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43 restricted areas located in "Philippines"

name region country usecase
15 Strikewing Advanced Cmd Post Sangley Point Philippines Air force, 2AD, 15SW ACP
205 Tac Helicopter Wing Mindanao Philippines Air force 205 THW
206 Tac Helicopter Sqn Mindanao Philippines Air force, 206 THS
207 Tac Helicopter Sqn, 210 Tac Training Sqn Luzon Philippines Air force, 207THS, 210TTS
208 Tac Helicopter Sqn Mactan Philippines Air force, 2AD, 208THS
220 Airlift Wing, Airlift Sqn Visayas Philippines Air force, 2AD, 220ALW
5 Air force Reserve Center Visayas Philippines Air force, 2AD, 5ARCEN
5052 Search Rescue Sqn Vasayas Philippines Air force, 2AD, 5052SRS
580 Air Control & Warning Grp Luzon Philippines Air force, ADW, 580ACWG
582 Air Control Warning Sqn Ilocos Norte Philippines Air force, ADW, 582ACWS
583 Air Control Warning Sqn Lubang Isl Philippines Air force, ADW, 583ACWS
600th Air base wing Pampanga Philippines Air force, 1AD, 600ABW
723 Specops Sqn Visayas Philippines Air force, 2AD, 723SOS
Air Defense Wing Pampanga Philippines Air force, ADW, 5TFG, 7TFS
Air force Cmd HQ Luzon Philippines Air force command, HQ 1AD
Benito Ebuen Airbase Mactan Philippines Joint mil/civ airfield
Camp de la Cruz Luzon Philippines Army, 5 InfDiv
Camp Elias Angeles Camarines Sur Philippines Army, 9 Inf Div
Camp Evanelista Mindanao Philippines Army, 4ID
Camp Maj Cesar L Sang an Labangan Philippines Army, 1 ID
Camp Mareo Calpinpin Tanay Philippines Army, 2 ID
Camp O'Donnell Tarlac Philippines Army, LAD
Camp Panacan Mindanao Philippines Army, 10 Inf Div
Camp Peralta Capiz Philippines Army, 3 ID
Camp Siongco Maguindanao Philippines Army, 6 InfDiv
CampVicente Lubkan Visayas Philippines Army. 8 Inf Div
Danielo Atienza Base   Philippines Joint Forces Base
Fort Ramon Magsaysay Luzon Philippines Army, 7 InfDiv
Fort San Felipe Luzon Philippines Navy, FMRF
HQ 2 Air Division and 560 Airbase Wing Mactan Philippines Air force, 2AD, HQ, 560ABW
HQ Armed Forces Philippines Luzon Philippines APF HQ
Jesus Villamor Airbase Pasay Philippines Joint mil/civ airfield
Kabuyo Mtn Luzon Philippines PTO tropocomms site
San Jose/Tarlac City   Philippines 703 Agila Bde
San Miguel Palawan Philippines Naval Education and Training Command - NETC
Subic Naval Station Luzon Philippines Navy, Subic Naval Station
Tactical Ops Group 1 Luzon Philippines Air force, 1AD, TOG1
Tactical Ops Group 2 Isabela Philippines Air force, 1AD, TOG2
Tactical Ops Group 3 Tarlac Philippines Air force, 1AD, TOG3
Tactical Ops Group 4 Luzon Philippines Air force, 1AD, TOG4
Tactical Ops Group 5 Luzon Philippines Air force, 1 AD, TOG5
Tactical Ops Group 6 Manduriao Philippines Air force,2AD,TOG6
Tactical Ops Group 8 Leyte Philippines Air force, 2AD, TOG8