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105 restricted areas located in "Greece"

name region country usecase
Agios Eleftherios   Greece AD radar and ACE high troposcatter site
Air force Agrinion airfield   Greece 132 Combat Grp
Air force Aktion Preveza Greece NATO - joint mil/civil airfield
Air force Andravida Peloponnese Greece 117 Combat wing; Air Tac Center
Air force Araxos Peloponnese Greece 116 Combat wing
Air force Chania /Soude airfield Crete Greece Joint Mil/Civ airfield;115 Combat wing, 25 GMS
Air force Chortiatis   Greece 1 ACC
Air force Elefsis   Greece Support Cmd 112 CW; 380th AEW&C Sqn
Air force Heraklion Crete Greece 126 Combat Grp; 11 GMS
Air force Kalamata   Greece 120 Training wing
Air force Karpathos Isl.   Greece EW radar
Air force Kastelli   Greece 133 Combat Group
Air force Keratea Greece Former Nike AD missile site / current 350 GMW/21 MS
Air force Larissa airfield Larissa Greece Tac Air Cmd; 110 Combat wing; Air Ops Center
Air Force Lemnos Lemnos Isl Greece Joint mil/civ airfield
Air force Levkada   Greece USAF Troposcatter comms; 4 ACS
Air force Mykonos   Greece 6 ACS
Air force Neas Anchialos   Greece 111 Combat wing
Air force Parnitha   Greece 2 ACC
Air force Santorini Cyclades Greece Joint Mil/Civ airfield
Air force Schimatari a.k.a. Tanagra Central mainland Greece 114 Combat wing ; 26th GMS
Air force Sedes   Greece HQ 350 GMW, 204th ASD
Air force Skiros airbase North Aegean Greece 22 GMS; 135 Combat Grp
Air force Skiros island   Greece 7 ACS; 135 Combat Group
Air force Tatoi airfield (LGTT)   Greece Joint mil/civ airfield
Air force Thessaloniki   Greece 23 Guided Missile Sqn
Air force Thessaloniki airfield   Greece Joint mil/civ airfield
Air force Tripolis airfield Peloponnese Greece Joint mil/civ airfield
Air force Tympaki Crete Greece 24 Guided Missile Sqn; 138 Combat Grp
Air force Ziros Crete Greece ACE High comms site/3 ACC
Amigdhaleon airfield (LGKM)   Greece Joint mil/civ airfield
Army Alexandria airfield   Greece Army Aviation -3rd AAB
Army Alexandroupoli   Greece IV Army Corps - 22 Mech Inf Division
Army Amindayo   Greece 1st Army Corps - 1st Armored Cavalry Batn
Army Argyroupoli   Greece IV Army Corps -23rd Armored Bde
Army Assiros   Greece 34th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
Army Chania   Greece 5th Airmobile Brigade
Army Chios   Greece 96th National Guard Command
Army Didimoteico thrace Greece 16th Mechanized Infantry Division
Army Drama   Greece IV Army Corps - 1st Arty Regt
Army Edessa   Greece 2nd Mech Inf Div
Army Elefsis   Greece ιδιωτική ιδιοκτησία
Army Feres   Greece IV Army Corps - 31 Mech Inf Bde
Army Florina   Greece 1st Army Corps - 9th Infantry Brigade
Army Giannitsa   Greece 2nd Army Corps - 34 Mech Inf Bde
Army Hawk Agii Anargyroi   Greece Hawk AD site
Army Hawk Agii Ioannis   Greece Hawk msl site
Army Hawk Chili   Greece Hwk msl site
Army Hawk Loukissia   Greece Hawk msl site
Army Hawk Michaniona   Greece Hawk AD site
Army Hawk Michianio   Greece Hawk msl site
Army Hawk Pefka   Greece Hawk AD missilesite
Army Hawk Skaramagkas   Greece Hawk AD site
Army Ioannina   Greece 1st Army Corps - 8th Inf Div
Army Kastoria   Greece NDC-GR, 15 Inf Regt
Army Kavala Kolpos Kavalas Greece 1st Army - 182nd SHORAD Btn, 20th Armored Div; Air Det
Army Kavyli   Greece 3rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade
Army Komotini Thrace Greece 21th Armd Bde
Army Kos   Greece 88th NGC; EW radar
Army Kozani   Greece HQ 1st Army Corps; 9 Inf Bde
Army Lagos   Greece 30th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
Army Larissa   Greece 1st Army HQ & Staff units
Army Lemnos Lemnos Isl Greece EW radarsites
Army Lesbos   Greece 98th National Guard Command
Army Litochoro   Greece 1st Army Corps - 24th Armored Bde
Army Lykofos   Greece 7th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
Army Megara airfield   Greece 2nd Army Corps - Army Aviation
Army Nea Santa   Greece 71st Airmobile Infantry Bde
Army Polykastro   Greece 33rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade
Army Rentina   Greece 1st Raider/Paratrooper Bde
Army Ródos   Greece 95th NGC; EW radar
Army Samos Isl.   Greece 79 NGC; EW radar
Army Samothraki   Greece Tactical Command/41st Infantry Regiment
Army Serres   Greece III Army Corps, 10 MIB
Army SHORAD Ródos   Greece SA-8 garrison
Army Soufli   Greece 50th MIB
Army Stefanovikio   Greece 1st Army Aviation Bde
Army Veroia   Greece HQ 1st Inf Division and staff
Army Volos   Greece 32nd Marines Bde
Army Xanthi   Greece IV Army Corps - HQ; 1st Communications, EW, Surveillance Regt (1ο ΣΕΗΠΠΕΠ),
Fodele Crete Greece Small EW radarsite
Kalpaki   Greece 1st Army Corps - 8th Armored Cav Btn (8η ΕΑΝ),
Kavala airfield   Greece Joint mil/civ airfield
Maroneia   Greece EW radarsite
NAMFI range Crete Greece NATO Missile Firing Range
NATO Thessaloniki   Greece HQ NATO RDF Greece
Naval Aviation Amfiali   Greece Naval heli-hovercraft port, annex ammostorage
Naval Aviation Kotroni   Greece Naval Helicopter Command
Navy Agia Paraskevi   Greece HNGS; Naval comms SDAM (NATO COMEDEAST)
Navy Athens MoD General Staff   Greece Navy General Staff
Navy Kato Souli   Greece Naval comms station
Navy Piraeus   Greece Aegean Sea Naval Command; Naval academy
Navy Salamis   Greece Naval base
Navy Souda   Greece Naval base; and NMIOTC and docking center
Nike Erithrai   Greece Closed
Nike Katsimidhi   Greece Closed
Nike Kifisia   Greece Closed
Nike Koropi   Greece Closed
Nike Kreokouki   Greece Closed
Nike Mt Parnitha IFC   Greece Closed
Nike Perivolaki   Greece Closed
Nike Rimpari Athens Greece Closed
Pentelikon   Greece AD radar and troposcatter site
Sklavopoula Crete Greece EW radarsite
USAF Gouves Crete Greece Closed