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15 restricted areas located in "Ireland"

name region country usecase
Athlone Westmeath Ireland 2nd Bde
Baldonnel   Ireland Casement airbase
Ballyshannon   Ireland 2nd Bde, 28th Inf Batn
Cork   Ireland I S Bde
Dublin   Ireland HQ IDF; II East Bde
Dublin   Ireland 62 Arty Regt
Dundalk   Ireland 27th Inf Batn
Glen of Imaal   Ireland Firing range
Gormanstown   Ireland AD training facility
Haulbowline Isl   Ireland Naval HQ and Naval base
Kildare   Ireland DFTC; ARW, ACS, ADR
Kilkenny   Ireland 1st S Bde
Kilworth   Ireland IDF Training area
Leixlip   Ireland Joint mil/civ airfield
Limerick   Ireland RDF S Bde