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477 restricted areas located in "Russia"

name region country usecase
1.MOSCOW - M.o D.   Russia MIN of DEFENCE
1.RVSN - Vlasikha HQ   Russia HQ RVSN
1.SEA - Admiralty St Petersburg   Russia Admiralty; general Naval HQ
1a.LAND - CP Kosvinsky Kamen   Russia ACTIVE
1a.LAND - CP Yamantaw Mountain   Russia ACTIVE
2.ABN - Ryazan   Russia ACTIVE
2.AIR - Solnechnogorsk-7   Russia ACTIVE
2.JOINT HQ Central Mil District   Russia JOINT HQ Central
2.JOINT HQ Eastern Mil District   Russia JOINT HQ East
2.JOINT HQ Southern Mil District   Russia JOINT HQ South
2.JOINT HQ Western Mil District   Russia JOINT HQ West
2.RVSN - Omsk   Russia ACTIVE
2.RVSN - Rostoshi   Russia ACTIVE
2.RVSN - Vladimir   Russia ACTIVE
3.ABN - Anapa   Russia ACTIVE
3.ABN - Balasjicha 2   Russia ACTIVE
3.ABN - Kubinka   Russia ACTIVE
3.ABN - Novorossiysk   Russia ACTIVE
3.ABN - Omsk   Russia ACTIVE
3.ABN - Stavropol   Russia ACTIVE
3.ABN - Ulyanovsk   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Barnaul   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Dunayevka Kaliningrad Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Armavir   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Belaya Irkutsk Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Chkalovsky   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Engels Volga Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Hantsavichy   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Ivanovo/Severnyy   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Kant Kyrgyzstan Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Kovylkino   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Kursk   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Lekhtusi   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Lipetsk   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Mishelevka   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Monchegorsk   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Morozovsk   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Nurak (Okno) Tajikistan Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Olenegorsk Murmansk Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Orenburg   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Orsk   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Pskov   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Torzhok   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Ukrainka / Amur Amur Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Vorkuta Komi Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Voronezh   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Yekaterinburg   Russia ACTIVE
3.AIR - Yeniseyk   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Birobidzhan Jewish Oblast Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Babstovo   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Belogorsk   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Chebarkul   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Kalininetsk   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Knyaze-Volkonskoye Khabarovsk Krai Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Kursk   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Levashovo   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Mulino   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Naro Fomisnk Moscow oblast Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Novosibirsk   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Ostrov   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Pushkin   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Roshchinsky   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Samara   Russia ACTiVE
3.LAND - Totskoye   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Ulan Ude   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Vyazma   Russia ACTIVE
3.LAND - Yekaterinburg Sverdlovsk Oblast Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Barnaul   Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Dombarovsky   Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Kozelsk   Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Novosibirsk 1   Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Novosibirsk 2   Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Ozyorny   Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Svobodny   Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Tatishchevo   Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Teykovo   Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Uzhur   Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Vypolzovo Novogorod/Tver Russia ACTIVE
3.RVSN - Yoshkar Ola   Russia ACTIVE
3.SEA - Balitysk Kaliningrad Russia HQ BALTIC FLT
3.SEA - Fedotovo (NF)   Russia ACTIVE
3.SEA - Sevastopol Ukraine Russia HQ BLACK SEA FLEET
3.SEA - Severomorsk   Russia HQ NORTHERN FLT
3.SEA - Vladivostok   Russia HQ PACIFIC FLT
4.SEA - Chernyakhovsk (BF)   Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Chkalovsk (BF) Kaliningrad Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Donskoye (BF) Kaliningrad Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Khrabrovo (BF)   Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Kipelovo (NF)   Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Monchegorsk (NF) Murmansk oblast Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Mongokhto (PF)   Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Nikolayevka (PF)   Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Olenegorsk (NF)   Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Russian Navy BSF Crimea peninsula Russia SEE UKRAINE
4.SEA - Severomorsk 1 (NF)   Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Severomorsk 3 (NF)   Russia ACTIVE
4.SEA - Yelizovo (PF) Kamchatka Krai Russia ACTIVE
ABM ring Klin   Russia ABM site E33
ABM ring Korolev   Russia 12 ABM complex unit # 51085
ABM ring Korostovo   Russia 89 ABM complex unit # 51089
ABM ring Leningrad (St. Petersburg)   Russia Closed
ABM ring Lytkarino   Russia 16 ABM complex unit # 51086
ABM ring Moscow radarcontrol   Russia 5N20 Don `pillbox` radar-control center
ABM ring Sofrino Moskva Russia Gazelle ABM site
ABM ring Suponevo   Russia 53T6 (Gazelle) ABM site
ABM ring Vnukovo Moscow Russia 12 ABM (12 53T6) site
ABM ring Vostochnyy   Russia OKB Fakel 51T6 (Gorgon) ABM msl interceptors
ABM ring Zhuklino   Russia OKB Fakel 51T6 (Gorgon) ABM base
Abn - Cherekha   Russia 104 GAR
Abn - Ishim   Russia Airborne Suppt
Abn - Ivanovo   Russia 98 GAD; 217 GAR & suppt units
Abn - Kostroma   Russia 331 GAR, 1065 GAR
Abn - Tula   Russia 106 GAD; 51 GAR; supporting units
Abn - Yefremov   Russia Airborne Suppt
AF - Afrikanda   Russia Deactivated
AF - Andreapol Tver Russia Airdefense base
AF - Bada   Russia 21 BAP
AF - Balashov Saratov Russia Airlift base
AF - Baranavichy   Russia 61 Fighter base
AF - Besovets Karelia Russia 105th Comb Avn Div; 159th Fighter Regt
AF - Bezhetsk / Dorokhovo   Russia Interceptor base
AF - Bolshoye / Savino / Sokol   Russia Joint mil-civ airfield
AF - Budennovsk   Russia 6971 airbase
AF - Buturlinovka Voronezh Russia CAS base
AF - Chelyabinsk 15   Russia 6980 airbase
AF - Chita 45   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
AF - Dolgoprudny,   Russia 4th Air-space defense brigade
AF - Dolon Kazakhstan Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
AF - Domna   Russia 6982 airbase
AF - Godov/Smuravevo   Russia Close Air Support base
AF - Kansk   Russia 6979 airbase
AF - Khabarovsk   Russia 265 airlift base / 3rd Air & Air Defence Force Cmd
AF - Khotilovo   Russia 6968 airbase
AF - Khurba - Хурба   Russia 6988 airbase
AF - Kilp Yavr   Russia 941 IAP
AF - Komsomolsk na Amure   Russia 6987 airbase
AF - Korenovsk   Russia 6974 airbase
AF - Krymsk   Russia 6972 airbase
AF - Monino   Russia
AF - Moscow   Russia Overall and Operational high commands
AF - Novosibirsk / Tolmachevo airfield   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
AF - Petrofskoye   Russia 5th Airspace defense brigade
AF - Poduzhemye   Russia Closed
AF - Rechitsa Belarus Russia Closed
AF - Rostov   Russia 229 airlift base / 7th airspace defense bde
AF - Rzhev   Russia Active
AF - Severomorsk   Russia 1st Airspace Defense Bde
AF - Soltsy Novgorod Russia 326 TBAD
AF - St. Petersburg / Gorelovo 2   Russia Storage base / 2nd Airspace Defense Bde
AF - Voronezh / Baltimor   Russia 105th Comb Avn Div / 455th Comb Air Regt
AF - Vozdvizhenka Primorsky Russia 6983 airbase
AF - Yekaterinburg / Koltsovo   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
AF - Yeysk North Caucasus Mil District Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
AF - Zavitinsk Amur Russia Closed
AF - Zelenchukskaya   Russia ACTIVE
AF - Zernograd Rostov Russia AD fighterbase
AF - Zherdevka Moscow Military Destrict Russia 14 IAP
AF Dyagilevo   Russia Longrange ops base; 49 UTBAP
AF Shaikovka Kaluga Russia Longrange ops airbase
AF Shatalovo Pochinok Russia Active
Air Defence radar Ckoki   Russia unknown
Air Defence radar Krasnyy   Russia Active
Air Defence radar Krasnyy Yar   Russia Closed
Air Defence radar Ugolnye Kopi Угольные Копи   Russia Active
Akthubinsk - Vladimirovka   Russia 929 Flight test center unit # 15650
Alabino   Russia Army Aviation
Alakurtti Murmansk Russia Army Aviation
Alexejevka Moscow Russia S-400
Al'kino   Russia Strategic military facilies
Amderma   Russia Closed
Anadyr Chukotka okrug Russia Decommissioned
Anadyr - Ugolny Siberia Russia Joint Military-Civil airfield
Aramil Sverdlovsk Russia Joint military-civil airfield
Arkalyk Kazakhstan Russia EW radarsite
Arkhangelsk - Talagi Archangelsk Russia Civil airpt
Armavir   Russia SF
Army Akmolinsky military complex Kazakhstan Russia 64N6 radar site
Army Aktas Kazakhstan Russia SA-2 AD msl site
Army Aprelevka Moscow oblast Russia 2 Guards Motor Rifle Div
Army Baĺšavik Belarus Russia S-300PT / 64N6 radarsite
Army Babrjusk complex Belarus Russia Military complex
Army Babruysk Belarus Russia S-300V garrison
Army Hrodna Belarus Russia 36D6 EW radar
Army Kamenka   Russia 138th Independent MB
Army Levashovo   Russia 549th Army Aviation base
Army Luga   Russia 9 AB; 26 MB
Army Minsk Аэродром "Липки" Russia Army Aviation
Army Nenimyaki   Russia 5 AA Missile Bde
Army St Petersburg   Russia 6th Combined Services Army
Army Uschodni Belarus Russia S-300P garrison
Army Vladimirskiy Lager   Russia 25th Independent MB
Army Vyacheslavka Kazakhstan Russia S-300PMU site
Arzamas Oblast Nischni Nowgorod Russia Russian Nuclear Weapons Design Center
Ashuluk   Russia Joint live firing & training range
Astrakhan - Ashchuluk Astrakhan Oblast Russia Airbase & training center
Baikonur - Байконур -Tyuratam Kazakhstan Russia Cosmodrome
Barnaul airfield Altai Krai Russia Joint Military-Civil airfield
Bataysk   Russia Military Aviation School
Belyy Klyuch   Russia Army Aviation
Bezenchuk   Russia Army Aviation base
Bobrovka   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Borisoglebsk   Russia AF training base
Bratsk Аэропорт Братск   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Brest   Russia S-300PS msl site & garrison
Buturlinovka   Russia Training base
C-3 Pervomaiski   Russia C3 site
Chebsara   Russia Tactical nuc storage
Chelyabinsk Ural Mountains Russia SF & Chelyabinsk Armor Academy
Chernigovka   Russia Multirole base
Chernoye   Russia Joint mil / civ airfield
Chita   Russia JF E, 29th Army
Christyy   Russia S-300V msl garrison
Chuguevka - Sokolovka   Russia Interceptor base
Dagi   Russia Missile test & firing range
Delete   Russia S-300P garrison
Dmitrovo (Moscow AD ring)   Russia S-300PM-1 msl btry
Dolinsk Sokol   Russia 365 IAP; 361 IIVP
Dombarovsky   Russia 36D6 EW radarsite
Dombarovsky (Tagilom) airbase   Russia Deactivated
Domodedovo airfield (Moscow AD ring)   Russia S-300PM1 btry
Dushanbe airfield Tajikistan Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Dzemgi   Russia 23 IAP
Dzidha   Russia 2Gv BAP; 21 BAP
Dzyarzhynskaya Hara (Скірмантава)   Russia Combined 64N6 EW radar / S-300PT AD site
Egorlykskaya   Russia Army Aviation
Engels Air Def   Russia S-300P garrison
Ermolino (Moscow AD ring)   Russia S-300PM-1 msl btry
EW radar Chekhov   Russia Deactivated
EW radar Chernobyl   Russia Deactivated
EW radar Kalinyvka   Russia Deactivated
EW radar Kirzavod   Russia Deactivated
EW radar Sevastopol   Russia Deactivated
Fuel Tank Site, Petropavlovsk   Russia civil fuel storage
Galenki   Russia Close Air Support base
Garovka-2   Russia Army Aviation
Hatava complex   Russia Helo & Airlift base
Irkutsk - Иркутск airfield   Russia Joint mil-civ airfield
Joint Forces - Vladivostok Intl Airpt   Russia Joint Forces base
Kalachevo (Moscow AD ring)   Russia S-300PM-1 btry
Kaliningrad   Russia Tac nuc msl complex
Kaluga   Russia HQ Army Aviation Cmd
Kapustin Yar Капустин Яр   Russia Airlift base / missile R&D facility
Kasimovo - Agalatovo (ULLN)   Russia Deactivated
Kazan   Russia SF
Kazan - Borisoglebskoye   Russia Joint mil-civ airfield
Kemerovo   Russia SF
Khabarovsk - Bolshoy - Novyy   Russia Civil
Khabarovsk - Nekrasovka   Russia Army Aviation
Khabarovsk Blagodatnoye   Russia Reserve airbase
Khalino - Vostovhny   Russia Joint Mil/Civ airfield.
Kharitonovo (Moscow AD ring)   Russia S-300PM-1 msl btry
Kholudenevo (Moscow AD ring)   Russia S/300PM1 btry
Khurba   Russia Strategic nuc storage (2x)
Kildenstroy - Кильдинстрой   Russia S-300P garrison & site
Kinel-Cherkassy   Russia Army Aviation
Kirzavod   Russia S-300P msl garrison
Klin (Клин)   Russia Aircraft storage base
Klokovo   Russia Special Purpose Cmd
Kluchevoye - Pribylovo   Russia Joint forces base
Klyuchi-20 - Kura   Russia Small airlift base
Koltsovo airfield   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Komsomolsk   Russia ICBM launch complex
Komsomolsk na Amure - Комсомольская д   Russia AD complex
Kordon   Russia Joint forces base
Korsakovo   Russia S-300P garrison
Krasnoarmeyskoye   Russia Tactical nuc missile complex
Krasnodar - Aviagorodok 5   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Krasnodar West   Russia Training base
Krasnoznamenka   Russia S-300PS / SA-5 msl site
Krasnoznamensk   Russia Main Test and Space Systems Control Centre
Krasnyy Yar   Russia SF
Kremnevo (Kaliningrad)   Russia Tac nuc storage
Krichev   Russia Air defence base. 28 IAP.
Kubinka / Kubinka - Staryy Gorodok   Russia Airbase
Kursk - Khalino   Russia 7000 airbase
Labna   Russia Combined 64N6 EW radar / S-300PS site
Lakhta - Kholm Arkhangelsk Russia Bomberbase
LAND Stavropol   Russia delete
Leonidovo   Russia Decommissioned
Lesnoye   Russia S-300P msl site
Lida   Russia SA-5 missilesite
Lodeynoye Pole   Russia Russian Air Base
Lopukinkha   Russia Deactivated
Lytkino (Moscow AD ring)   Russia S-300PS msl btry
Maikop   Russia 58th Army
Malinovka   Russia Tactical nuc msl storage
Marinovka   Russia Airbase
Maykop   Russia Russian Air Base
Meget   Russia S-300P msl site
Michurinsk   Russia Russian Air Base
Migalovo   Russia Army Aviation
Millerovo   Russia Russian Air Base
Mineralnye Vody   Russia SF
Minsk   Russia Combined 64N6 EW radar / S-300PT missile site
Morshansk   Russia Closed
Moskva - Kremlin   Russia Kremlin regiment
Moskva - Vnukovo   Russia Russian Air Base
Moskva - Zhukovsky   Russia Airbase Air force testcenter
Moyale (Mys Shmidta) Мыс Шмидта   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Mozdok South Ossetia Russia Tactical multirole airbase
Murmansk air defence radar   Russia Murmansk EW & AD radar facilities
Murmansk missile air defence ring   Russia Murmansk airdefence msl facilities
Nalchik   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Navaselki (Lida)   Russia Airbase
Navy - Avacha Kamchatka Russia 155 Naval Inf Bde
Navy - Gadzhiyevo   Russia Navy central storage
Navy - Kaspiysk Dagestan Russia Naval HQ Caspian Flotilla; Naval infantry
Navy - Mamonovo Kaliningrad Russia Naval Infantry Support
Navy - Ostrov   Russia Naval aviation base
Navy - Pionersk Kamchatka Russia 40 Naval Inf Bde
Navy - Vileyka Belarus Russia 43d Navy Comms Center (VLF)
Navy - Vytotsk   Russia Naval base Baltic fleet
Navy - Zapadnaya Litsa   Russia Naval base Northern fleet
Navy BF - Kronstadt   Russia Naval base Baltic fleet
Navy NF - Murmansk facility   Russia Frigate harbour
Navy NF - Murmansk facility   Russia Gadzhiyevo nuclear submarine base
Navy NF - Murmansk facility   Russia Submarine loading harbour
Navy NF - Murmansk facility   Russia Nerpa & Olenya
Navy NF - Murmansk facility   Russia Polyarny harbour
Navy NF - Murmansk facility   Russia Severomorsk harbour
Navy NF - Polyarny Kola Russia Navy Northern fleet 4th Submarine flotilla
Navy NF - Vidyaevo Kola Russia Naval base & central whd storage Northern fleet
Navy NF - Yagelnaya Kola Russia Navy Northern fleet nuc storage submarines
Navy PF - Fokino   Russia Naval base Pacific fleet
Navy PF - Petropavlovsk Kamchatka   Russia Pacific fleet naval base
Navy PF - Petropavlovsk Ribachyy   Russia Pacific fleet submarine base
Navy PF - Petropavlovsk Vilyuchinsk   Russia Pacific fleet naval support base
Navy PF - Vilyuchinsk Kamchatka Russia Pacific Fleet submarine SLBM storage
Navy PF - Yelosovo - Petropavlovsk Kamchatska Russia Naval aviation base (Pacific fleet)
Nerchinsk   Russia Closed
Nezhin   Russia 199 ODRAP
Nivenskoye Kaliningrad   Russia Army Aviation
Nizhniy Novgorod - Sormovo   Russia Joint mil-civ airfield
Nizhny Tagil   Russia SF
Nizhnyaya Tura   Russia Tactical nuc missile storage
Novaya Zemlya (Albanov Bank)   Russia EW & Radiological Measurement site
Novaya Zemlya (Rogachevo)   Russia Airbase
Novaya Zemlya (Romasjka)   Russia EW radarsite
Novaya Zemlya (SAM sites)   Russia SAM airdef sites
Novocherkassk   Russia SF
Novorossysk   Russia 1537 AD Regt unit # 26345
Nurek Tadjikistan Russia 1109 SKKP unit # 52168
Odinsk   Russia 64N6 EW radar
Orenburg - Chebenki   Russia Storage base for unused aircraft
Orenburg - Tsentralnyy   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Orenburg Stepnoy   Russia S-300V msl garrison
Oreshkovo   Russia Special Purpose Cmd
Orsk   Russia 36D6 EW radarsite
Pastavy   Russia Deactivated
Petropavlovsk - Elizovo airfield Kamchatka Russia Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Petropavlovsk AD ring   Russia 64N6 EW radar site
Petrozavodsk Karelia Russia JF West 6th Army
Pevek (Apapelgino) Певек   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Polack   Russia SA-5 site
Pravdinsk   Russia Deactivated; now a para dropzone
Pribylovo   Russia Army Aviation
Primorsko - Akhtarsk   Russia CAS airbase
Pristan   Russia Deactivated
Proveren   Russia Airbase nuc storage
Providenya Провидения (Urelik)   Russia Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Rogachevo airfield   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Ross complex   Russia Airbase
RVSN Gvardeisky   Russia Strategic msl troops
RVSN Irkutsk   Russia Strategic Msl Troops
RVSN Naro-Fominsk   Russia Strategic Msl Troops
RVSN Yedrovo   Russia Strategic Msl Troops
RVSN Yurya   Russia Strategic Msl Troops
Ryazan - Dyagilevo   Russia Longrange training base
Sakhalin Island   Russia All radar faciliites
Sakhalin Island   Russia All SAM facilities
Salari (Vladimir)   Russia Air Force-launch/Army-storage
Sarapulka   Russia S-300PS btry
Saratov (Саратов)   Russia Army Aviation
Sari Shagan Kazakhstan Russia OTH-B radar
Sari Shagan test facility Kazakhstan Russia Test range and combined AD complex
Savasleyka   Russia AF Training Center
Semipalatinsk Kazakhstan Russia Former Soviet nuc testing site
Sennoy   Russia Training base
Seshcha Smolensk Russia Russian Air Base
Sever Ёмкость   Russia 12/101 troposcatter comms site
Sever Горький   Russia 7/104 troposcatter comms site
Sever Импульс   Russia 14/101 troposcatter comms site
Sever Искра (Iskra)   Russia 2-3500 troposcatter comms site
Sever Канва (Kanya)   Russia 3/3500 troposcatter comms site
Sever Киев   Russia 6/104 troposcatter comms site
Sever Орёл   Russia 11/104 Орёл ТРРС troposcatter comms site
Sever Стрела (Strela)   Russia 1/3500 troposcatter comms site
Sever Таёжник   Russia 10/101 troposcatter comms site
Sever Юкон   Russia 8/104 Юкон Troposcatter comms site
Sever A Dikson Диксон   Russia Troposcatter microwave comms TPPC5
Sever A Karaul   Russia Troposcatter microwave comms
Sever A Vorontsovo   Russia Troposcatter microwave comms
Sever Amderma, (Полоска)   Russia 6/60 troposcatter comms site
Sever Beryozovo, (Сокол)   Russia 3/60 troposcatter comms site
Sever Evensk (Баку)   Russia 4/104 troposcatter comms site
Sever Kama   Russia Troposcatter microwave comms TPPC 2/103
Sever Magadan, (Дракон) - Drakon   Russia 1/104 troposcatter comms site
Sever Mulda, (Патриот)   Russia 5/60 troposcatter comms site
Sever Okhotsk (Мальта)   Russia 2/104 troposcatter comms site
Sever Salekhard, (Чайка)   Russia 1/103 troposcatter comms site
Sever Serov (Енисей)   Russia 1/60 troposcatter comms site
Sever Takhtoyamsk (Тула)   Russia 2/104 troposcatter area
Sever Ust-Maya, (Каир)   Russia 4/104Alpha Troposcatter comms site
Sever Ynykchan, Sakha (Милан)   Russia 3/104Alpha Troposcatter comms site - Closed/Reassigned
Sever Zelenoborsk (Периметр Дон)   Russia 2/60 troposcatter comms site
Shatalovo   Russia Multirole base
Shirokoye Широкое   Russia S-300PS msl site
Simushir Island   Russia Closed
Siverskiy 2   Russia 67 independent Bomber Avn Regt
Slavgorod Yuzhniy   Russia Storage base
Sluk   Russia SA-11 garrison
Smarhon   Russia 36D6 EW radar
Smolensk - Severnyy Smolensk Russia Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Snezjinsk   Russia Msl complex - storage
Sopka   Russia EW radar site 55N5
Sovestkaya Gavan - Monghokto Kabarovsk Russia Joint forces base
Sovetskaya Gavan - May Gatka   Russia Fighter base
Sovetskaya Gavan - Vanino   Russia Fighter/interceptor airbase
Sovietsk   Russia Tactical nuc missile storage
Srednebeloye   Russia Army complex
Srednyaya   Russia 64N6 radarsite
SS-12 base Drovyanaya   Russia Armored bde & SS-12 garrison
SS-12 base Novosysoyevka   Russia Deactivated
SS-12 base Pashino   Russia Closed
SS-23 base Semeypalatinsk   Russia Deactivated
Starotitarovskaya   Russia 629 Eng Batn
Step   Russia Multirole base
Step-Olovyannaya   Russia Deactivated
Stupino   Russia Deactivated
Svatovo (Moscow AD ring)   Russia S-300PM-1 msl btry
Svobodny   Russia Closed
Syzran   Russia Helicopter training base
Taganrog - Tsentralnyy   Russia Airlift base
Taganrog Novobessergenovka Rostov Russia Beriev aircraft facility
Tikhoretsk   Russia CAS wing
Tiksi   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Tinaki Astrakhan Russia AD fighterbase
Torzhok   Russia Army Aviation
Tracciaki   Russia SA-11 garrison
Troitsk   Russia Army Aviation
Tula - Klokovo   Russia Joint mil/civ airfield
Uglovoye   Russia 22 IAP
Ugolnyy   Russia Decommisioned / closed
Ukkurey   Russia 193 Gv ORAP
Uprun - Troitsk   Russia Airlift base
Ussuriysk   Russia JF E, 5th Army
Ussuriysk - Vozdvizhenka   Russia Longrange ops base
Vaida Guba - Вайда-Губа region   Russia Northern EW & AD chain
Valday   Russia Closed
Valdgeym - Валдгейм   Russia S-300V msl garrison
Velikiydvor   Russia EW radar near Minsk Velikiydvor (civil) airport
Vernoye - Orlovka   Russia Closed
Vladikavkaz   Russia Civil
Vladikavkaz   Russia JF S 58th Army
Vladimir - Sokol   Russia Training base
Vladimirskiy   Russia SAM garrison
Volgograd   Russia 58th Army
Vorotynsk - Oreshkovo   Russia Army Aviation, 45 OVP
Vozzhayevka   Russia 1 OA, 293 ORAP, 293 OBIP
Vzmorye Kaliningrad Russia 299 TCCF
WMD Gornyy   Russia Chemical weapons production & storage facility
WMD Kambarka Udmurt Russia Chemical weapons destruction facility
WMD Kizner   Russia Chemical weapon storage
WMD Leonidovka Penza oblast Russia Chemical weapons storage
WMD Maradykovo Kirov Oblast Russia Chemical weapon storage
WMD Pochep Рожок Bryansk Oblast Russia Chemical weapon storage
WMD Shchuchye Kurgan Russia Closed
Yelosovo   Russia EW radar site
Yemelyanovo - Емельяново airfield   Russia Joint mil / civ airfield
Yermolino   Russia Medium airlift base
Yurga   Russia JF C 41st Army, 74 IMB
Zalari   Russia Nuc weapon storage (active)
Zapolyarny   Russia EW radarsite
Zhukovka   Russia Nuc weapon storage (active)
Zhukovskiy   Russia Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute
Zlatoust   Russia Nuc weapon storage (active)