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51 restricted areas located in "Afghanistan"

name region country usecase
Bagram Airbase Parvan Province Afghanistan US Airbase
Bagram airfield SAM sites   Afghanistan SA-3 site
Bamiyan airfield Bamiyan Afghanistan US NATO ISAF
British Forces deployment in Afghanistan All over the country Afghanistan ISAF / OEF
Camp Alamo Kabul Afghanistan US forces training compound
Camp Bastion Helmand Afghanistan NATO Joint Forward Operating Base
Camp Hadrian - Deh Rawod Oruzgan Afghanistan ISAF (NL Army FOB)
Camp Holland Oruzgan Afghanistan ISAF NL Battlegroup
Camp Julien Kabul Afghanistan Afghan National Army
Camp Nathan Smith Kandahar Afghanistan US 4th Inf Div 2nd BCT
Camp Phoenix a.k.a. Camp Qargha Kabul Afghanistan US Army
Camp Souter Khabul Afghanistan NATO ISAF
Camp Sutter Kabol Afghanistan UK Battle Group
Camp Warehouse Kabul Afghanistan ISAF coalition forces
Faizabad airfield Badakhshan Afghanistan US / NATO ISAF
Farah airfield Farah Afghanistan US NATO ISAF
Firebase Phoenix Kunar Afghanistan ANA
Firebase Tinsley Oruzgan Afghanistan US Army 3rd SF Grp
FOB Armadillo Helmand Afghanistan NATO/ISAF
FOB Asasabad Kunar Afghanistan US Specops ISAF
FOB Chapman Khost Afghanistan US/ISAF/CIA
FOB Cobra Oruzgan Afghanistan US/Australia/ISAF
FOB Delhi Helmand Afghanistan UK ISAF
FOB Lightning   Afghanistan ANA 203rd Thunder Corps
FOB Orgun Paktika Afghanistan US/ISAF Forward Operating Base
FOB Rhino Registan Afghanistan ANA
FOB Sandford   Afghanistan NATO/ISAF
FOB Shank Loghar Afghanistan US / NATO ISAF
FOB Spann Balkh Afghanistan US ISAF
Herat airfield (OAHR)   Afghanistan NATO ISAF
Jalalabad airfield (OAJL)   Afghanistan US ISAF - UN
Kabul International Airport (KAIA) Kabul Afghanistan US / NATO ISAF
Kabul SAM sites   Afghanistan SA-2 AD site
Kandahar airfield (OAKN)   Afghanistan ISAF Multinational airbase
Kunduz Airfield (OAUZ)   Afghanistan Joint Mil/Civ airfield / German ISAF
Kunduz Basecamp   Afghanistan NATO/German ISAF
Lashkar Gah Airfield - Bost Airbase Helmand Afghanistan UK Military Airfield
Masar I Scharif (OAMS)   Afghanistan ISAF Nato, Bundeswehr Airfield
Mazar-i-Sharif SAM site   Afghanistan SA-3 AD site
Mir Ali Checkpoints   Afghanistan U.S. Army Checkpoints
PRT Feyzabad Badakhsan Province Afghanistan ISAF Provincial Reconstruction Team
PRT Gardez Paktia Afghanistan US / NATO ISAF
PRT Ghazni Ghazni Afghanistan US/NATO ISAF
PRT Maimana (OAMN) Faryab Province Afghanistan ISAF Provincial Reconstruction Team
PRT Qala e Naw   Afghanistan NATO / ISAF
Pul-e-Charkhi Kabol Afghanistan Allied Forces Prison
revia naltrexone Edinburgh Afghanistan Edinburgh
Salt Pit Kabul Afghanistan CIA prison and iterrogation site
Security Base Najil Laghman Province Afghanistan Afghan national security forces
Sheberghan (OASG)   Afghanistan Military Airport
Shindand airbase (OASD) herat Afghanistan US NATO ISAF, Afghan