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23 restricted areas by "Brazil" forces

name region country usecase
Aeroporto Santos Dumont   Brazil Civil
Airbase Galeão   Brazil Airwing 11
Airbase Boa Vista   Brazil Airwing 7
Airbase Brasilia   Brazil Airwing 1
Airbase Campo Grande   Brazil Airwing 5
Airbase Canoas   Brazil Airwing 3
Airbase Porto Velho   Brazil Airwing 6
Airbase Santa Maria   Brazil Airwing 4
Airbase Sao Paulo   Brazil Airwing 13
Alcântara   Brazil CLA
Army Aquidauana   Brazil 9th Combat Engineers Battalion
Army Araguari   Brazil 11th Engineers Construction Battalion
Army Cristalina اسرائيل Brazil 3 Mech Inf Bde and subordinates
Army Formosa   Brazil 6th MRLS Grp
Army Goiânia   Brazil SOC, SOF and subordinates
Army Ipameri   Brazil 23rd Combat Eng Company
Army Jatai   Brazil 41st Motorized Inf Battalion
Army Uberlândia   Brazil 36th Motorized Inf Battalion
Army Vila Sao Paulo, Coxim   Brazil 47th Inf Battalion
DECEA Canguçu   Brazil Area Control radar
DECEA Curitiba   Brazil CINDACTA 2
Manaus Gomes Intl Airpt   Brazil Joint Mil/Civ Airfield
Pirassununga - Campo Fontenelle   Brazil Brazilian Air Force Academy