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34 restricted areas located in "Romania"

name region country usecase
Ştefan cel Mare (Suceava) airfield   Romania Joint mil/civ airfield / FPS-117 AD radar
Air Force Muntele Mare   Romania FPS-117 AD radar
Air Force Bacau   Romania 95 Airbase
Air Force Brasov   Romania 11 SAM Regiment
Air Force Campia Turzii   Romania 71 Airbase
Air Force Capu Midia   Romania Firing and training range
Air Force Constanta Constanta Romania Reserve airbase
Air Force Craiova   Romania Mil-Civ Joint airfield; FPS-117 AD radar
Air Force Deveselu   Romania Due to be reactivated in short notice
Air Force Fetesti   Romania 86 Airbase
Air Force Giarmata   Romania AN/FPS-117 airdef radar
Air Force Ovidiu   Romania AN/FPS-117 airdef radar
Arad (Ceala)   Romania Deactivated
Army Bârlad   Romania 83rd MRL and 85th LogSuppt Battalions
Army Bacau   Romania SF ; 630 BP SB
Army Bucharest garrison   Romania 70 Aeonautic Engineers Regiment
Army Buzău   Romania SF 620 OS BO
Army Focșani   Romania 8th LAROM Bde
Army Târgu Mureş   Romania SF
Baia Mare   Romania Civil
Boboc (LR82)   Romania Flight training base
Bucurest (Cotroceni)   Romania 85 Signal Batn.
Bucuresti Intl Airfield   Romania Joint mil/civ airfield; (90 Airlift base)
Caransebes   Romania Closed
Cluj-Napoca   Romania Civil
Iaşi   Romania Civil
Ianca (LR79)   Romania Deactivated
Joint Forces Bucharest   Romania MoD; General Staff
NATO Oradea   Romania NATO HCOE
Oradea   Romania Deactivated
Satu Mare   Romania Civil
Sibiu   Romania Deactivated
Traian Vuia (Timisoara) airfield   Romania Joint mil/civ airfield
Tulcea   Romania Deactivated, Civil