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20 restricted areas located in "Angola"

name region country usecase
Ambriz   Angola Active
Angolan Ministry of Defence - Luanda.   Angola Active
Cabinda   Angola SA-3 site and garrison
Caboledo   Angola Active
Catumbe   Angola Combined SA-2 garrison/site
Lobito   Angola Active
Luanda   Angola Active
Lubango   Angola Active
Lubango regional AD   Angola SA-3 sites
Malongo   Angola Active
Matala (FN18)   Angola Military Airport
Menongue   Angola Military airfield
Moçâmedes   Angola Active
Namibe (FNMO)   Angola Military - Civil Joint Use Airport
Namibe regional AD   Angola SA-3 missile site
Negage (FNNG)   Angola Military Airport
SA-2 site   Angola nonops
SA-2 site   Angola nonops
SA-2 sites (all nonops)   Angola nonops
Saurimo apt   Angola 36D6 EW radar site