC Offutt Nebraska United States Active
Warsaw garrison   Poland HQ Armed Forces; HQ MPSB