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95 restricted areas by "ANG" forces

name region country usecase
AFRES / ANG March California. United States Active
Alabama state Air NG Alabama United States 117 ARW; 187th FW; 226th CCG; 232nd CCSS; 280th CCS
Alaska state Air NG Alaska United States Active
ANG / ARNG / USAR Horsham Pennsylvania United States ANG 111 ATKW
ANG / ARNG Arlington Virginaia United States US National Guard Bureau
ANG / ARNG Camp Beauregard Louisiana United States 122 ASOS
ANG / ARNG Gwinn Airfield S Carolina United States Joint mil/civ airfield
ANG / ARNG Yosemite Intl. Airpt. California United States ANG 144 FW; ARNG 40 CAB
ANG Abston Alabama United States ANG 226 CCG
ANG ARNG Ellington Field Texas United States ANG 147 RW
ANG Atlantic City Airpt New Jersey United States ANG 177 FW
ANG Battle Creek - Kellogg Airpt. Michigan United States ANG 110 ATKW
ANG Blue Ash Ohio United States ANG 123 ACS
ANG Clear Alaska United States ANG PAVE PAWS
ANG Dannelly Field Alabama United States ANG 187 FW
ANG Dothan Airpt. Alabama United States ANG 280 CCS
ANG England Airpark Louisiana United States 259th ATCS
ANG Fort Smith Arkansas United States ANG 188 ATKW
ANG Gabresky Airpt. New York United States ANG 106th RW
ANG Gen. Mitchell Intl AIrpt Wisconsin United States ANG 128 ARW
ANG Greeley Weld County Airpt. Colorado United States 137 SWS
ANG Griffiss Intl.Airpt. New York United States ANG EADS / SOCC
ANG Hammond Municipal Airpt. Louisiana United States 236th CBCS
ANG Hensley Field Texas United States ANG 254 CCG; 221 CCS
ANG Jackson Intl Airpt Mississippi United States 172 AW
ANG Louisville Intl. Airpt. Kentucky United States ANG 123d AW
ANG Mansfield Lahm Municipal Ohio United States ANG 179 AW
ANG Martin State Airport Maryland United States ANG 175th Wing
ANG McClellan Airfield California United States ANG 162 CCG; SCOPE C2
ANG Moffett Field California United States ANG 129 RW; AR 7 POG
ANG New Castle County Airpt. Delaware United States ANG 166 AW
ANG Niagara Falls Intl.Airpt. New York United States ANG 107th AW
ANG Portland Intl Airport OR United States ANG 142d FW, 939th ARW (deactivated)
ANG Shepherd Field W Virginia United States ANG 167th AW
ANG Stewart Intl. Airpt New York United States ANG 105th AW
ANG Syracuse Hancock Intl. Airpt. New York United States ANG 174th ATW; 152d AOG
ANG Truax Wisconsin United States Joint mil/civ airfield
ANG Tucson Intl Airpt Arizona United States ANG 162 FW; AATC
ANG Volk Field Wisconsin United States ANG CRTC; 128 ACS
ANG Will Rogers Airpt. Oklahoma United States Joint mil/civ airfield
ANG Yaeger Airpt. W Virginia United States Joint mil/civ arifield
ANGB Otis Massachusetts United States 102 IW; 253 CEIG
ANGB Springfield Beckly Ohio United States Joint mil/civ airfield
Arizona state Air NG Arizona United States 161st ARW; 11 SOPS; 162nd FW; 214 RG; 107th ACS
Arkansas state Air NG Arkansas United States 188th Wing; 189th ARW
ARNG Austin Bergstrom Intl. Airpt. Texas United States ARNG 36th CAB
Cabo Ledo (FN19)   Angola Military Airport
California state Air NG California United States Active
Colorado state Air NG Colorado United States 140th FW; 137th SWS
Connecticut state Air NG Connecticut United States 103d AW; 103d ACS
Delaware state Air NG Delaware United States 166th AW
District of Columbia state Air NG District of Columbia United States ANG 113 Wing
Florida state Air NG Florida United States 125th FW; 325th FW AU; 101st ASOG
FR Shelby Missisippi United States Air National Guard live firing/training range
Georgia state Air NG Georgia United States 116th ACW; 165th AW; SCRTC; 117th ACS
Hawaii state Air NG Hawaii United States 154th CW; 169th ACWS; 150th ACWF
Idaho state Air NG Idaho United States 124 FW; Army NG 1-183 Avn Batn
Illinois state Air NG Illinois United States 183rd FW; 192nd AW; 126th ARW
Indiana state Air NG Indiana United States 122d FW; 181st IW
Iowa state Air NG Iowa United States 132d Wing; 185th ARW
Kansas state Air NG Kansas United States 184th IW; 190th ARW
Kentucky state Air NG Kentucky United States 123rd AW
Lobito (FNLB)   Angola Military Airport
Maine state Air NG Maine United States ANG 101st ARW; 243d EIS; 265th CCS
Maryland state Air NG Maryland United States JHQ; 175 Wing
Massachusetts state Air NG Massachusetts United States 104 FW; 102 IW; 253 CEIG
Matala (FN18)   Angola Military Airport
Michigan state Air NG Michigan United States JHQ; 110 ATKW; 127 Wing
Minnesota state Air NG Minnesota United States 133 AW; 148 FW
Mississippi state Air NG Mississippi United States 172 AW, 186 ARW, 238 ASOS, 248 ATCS, Gulfpt TC,
Namibe (FNMO)   Angola Military - Civil Joint Use Airport
NAS JRB New Orleans Louisiana United States USN; ANG; USAR; USCG units
Negage (FNNG)   Angola Military Airport
New york state Air NG New York United States HQ; 105th AW; 106th RW; 107th AW; 109th AW; 174th ATCW; 152d AOG; EADS
North Carolina state Air NG N Carolina United States ANG 127th Wing; 110th Wing
North Dakota state Air NG North Dakota United States ANG 119 Wing
Ohio state Air NG Ohio United States HQ; 121 ARW; 164 Wf; 178 Wg; 179 AW; 180 FW; Suppt units
Overseas (FL) Abou Dhabi United Arab Emirates France 13e DBLE
Pennsylvania state Air NG Pennsylania United States ANG 171 ARW; AFRES 911 AW
Puerto Rico state Air NG Puerto Rico United States 156 AW; 141ACS; 140 ADS
Ramey airfield - Rafael Hernandez Airpt   Puerto Rico USAF/ANG base
Schenectady County Airpt. New York United States New York state ANG HQ; 109th AW
Shittagong airfield   Bangladesh Joint mil/civ airfield
Sioux Falls Regional Airpt. Joint NG S Dakota United States Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Tejgaon (VGTJ)   Bangladesh Military Airport
Texas state Air NG Texas United States JHQ; 136 AW; 147 RW; 149FW; dispersed units
Topeka Regional Airpt Kansas United States 190 ARW; 1-108 Avn Regt; 635 RSG
USAF-MC Hanscom Massachusetts United States Active
USN Ventura County California United States Active
Utah state Air NG Utah United States 151st ARW
Vermont state Air NG Vermont United States 158 FW
Washington state Air NG Washington United States 194 RSW; 252 SOG; 141 ARW
West Virginia state Air NG W Virginia United States ANG 130 AW; 167th AW
Wisconsin state Air NG Wisconsin United States HQ; 115 FW; 128 ARW; 128 ACS
Wyoming state Air NG Wyoming United States 153 AW; 153 CCS; 243 ATCS